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  1. 3 minutes ago, eikerir said:

    Taz saying that sometimes “it’s hard to get the words out”

    Excalibur, should’ve shot back “So for the past 20 years on commentary you’ve been visualizing your son wrestling?”. That would’ve cracked Taz.

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  2. Andrade: My question is… Why, this little kid work for Sting?

    Tony: Darby Allen does not work for Sting. They are friends.

    Andrade: Okay, how you know?

    Tony: I know them very well.

    That was a great silly exchange. Tony should be doing more live interviews like this without interruptions.

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  3. I just rewatched the Nitro after Uncensored 97’. Nothing may really top the pop Sting gets for clearing the ring at the PPV, but the following nights pop gets pretty close. The way the fans react you think we just won WWII. The following episode the fans go almost as crazy for Dean Malenko beating Konnan with the Cloverleaf. 

    WCW crowds were absolutely on fire in 1997.

    Also something to point out, the fans absolutely detest Larry Z in Duluth, Minnesota when they go to the commentary table after the Malenko match. Why is that? Is it because of his AWA run?

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  4. 16 minutes ago, ThatTCGuy said:

    I'm not sure what the point of sticking WALTER in NXT is now that he's moved to the states. There aren't really any interesting opponents for him there and he doesn't fit with the show's overall direction at all. Just put him on the main roster.

    Does he even fit there either without a more colorful interpretation of him?

  5. 2 minutes ago, Matt D said:

    March 6? Nah. They never let something in the undercard build that much. They're starting to tease it as of two weeks ago. Hook will be on to whoever's next by then.

    That’s very true. They tend to just give undercard stuff a big match on TV. 

    I hope they have someone good lined up for him at the PPV.

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  6. He has chocolate stains all over his mouth, and has an overprotective mother as his manager who uses chocolate as a carrot on a stick to get him to viciously attack his opponent.

    then when it’s over we watch close-ups of him eating the chocolate, while commentary is dry heaving when describing the chewing.

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  7. 10 minutes ago, JLowe said:

    Wasn't the first appearance of Sting after Hulk Hogan went NWO a lights out moment, followed by the cameras finally finding him in the rafters?

    To me, it's a spot that's been done to death and I don't even like it as an entrance for Black. 

    Maybe around Starrcade 97’ with the vulture, but early Crow Sting stuff had zero lights out.

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  8. Just something that came up in a dream.

    I think this ultimately stems from something that happened in 2015-16. The thing that brought Shane McMahon back into the fold, and looked like he was maybe looking to curry favor with his dad to give him a second chance. Like probably all the way back then Vince was thinking “I don’t really trust my son-in-law with the business anymore, and maybe this shouldn’t be a family owned, and operated company in the future”. That’s the time when I knew something weird was happening behind the scenes, and we only got a glimpse of it through these weird turns onscreen(and a little off screen in the sheetz) that led to what happened yesterday.

    This whole family drama(1999-2022) would make for one hell of a book.

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