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  1. Yeah, I would say that. I think people are getting fooled by the emo look. They think that’s supposed to mean deep, and realistic when it’s really A caricature of a emo person, and a sincere take on a comic book hero/emo person. Like Dick Tracy was a sincere take on silly looking comic  book cops & gansters. Not like how Marvel films do an insincere take on comic heroes, and poke fun at the universe any chance they get.

  2. I can’t wait to see what this Collin Farrell Penguin show is like. They’ll probably take advantage of the actors make-up appearance, with changing the characters age , fluctuating weight-gain, and weight-loss. What a cool canvas to work on. He’s like a live-action Lego person because of this.

    I know they heavily teased a Riddler & Joker team, but wouldn’t you people rather have a team consisting of Penguin, and maybe Two-Face? I’m wishing into existence either Ryan Gosling, or Javier Bardem for Harvey Dent in The Batman 2. Two completely different portrayals that can be excellent in their own ways. You got Ryan Gosling doing a 30’s New York mobster heavy performance, or Bardem doing the Universal Monster performance we never got because The Dark Universe died on the vine. You can’t lose with either choice. I just really want to explore the Dick Tracy inspirations more in these movies, and not just the Arkham nut balls.

  3. Exactly… They just don’t make it super obvious. You also got the scene of Batman getting chased down by cops at the station, with Batman getting up to a high position with his hook, but somehow the police catch-up to him by sliding out of nowhere from behind doors like if they were keystone cops. That’s actually the closest it got to the original Matrix for me with its portrayal of the police force. All they needed to complete the look we’re cups of coffee and sprinkle donuts. I want more of that in the sequel just with a more jazzier score. Also a script, and editing that reflects a lot of the weird character choices, like Colin Farrell wearing a fat suit, or John Turturro having an extremely dark red tan.

  4. On 3/5/2022 at 4:33 PM, Lawful Metal said:

    Oh and the horrific car chase turned into an entire freeway full of traffic explodes and there are zero consequences for Penguin or Bats. WTF

    Did you see that Penguin car flip? I doubt anybody died in this exaggerated, and grungy looking cartoon world. No matter the amount of explosions. I’m surprised Reeves didn’t have passengers walk out with their hair blackened, while coughing black smoke, and breaking the 4th wall to acknowledge the camera being there.

  5. Dano looking across the street with scopes, binoculars, and the sniper motif is a Scorpio reference  from Dirty Harry too.

    Really the whole Joker thing could’ve went a little differently. Since it’s pretty clear he’s a disfigured, and probably crippled villain, he could’ve been a member of Falcone’s mob throughout the film, and around the 2nd act we get a reveal through an accident on who this mobster is this whole time. But like I said, Reeves seemed to not want to explain too much about these heroes, villains, or gadgets. They all exist, and you have to except that. 

  6. I’m with people about the third act. The movie uses a lot of green screen, and special effects, but for the first two acts it isn’t too obvious. Here it was egregious how much there was. I guess this was the films cheesy comic book side really showing.

    I guess the Joker origin will be closer to Nicholson’s. From his dialogue he comes off as a disfigured criminal ready to re-enter the underworld under a new gimmick. Deleted scene implies a history with Batman. Hopefully the hints of his look will be toned down, or maybe if they go full comic book, they’ll come up with a silly reason for him to look like a clown. Like Arkham paying for a surgery to cheer him up, something just as stupid.

    Paul Dano’s performance as The Riddler was very disappointing. I assumed it was going to be you’re typical Riddler portrayal of psycho pretending to be a sophisticated masked criminal, but instead Dano channels Charles Robinson’s manic Scorpio from Dirty Harry. I just don’t know if I should blame Dano for how lame it turned out. For one we don’t get enough of him without the mask, but also his big scene is drowned out in the films score. Still hope the sequel fixes that now that he’s unmasked from the gimp headwear. On the other hand Collin Ferral gave an amazing performance as the Penguin. Dude really does a heck of a job under that make-up doing a character actor performance. I can’t believe he once was pegged as a leading man.

