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  1. Could be worse....At least Yako Fujigasaki didn't bust out her "Iron Kancho From Hell." haha Also, Shida challenged Yoshiko for the Oz Academy belt on June 3. Crazy she'll be able to return that early from a broken ankle that required surgery.
  2. In sad news, Hikaru Shida broke her ankle on Friday. Hope she recovers soon.
  3. The fact that Sendai Girl's can keep Heidi Katrina's visa current but Stardom can't sponsor their own trainee in Kris Wolf is ridiculous. Like, that's just embarrassing.
  4. Hopefully the 2/28 Sendai Girl's show makes tape. Great card...(Outside the opener...maybe.) Sakura Hirota vs. X DASH Chisako vs. Heidi Katrina KAORU vs. Cassandra Miyagi Meiko Satomura & Hikaru Shida vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto & Mio Momono Chihrio Hashimoto & Mika Iwata* vs. Hana Kimura & Aja Kong *Yes, Mika went back to her old name after her match against DASH on the 22nd.
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