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  1. John McKay would have been a GOAT wrestling personality and Bobby Bowden is on the ballot with John Madden and George Foreman for GOAT loveable goofs who are really geniuses and alltime great commercial pitch men. He could have been number 2 alltime behind Madden had he not chose to stay local. 

  2. 9 hours ago, NoFistsJustFlips said:
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    Oldberg wasn't in reference to age? What in the world are you talking about then? 



    Oldberg wasn’t a reference to his age

    It was a reference to the same old squash every week vs guys that the sign fans had never heard of, and guys who we’d only heard of because we knew the names of the jobbers from other shows and in some cases other lifetimes. 


    That ^ which nobody else missed when I first said it, or needed explained to them to start with by the looks of things. Scott Norton isn’t a random Goldberg match. It’s a Scott Norton match. It’s a match vs somebody who didn’t suck which Wrath, Riggs, etc never got. If you really were plucking up random Goldberg matches from 1998 you would find 10 jobber matches before you found 1 people cared about, and half of those wouldn’t even be glorified jobbers. They’d be half Mark Starr, Bobby Blazes and the other half Hugh Morrus and Jerry Flynns. 

    EDIT: I since read the rest of the thread and saw where you misunderstood 1 thing.

    I also saw where people expanded on his “feuds” with Henning, The Giant, etc. He had a minifeud with Hennig similar to his feud with Hugh Morrus but by 1998 he was wrestling those guys and a couple others every month or so after every 4 or 5 matches he had vs straight jobber guys. It’s like they knew what they were doing and figured a match like that every few weeks would be good enough. I could be wrong on the matches vs The Giant but I swear every one of those were Nitro before ppv matches or O crap RAW has a better main event so we’ll do this as a surprise matches. Just no heat or no anything besides the visual of seeing him jackhammer The Giant, but heck plenty of guys had already suplexed him.

    EDIT AGAIN: 2 Giant matches? That can’t be right but maybe it is. I do remember them having a no DQ match out of nowhere on a Nitro main event, just to try and make people care since they’d already had the match atleast once. Hooking no DQ onto matches for no reason was an effective way of getting another match out of a feud still as far as 1998, but it was so obvious how desperate they were to try and make something out of that match in particular that should have been a ppv if you wanted anybody to care about it.

  3. Oldberg wasn’t a reference to his age and you know that. Talk about lacking objectivity in a reflection of what actually was. It was a reference to the same old squash every week vs guys that the sign fans had never heard of, and guys who we’d only heard of because we knew the names of the jobbers from other shows and in some cases other lifetimes. Goldberg vs Len Denton next whoop! Most wrestlers get a reaction when they show back up unexpected. That’s really not a standard and if it is it’s one that guys like Marty Jannetty and Tatanka met. All that does is show another example of how others could get Goldberg’s same results with way less opportunity cost.

  4. They did not use that same booking for those other guys and that comparison is way off. Heck one of those guys was only so called pushed so he could be fed to Goldberg, and not long after they finally did they were having to pipe in the Goldberg chants as the shrinking crowd waved Getting Oldberg signs.

  5. WCW didn’t truly push many people who they claimed to have pushed. They did push Sid, as they pushed  Goldberg from the start, complete with his first match prompting Gene to run to the ring to interview him which Goldberg ignored, then did again in the promoted rematch. 

    That whole thing they did starting in 1998 or so where every opening match for a few weeks straight that they claimed was a push was no push. What I’m talking about is how they’d have somebody like Wrath beat jobbers all those weeks then just end it because nobody cared. Had they had some guy named Bill Goldberg doing the same thing those weeks nobody would have cared either. Nobody actually cared when he beat Hugh Morrus, but because of the actual effort they made to actually push Goldberg from the start literally complete with the subtle postmatch stuff and stick with it people did care soon. Personal/hurting people stuff aside and unknown at the time really, I just wasn’t a fan because of how much they had to invest into him. WCW had future world champions who were ready with way less investment and opportunity cost had they magically been able to get back on track after Starrcade 97.

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  6. Goldturd…even Jimmy Hart took a bump for him. He never took bumps in WCW. I know why…he was old even back then. He was older than the old guys. His wiki says he’s 80. Any time he’d ever get it from the good guy it’d be the corny reverse atomic drop and he hold his hiny and jump. So there he is against Goldberg who everybody has to almost die for and even he did it, right alongside the toughest one in real life. I know people are tired of hearing it but Goldberg was absolutely useless. His success is nothing but a testament to what you can do in wrestling when people all agree to make you look good and market you, which even WCW could do when they wanted to.

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  7. I’ve heard about Jim Cornette and Russo being overstated and that they tried to ya know ya know ya know, but I’ve also seen and heard myself Jim getting so dang mad that I think he would kill Russo if he could get away with it. And if he’s faking he’s the greatest promo ever and the greatest actor ever and he needs to be in movies. I’ve also seen and heard Russo respond to it exactly like he would so…yeah. 

    I don’t think Bret wants to kick Goldberg back even if he could. I think he wants to and is going to say how tf he feels every time though, and how people feel about it doesn’t even enter his mind or heart because in his mind and heart he’s telling nothing but the truth. Some people would say that makes you the asshole but that’s just how his brain his always worked. He tells the truth and doesn’t bother dropping the mic because none of it is done for attention. It’s done for the truth’s sake. Many people say that’s how they are all o yeah I tell the truth that’s all I do you don’t like it you can yap yap yap yap meme meme meme meme. Anybody who has to advertise that they tell the truth and decorate it with backdrops of the Joker in an alley isn’t telling the truth all the time.

