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  1. Worst Rumble ever.


    The opening match was moving along well and then boom DQ ending?!  Fine for Raw or Smackdown but not for one of your top "premium events"  

    Doudrop vs Becky-  Did anyone honestly think Becky was going to lose?  Of course not.

    Women's Rumble-  No Bayley, No Alexa, the women's legends were lucky if they lasted 2 full mins for the most part. Once Ronda came in you knew she was winning. Why book her if she wasn't going over?

    Lashley-Brock- Could have had Brock win so that someone else could win the Rumble and have Lashley win the Chamber.  Not that hard to do. Raw is really light on top guys right now. If Brock feuds with Roman who does Bobby get? 

    The IT couple vs the Grit couple-  Way too long and everyone knew Edge and Beth weren't losing.  They should have axed this and had Charlotte defend against Sasha. Hopefully this feud is over and we can see Edge take on some of the newer generation of talent.

    The Mens Rumble-  Kofi botch and Brock winning aside this still was shit.   No big NXT names, no big surprises, Bad Bunny? Shane? Come on WWE.  Do better.  Just like with Ronda there was no doubt once Brock came out who was going to win.  

    I had extremely low hopes for this event and the show ended up being even worse than I could have imagined. Keep releasing more people and it will only get worse. 

    What a shit show.


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  2. I know some people work from home still but I feel like the pandemic could have given them huge, huge numbers for 2020. I'd be interested to see if any streaming company made more money than in 2020.  If you are sitting at home even if you are working you are more likely to stream or watch Peacock than if you are in an office.  

  3. This may be the least excited I've ever been for a Rumble.  Maybe because a lot of my favorites have gone to AEW, maybe because the mystery of "will Punk be a surprise"  is now gone.  Maybe because the winner STILL doesn't get to main event Mania, especially with it now being 2 nights.


    Hell the only thing that's for sure about winning  the Rumble is that you won't be released until after April

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  4. 11 minutes ago, Krone Meltzer said:

    Can we please talk about that hometown pop for Wardlow. The crowd was begging for him to turn in that CM Punk beatdown, and I'm ready for the big man to take off. Assuming it happens either next week or during this Punk feud, I'd have to guess that means MJF's next feud might just end up being Wardlow himself.

    He works well as a face. Check out some of his IWC run on youtube.  The guy has a bunch of aerial moves up his sleeve that have never been seen in AEW.  I compare it to Orange Cassidy.  The diehards all knew he was more than just the comedy guy.


    With Wardlow they have barely scratched the surface of what he could do.  The issue is he always needed a mouthpiece with him.  When he turns face I am curious as to who speaks for him.  Then again they could go the silent Goldberg route too. 

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  5. I have to think that Tony is smart enough to sit Punk and Colt down when Punk started and have them at least be professional with each other.  Both guys have been in the business for what now 23-24 yrs?  Maybe I'm dreaming because of the location but it would make me mark out more than anything that could possibly happen this Saturday at the Rumble. 

  6. How wild would it be if Cabana cost Punk the match against MJF next week?  MJF has made so many "shoot" comments but never mentioned Punk being a shitty friend.  They say Punk could be bringing backup. I could see him bringing Colt out for the massive pop only for Colt to turn on him. 


    Fantasy booking 

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  7. One of my biggest prayers as a long time indy fan is for a Dave Prazak shoot to be released.  Nobody has worked with the "Superstars" of today and the biggest current day talent than Dave.

    His speech was great.  In a world of carny sleezebag promoters I've never heard one bad thing said about Dave.   If I could talk to one person in this business for an hour and just listen to stories and pick their brain it would easily be Dave Prazak.

    So fucking glad the guy was shown some appreciation. It is well deserved. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, Cobra Commander said:

    the front row fans in the left ring (which hosted Armstrong/Eaton) were way into the match too and it was pretty obvious that Eaton was gonna be a face soon enough

    then the fans closer to the right ring were way into the Japanese women's match. Phoenix is starting off pretty hot for this card.

