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  1. So do I. The veterans are not just hanging around, they're the backbone of the company. Pretty bizzare thing to say. As for Kato's two reigns, I found them exciting. It told a story of struggle and Kato is the ultimate underdog. After winning the first singles title of her 20-year career in a grueling 58-minute elimination match, she immediately had to defend against Mio Shirai, who had previously pinned her in just 6 seconds, there was even a callback to that in this improtu match. The feud against sekigun continued with Yumi Ohka and its newest member Arisa Nakajima who had the help of
  2. Sonoko Kato's reign was great. What am I even reading?
  3. Yoshiko has saved joshi. I knew she could do it.
  4. http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv289129285?ref=sharetw Their recent show will air on nicopro on the 11th.
  5. I can't say I would be too surprised if this is at least partially true, Nanae seems to have an old school carny mindset. Footage clearly shows Act shooting first, regardless.
  6. Yes, Act's friends are Hojo and a bunch of gaijin and rookies who don't know any better. Io and Mayu are Team Yoshiko.
  7. Wasn't that basically Kyoko Kimura's retirement show? Io's anniversary will probably have some outside talent.
  8. The very video evidence that shows Act shooting first and initiating the incident. I agree with Hoope that there is no right party -- to an extent, I still think Act should have never tried to start a shoot to begin with. She was the senior in this situation, she should have known better.
  9. Yeah, the gaijin are the only ones who show her any kind of support and take pictures with her, not so much the native roster.
  10. Last year OZ had the added boost of two retirements and an anniversary show at Korakuen, this recent number isn't all that different than what they normally get, just 200 less. Their year-end show in 2015 (non-retirement) drew 750 with with Kato/Ohka, Ozaki/Bolshoi and Yoneyama & Tsubasa/MK4 on a Sunday. Maybe a portion of their fans would rather see older women main eventing instead of 4 young freelancers. Just give Yumi Ohka the belt.
  11. Yoshiko was never 'forgiven' because she did nothing wrong. Io, Mayu and Hiroyo literally begged her to not retire, Suwama told her to not give in and stay strong, and I think they would know more about the situation than any of us would. Mayu still tweets Yoshiko publicly and no one is crying about it. Most fans know she did nothing wrong. Moreover, I haven't seen any of the Stardom girls (other than Fuka) talk to or even take pictures with Act since she left Stardom and she has attended several of their several shows. So we have one party who is universally loved and booked everywhere and an
  12. Act clearly shot first placing Yoshiko in a position where she had to defend herself. She is not blameless and certainly no victim. Yoshiko's reaction may have been over the top, but you mess with the bull, you get the horns, etc.
  13. Yoshiko has been training with Nanae and the SEI☆ZA girls for a while. She's ready for this. I kind of get a feeling that Arisa will join SEAdLINNNG. She is very close with them. Yoshiko has done absolutely nothing wrong.
  14. They've been feuding in WAVE and Ice Ribbon for 2 years. Makes sense.
  15. Sumie Sakai being booked in Stardom and wrestling in a WOH shirt probably means they have already established something. The only good that comes from Stardom working with WOH is that WOH won't be showing up on SEAdLINNNG cards anymore.
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