    Wow I guess all that comparison doesn’t really bring me to a conclusion does it. I hate Russo and Goldberg myself and if I had to pick a side it would be Russo just for the BATB 2000 promo. I’d like to tell him that that was my favorite thing he ever did to which I think he’d be happy, then add that it sounded just like Jim Cornette.

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  8. I thought the Samoan Swat Team was the superior team, and the most underrated scary monster tag team ever maybe. The other team was great too of course and they were first, and they were the kings of the Samoans in wrestling. RIP Sika.

    The Kids WB was where good cartoons went to die. The cartoons were good until the end, even at the Silver Age of Animation started to wind down. Me-TV is launching a cartoon channel if anybody is interested. I can’t wait myself. I hope we get it. The schedule is just like the Cartoon Network’s schedule at its peak. I wanted to be a cartoonist but didn’t do it at clutch time because it was during the period between the Silver Age and Millennium Age when it looked like things might go RIP again.

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  9. 13 minutes ago, NoFistsJustFlips said:

    In my opinion there was no timeline where WCW was going to survive. Too much brand damage had been done. WWE fell to second place for a bit during the war, but it was never to a degree that they were tarnished beyond repair. And that's why they were able to come back.

    This. Wow. WCW was finished period. Closing was only a formality way before it closed. Meanwhile the WWF was always there stomping through even at their worst, and strictly on the business side they were always superior. WCW making millions of dollars was like an idiot making millions of dollars on a scratch off. They always found a way to burn it.

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  10. Nash smh…he’s obviously lying but I’ll bite one more time like always because fuck him and because Stefanie touched on WCW’s history of similar crap finishes. WCW’s crap finishes weren’t always best but they weren’t always fatal as long as the fans wanted to come back next week to see the bad guy finally get beat. The fans wanted to see Ric Flair lose and they would watch or pay every week just to see it. Then if it didn’t happen it would be in spite of an obvious reason that he was going to lose next time.

    Nash and Hogan people just wanted to go away. They didn’t want to see them, they didn’t want to hear them talk and they didn’t care about them anymore. When they wouldn’t leave the fans finally just left instead. 

    Also just curious now after Craig’s point. Did they interview anybody who wasn’t considered a big reason WCW failed? I know somebody said Tony and Bret talked a little but that’s hilarious if the documentary is about who killed WCW by a bunch of interviews of the people who killed WCW saying they didn’t kill WCW. WCW. 



  11. This show has jumped the shark with this guys. It’s a multiepisode documentary about the 1 thing everybody wants to hear the truth about. Even the people who are sick of hearing about wHaT kIlLeD wCw would watch this show if everybody came clean, or if somebody atleast called everybody out who wouldn’t come clean. Instead we’re getting the same old crap and it’s being sold as some kind of Holy Grail documentary. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz this is more boring than Goldberg vs Lenny Lane. 

    Wrestlecrap also jumped the shark IMO. They were just trying to make update after update. I don’t think they hated everything.


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  12. Disco was good. I even liked him psychologically at his worst because he was a rare midcard heel who actually got heat and lost matches on TV. He improved over time as a worker and his status improved as talked about already. His slow anger build the more he lost matches upon his return, then finally getting mad enough to drop Saturn that 1 night was very well done and he was over until the Jaqueline neutered him. 

    I never found spoof wrestling skits offensive. I know some of them got heavy, but that was some of the beauty in them. You could do that in rasslin. Besides when you hear the offended people talk about them, it’s obvious that they’re really just mad about a whole other can of worms. 

  13. It’s a shame because for that just over a year period of time that the luchas did have storylines, it was 2 straight hours of fun every Monday. Mike Tenay as the lucha guy, the cruiserweight title being treated like the Holy Grail, the lucha rules matches that were treated like such a big deal, etc. La Parka the Chairman of WCW was the best fun type of midcarder for a hot minute. 

    WCW’s accounting junk has been discussed many times. All big companies do it yes. Heck I kinda do it lol! I don’t care what some accounting book says. Seats went empty in the arenas, ratings went down and buyrates went down. And that’s just the basics. They had all those guaranteed contracts and more and more guys just up and taking time off and just all kinds of nightmares. None of that is the real question though like we’ve said. 

  14. They need to do an episode, or somebody needs to do an episode, about what killed WCW the product and there has to be a rule that you can’t talk about the merger. Everybody either cops out to the merger with or without a little Ted Turner standards and practices damage control first for 1 reason or another. Certain wrestlers and hands on in charge people obviously don’t want to say anything about how they were a reason and dumbass fans always try to sound smart and use the word merger because it’s a big word to them. We all know about the merger. That’s not what anybody is asking when they ask what killed WCW. If it were then that’s the answer and nobody would still be talking about it.

    When people ask who killed WCW they’re asking who or what fucked it up from what it had became in 1995 on through 1997. They’re asking why it started to suck and who was responsible for it. The only reason to even bring up Ted Turner would be to explain that it only survived for as long as it did after its peak because he crapped money and liked it. The same can be said for all the time before WCW’s peak. 

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  15. I wasn’t aware that Missy had hardened up but I could see it. I’m not totally aware of everything that went on with her either so I just won’t touch it. I was just aware of the normal stuff that’s been repeated, and usually verified by her. Debra is one I have a hard time not judging if you really want to know. 

    I’m about to read through the WCW stuff. I wish I could see this. I showed my natural born ass on every FB post about it. You would be proud, or ashamed, or something. They made more FB posts about this than anything they ever have.

  16. I didn’t see Mr America or Koko but there was definitely something great about those kinds of mask gimmicks. I know not too many people liked Brian Pillman as The Yellow Dog but it was amazing to me at the time, and all the other young fans. I can only imagine how great the others were years earlier.

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