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  1. Easiest way to explain how the WWE got the “Bearcat” name. They wanted to give him the animal nickname that usually goes nowhere(See: Pitbull, Goatface, and Wildcat). But what animal could it be? “Well let’s see… He’s as big as a bear, but is agile like a cat. Wait… A BEARCAT!!!… *Insert backlash* *WWE employee discovers a former black wrestler on Google that used that nickname* Let’s use that to deflect criticism, and make people feel bad for giving shit to our obsession with animal comparisons.”

  2. 1 hour ago, chriskbrown50 said:

    The Hardy's run is anywhere as good as Sting's in AEW it will be great. Sting in AEW, along with Tony Schiavone on the mic and having fun in wrestling are two of my absolute guilty pleasures. 

    Darby & Sting really need another younger guy to occasionally spice up the dynamic. All old guys + Darby could end up being good. But as you saw at the PPV, plugging in another fresh body helps a lot.

  3. 4 hours ago, Technico Support said:

    Correct.  He actually explained it AGAIN a few weeks ago.  The things he said about possible treatments were said before there was even a vaccine, I think.  He wasn't out here promoting horse pills, UV light, or bleach like that orange guy was.

    Then why does he appear to look like he takes all three?

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  4. Ring did definitely look smaller just by looking at how large the ringside area was. @NoFistsJustFlips theory that it was to bring in plunder might be true.

    I’ve always been a pro small ring guy. Smaller ring means guys look quicker, and faster paced tag matches. More dangerous spots, and guys needing to suspend disbelief when reaching for the ropes is the negative trade off.

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  5. Daniel Garcia should be renamed “The Pitbull” to fit this gimmick.

    So I guess with Regal emphasizing “Pro Wrestling”, and Jericho emphasizing “Sports Entertainment”, that means these teams will probably end up in a big rivalry down the line with one another. Especially now that it looks like Garcia’s indie rival, Wheeler Yuta, will join this Regal unit(They need a real name). 

    Regal should give Hideki Suzuki a call to see if he still wants to live in the states, and be the muscle to challenge Hager.

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  6. 41 minutes ago, For Great Justice said:

    Oh shit, what is Coachman doing these days? Need him as JAS personal color analyst ASAP to talk about local medical facilities and the JAS Universe while JR is just in full-on grumpy-ass facepalm “what is this shit” mode

    I recommend Don Callis, and annoying ass Matt Striker as JAS’s personal commentary.

  7. 8 minutes ago, HarryArchieGus said:

    The story about a Warner Exec objecting to their signing is confirmation that you're correct.  If it's true, which I suspect it is, I don't see TK going over anyone's head to bring them in.  All that said, I still do hope there's some way they're able to get them on the ROH roster.    

    Not if they want to put ROH on HBO Max.

  8. Yeah, but the Briscoes also spent a good long while with the confederate flag on their gear. AJ Styles is a Deep South hick, but he’s a city slicker too.

    I get what you’re saying, but I also understand why some people still harbor bad feelings towards them because of who, and what they are. 

    to be honest, outside of questionable attire, and those incidents in the past, I haven’t heard anything from the Briscoe’s recently. Especially during the most politically heated time of our lives.

  9. 1 hour ago, NoFistsJustFlips said:

    With Cage, they re-signed him for a reason. I'm not sure what that reason is, but they have to have something in mind. And he must want to be there. It was an option on the contract like NFL has with rookies, which the company has full discretion to exercise but the talent doesn't have a say. That not withstanding, he obviously still wants to be there. They haven't been signing people that want to leave. So if Cage wanted out, I don't think they would have forced the contract option years on him.

    Some people have speculated that Cage will replace Wardlow as MJF’s bodyguard, which would be a perfect spot for him. It would be the right guy to put opposite face Wardlow as a first large opposing enemy, but also somebody the fans on social media already don’t like, just in case the fans are ready to turn on Wardlow.

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  10. Does Joey still have any stake in GCW? I could see him try to make that territory all about him in an attempt to build his legend like so many did prior to him. Especially with his obsession to be seen as a top guy.

    A Cody Rhodes like run is what he is really looking for. I just can’t see multiple promotions giving him a top spot for a few months to give him that reputation.

  11. Another guy who was a big star for the majority of his career, but wasn’t great shakes week to week throughout it was Rick Rude. Great character work from him, but sometimes I think his work needed to reflect more of who he really was. It wasn’t until the WCW run when he put on 30 pounds of muscle, and started working more like a bruiser that I started to enjoy his in ring work.

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  12. @supremebve
    Alex Wright is one. Except for looks, I never saw what people saw in him in his younger days. Such a sloppy ass rookie, and later as a pushed guy. Jake Roberts is another. Greatest talkers ever, greatest finisher ever, but if he don’t hit that DDT, then watching a Jake match feels like a fucking waste. It’s like watching a Card’s game, and Big MaC doesn’t hit a homer.

  13. The only bad additions to the team prior to the split were Wallstreet, and Bubba. That was rectified pretty soon after a few months when they mysteriously fell over during a couple of Reservoir Dogs struts by the nWo fixed with, and replaced by the more “Youthful” Norton, and Buff. 

    Okay, maybe Millionaire Ted wasn’t a good fit, but Vincent was an absolute perfect stooge. It was the right to use him in the clown role with his physique deteriorating so much after his WWF peak.

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  14. @Phil Schneider You’ve ever done a boxing podcast talking about classic matches? Been watching a ton of old stuff recently with an unbiased adults perspective, unlike when I was a kid, and took rooting interest in individual fighters. Would really love to hear you cover that stuff like you’ve done with wrestling on Way of The Blade.


    I really hope that Tully being “fired” by FTR is just moving him back over to Spears, and possibly giving Max a manager too. FTR is most likely getting Arn now that Cody ain’t coming back.

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