    This was my favorite time period. I'd just gotten into wrestling in 1990 and the Sting-Pillman-Steiners VS the Horsemen fued was on fire.  Shame that we had Larry in the wargames match (made 0 sense)  but damn it was still my favorite war games match of all time.  92 had the blood but 91 had the better story.  Makes me even more pissed that Herd dropped the ball and Flair walked.  Oh what could have been

  9. On 1/23/2022 at 7:05 PM, BobbyWhioux said:

    every time the purge thread gets bumped I have been wondering:

    A] are they gonna have enough people left to do the women's rumble this year?

    B] how are they going to get around not having enough folks left to do the women's rumble this year (and is the solution going to be "don't)?

    I guess this is the beginning of my answer

    don't worry,  they  I am sure Santino Marella has unlimited "female cousins" they can use. 

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  10. 7 hours ago, The Natural said:


    Nice one. LOVE, LOVE Bryan Danielson. Great to hear Bryan's as likeable as he comes across. It's impressive he plays such a great heel. Dickhead Danielson is my favourite incarnation.

    He took time to talk with everyone for as long as they wanted. He has some sort of injury right now keeping him from wrestling. He told the guy ahead of me something along the lines of "and if it gets in my blood well..."  He also mentioned he would be looking to get cleared to have a match either for Dynamite or Rampage but they can't announce anything in case he doesn't get the green light.  He did say obiviously he will be in Cleveland this week even if it's just for a promo. 

    Super, Super, nice guy and I look forward to seeing what he does this week. 

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  11. He is in Pittsburgh at the David L Lawrence for the World of Wheels Convention.  I expected to pay $50 like when Sting was here last year but it was all free and he couldn't have been nicer. He spent time talking with everyone for as long as they wanted.  Not a huge line to meet him either. Only thing was they asked not to bring personal items as they gave out free 8x10's and took 2 pics with your camera phone.  

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  12. Just had the absolute pleasure of meeting Bryan Danielson.  I asked him about NJPW and he told me he was supposed to already be there but due to Covid and a 2 week quarantine he just can't do it right now.  Hoping things are better by the G1 as he really wants to be in this year.  Couldn't have been a nicer guy.  One of the rare ones who didn't charge for autographs or pics.  

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  13. IWC just had a battle royal with surprise entrants Gangrel and Swoggle.  Colt is at the show also and rumored to be in the title match.


    20 mins down the road is Enjoy wrestling with Effy, MV Young, Lee Moriarty, Veda Scott, and Player UNO.


    Tomorrow we have Brian Danielson doing a signing.    Not a bad weekend for wrestling. 

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  14. On 1/19/2022 at 9:16 PM, The Natural said:

    Please check this out. Cheers.



    I started Dark Knight Returns.  Really liking it so far.   I've read a good bit of Morrison's run. I have the 3 vol omnibus set and finished vol's 1 and 2.   I think after I read vol 3 I am going to read his Superman Omnibus. I picked it up but haven't read it.  I have so much shit to read it's wild.  I wanted to read everything from the backstory to big event so I picked up  Flashpoint and Blackest Knight Omnibus books.  Have never read either.   Same with Infinite Crisis.    If you check Amazon.com often you will see some pretty good deals on Omnibus comics.   I may be in the minority but I love reading the older stories with the flashy art and glossy paper.  Knightfall, Knightquest, and Knightsend really stick out to me in Omnibus form. 

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  15. 3 hours ago, SirSmellingtonofCascadia said:

    They held off on Warrior/Savage until after Warrior dropped the belt, which led to that awesome WM match which is the best example of catharsis that I can think of in pro wrestling, but which didn't help Warrior's run at all. I'm not sure that there were many good options, but Rude just was not at that level in 1990 and that feud had been done already. 

    I don't think you can save the title reign of such a limited worker like Warrior, but Savage and Earthquake as opponents instead of Rude and being like, "feud with Demolition, I guess" might have made his run less of a flop. 

    Warrior and Savage had a few cage matches right before Warrior lost the title I believe.  I wish DIbiase would have been pushed as a more credible challenge to Warrior.  Or Mr. Perfect even.  Nobody thought Rude had a snowballs in hell of winning that Summerslam 90 match.  

    Also, Bully Ray can fuck off and go to hell. Jon Moxley doesn't owe him anything. 



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