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  1. 12 minutes ago, WholeFnMachine said:

    Also, now that they’re all available again, any episodes of AOW. I should seek out? 

    Check out the Lance Archer one. Very insightful, and intelligent. Avoid all the ones that have old vets in them. They don’t really give Colt anything. Stick to modern wrestlers, and indies wrestlers from the past two decades. 

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  2. What if… everybody is down on the ground, then that’s when the joker comes out, and it’s revealed to be Fuego, who’s out to take advantage. But then gets caught in the same way Hardy got caught by Taker.

  3. I’m sure Vince would be willing to give it up. I think he’s realized that the value of old footage at this point has a very small appeal. Maybe good for highlight packages, but owning anymore tape libraries is a waist. But if he sells it, he’ll want double of what he paid to get them. Might as well wait until the WWE is sold to see what they’ll ask to get rid of the additional fat.

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  4. If they get offers right off the bat to stream their content, then they’d be crazy to foot the bill on their own streaming service. So many chances now than in the past to try that these days.


  5. 3 minutes ago, Matt D said:

    They should bring in Jesse Ventura to announce when they are in Minnesota.

    They’d have to make sure the CIA doesn’t notice while they sneak him out of Mexico.

  6. Black is probably being set-up down the line against Page just cuz he comes across like one of those kind of super challenges for a champion babyface. That would be one hell of a first defense for Hangman.

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  7. 1 hour ago, HarryArchieGus said:

    The audio mix on all of their taped programs has the commentary too high compared to the crowd.  The result is they are flattening the live crowd sound, but you're not wrong.  These marathon tapings are brutal.  Also see every PPV they've had since the first.  4 hours or approx is far too long to keep even a boisterous AEW crowd hyped.  

    They oughtta just cut Dark Elevation from the live taping and record two Ramapage segments prior to Dynamite and the Main Event or third segment post.  Keep the live experience to a slick streamlined 3 hours.    

    That’s a good idea.

    The reason I believe they won’t do it, is because of wrestler moral. A lot of that roster wants to work in front of those big crowds. 

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  8. Many Saints was okay. I’m not getting the “It’s not like the show” thing around the net. It is like the show. A lot like the show. In fact it felt like a 10 episode season truncated into a two hour movie, with one overarching plot, and several side stories. But that’s probably it’s biggest sin. This should’ve been for TV, not cinema.

    I feel there might be a five hour rough cut floating around, that might improve the movie. Like you barely see Dickie’s relationship with his wife, and Junior’s crankiness. Bernthal is getting some backlash in his portrayal of Tony’s dad, saying “he’s nothing like adult Tony”, but that was one thing I remembered about the old show. Tony was nothing like his dad. They’ve always made sure Tony’s mom was the one that shared all of Tony’s quirks. He does have a much more angry interpretation of Jackie Boy, which might be the most deserving complaint of his portrayal, but if you didn’t want that, then don’t cast Bernthal. He still did well with what they wanted him to do.

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  9. 6 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

    Nobody has mentioned that Cody of all people is using the Cop Killa? Given his current character? (I know you have talked about it, but not the subtext)

    Cody is just taking it back for us.

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