  7. I knew with Colin Ferral as the Penguin that I was expecting a less grounded take on Batman, but it was more obvious after watching it how much less grounded it is. Sure it takes some inspiration from Nolan’s series, and Fincher films. But I’m also reminded of Batman 89’(Modern tech mixed with 90’s tech), Matrix, and oddly Dick Tracy(the makeup on the Penguin, and the uneasy romance between Batman & Catwoman). I would even say Pattinson was channeling Beatty’s extremely dry performance in Dick Tracy. Another thing I noticed that put it in a more comic setting was that they didn’t really use much exposition like the Nolan films. As soon as Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, and Gordon are introduced, they just join the cast of characters that Batman interrogates in very unrealistic ways. Batman just walking up to the Iceberg Lounge to get answers from the Penguin was right out a typical weird world Batman comic. The visuals can kind of fool you, but it’s a very gritty looking cartoonish take on the material.

    I guess if you wanted to make a comparison to another version of Batman, then the Rocksteady games are closer to this movie.

  8. I enjoyed the Singh segment here better than the debut. Which shouldn’t surprise. You gotta let these giant experiments marinate a bit before completely passing judgement. Because of the experience of seeing him the crowd seemed to pick up that whenever this man appears now, people will get hurt.

    Question is… When will we see him in the ring? It’s tough because if you were the booking staff, who would you sacrifice to get him over for the initial feud, and how would you do it? You’d think logically it’d be Joe, but as shown last night, he’s too over to try that right now. Best thing would be a feud that leads to a tag that has Singh destroy Moriarty, then Joe loses to Singh in a big match.

    Then from there, where do you go? The obvious answer from looking at the roster is, Wardlow. That’s who a Singh is destined to lose to. But do you put a belt on him? 

  9. 6 minutes ago, DEAN said:

    Oh yeah, the Lethal/Moriarty match was fucking awesome but it was on the same show as FTR/Briscoes so it was instantly forgotten.  They should have just shown the Lethal/Moriarty match on Rampage tonight.

    I love a match that has a forgone conclusion, but throws a curveball in there that you don’t expect, but now makes perfect sense seeing where the pieces fit after it.

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  10. I think Jay Lethal has also had a very underrated week too. Probably also a very underrated match run since joining AEW. He’s really going to make sure he doesn’t get cheered at all against Joe.

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  11. 47 minutes ago, twiztor said:

    does NXT suffer from the same "directing" style with camera cuts every 1.5 seconds? because i straight up am not able to watch WWE because of that. Hoping it's a main roster issue and developmental NXT didn't have to deal with that.

    They adopted some of the production techniques of Kevin Dunn during that time, but they weren’t as aggressive with it like the Dunn ran shows. Hard to really explain. You’d really just have to watch old NXT to understand what I mean. I don’t watch, but current NXT is under Dunn. So it’s a completely different beast now.

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  12. 3 minutes ago, Stefanie the Human said:

    Becky Lynch looks dangerously close enough to a mullet shag right now that I'll count her.

    I saw that. I also saw a 17 year old kid folding shirts at the mall with a Bobbu Budnick cut, and wearing a t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I’m waiting for somebody to try that.

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  13. In agreement on Jade’s act. She’s finally clicked as a top star. Her new “Baddies” gimmick is a nice extra layer to her heel persona, and the Mark Sterling pairing is producing the chemistry I didn’t actually expect. Really doing a good job of constantly passing the mic back-and-forth like a team to avoid Jade from rambling during her promos. Much better than the constant teasing that Mark could get fired at any moment.

    But as much praise as I can give it I can also see this entire act if recycled as a face, getting a negative treatment. So hopefully when it’s time, they shed off some of this heel character to avoid a backlash. Or they can keep doing the “Baddies” thing, but also call her male fans “Fatties” in an endearing way.

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  14. I was kinda iffy on FTR being faces, but it’s actually the right move. FTR just have the right charisma to carry the babyface end of a traditional face vs. heel tag match. I hope all the teams that portray baby faces learn from these FTR matches.

    Fans also better watch out. You’re about to see an all time great run with FTR on top.

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