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  1. Edit: I joke, but maybe it is someone like Windham doing a Freddy like gimmick. But then I feel like Windham is going back to the WWE. Him being out for so long makes me think it’s both a personal thing, and him deciding to just stick around to wait for the WWE to call him back.

  2. Haha… I didn’t even read that tweet before, and I had a feeling I knew what it was. Apparently her tweet was “Except mine is real”. Whatever… Apparently the peer pressure caught on to her, because now she sports a short doo.

    And yes I think she’s a very good worker. Bad bump today aside, she’s a better worker than Swole.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Jiji said:

    Hold up. Did AEW tape Elevation, Dark, Dynamite, and Rampage in one evening?

    No, they actually taped Dark, and I believe Elevation on the night before. If you had tickets for Dynamite, you got in free.

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  4. Speaking of Alex Wright… I’ve been watching quite a lot of Wright matches from 96-97 lately too. I’m the opposite opinion of him. He’s worse than I remember. He gets super lost in there, and is awkward as hell. He needed to desperately to put on weight, and work more with heavyweights. 

    Also just rewatched that Piper family segment. Awful just awful. 

    Really up until Piper’s bad segment WCW is pretty red hot.

  5. Right before he “retired” he wrestled at an ROH show(Not the last one, the one before). He looked big there too. He also got hurt in that match, and looked way off. He seemed to be in a better head space during that Dark match, though.

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