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  1. I didn't hear about the "eyeballs" comment?   Is there something in full published of what all was said?

    If there was more I honestly didn't see it and I will apologize to you guys.   All I heard was of him saying something to the lines of "history is written by the winners of wars and sometimes those opinions aren't the right ones"   

  2. so it's cool then for all the time's AJ Styles has called someone a "Faggot' because he did it many, many times.  Prejudice is prejudice right?  I'm just going off of some of the comments here.

    Would you employ someone who casually called people "faggot" on a show with children in audience?

    AJ never apologized as those were his beliefs.  Kendrick is out there in his own world and I don't see him apologizing either. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Sammo~! said:

    Look man, all I'm saying is holocaust deniers shouldn't have jobs. 

    I am not a denier at all. It's a horrible, horrible take. But everyone deserves the chance to make money. I honestly agree with you Sammo it's a bad take.  But the sad truth is there are so many people with the same beliefs as Kendrick. Could be a co-worker, could be a neighbor, could be a teacher at your kids school. It sucks but it's true.   I am not defending the guy I am simply saying for Tony to keep him off tv but keep other guys who have said and done worse is absolute shit.  For Tony Khan to act like he didn't know about Kendrick is just as insane. The guy things half of the country are aliens for fucks sake.  

  4. 1 minute ago, Spontaneous said:

    Oh no, not Leonardo Spanky!

    the sad part is it was all out there. Everyone knew he was like this. Hell even London had told people he dissociates from Kendrick because of things like this. Tony would have swept this under the rug if someone didn't make a huge fuss online. I'd bet this crowd would have popped for Kendrick had he worked the match. 

  5. What I am proving is I bet that every single person on this site has said something horrible that someone else wouldn't agree with. They would find offensive.  But would you cancel them all?  Cancel culture has become a joke. But hey we have a new season of South Park. Maybe they can do an episode on it.

    I won't name names since a lot of you don't seem to like when I do but I can tell you at least 4 people on tonight's show have made homophobic comments on a live mic while on the indy's.  Some of you probably can name them right off. Comments worse or just as bad as what Kendrick said. Remember CZW and IWA-MS?   


  6. not his biggest fan. But Was looking forward to the match and the potential match with Danielson.  Now we likely won't get them.  See Ultimo's post. He didn't bring shit up about Brit Baker are talk down as if he were a god. He made a perfectly rational post and stated his views. I agree with him on most of this.  Castor and Sammy came back. I am hoping Brian gets the same chance. 

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  7. 4 minutes ago, John from Cincinnati said:

    "Brian's conspiracy theories have been known about for years!" Tuning out a nitwit you've seen clips of rambling about the moon landing and flat earth is different than wide awareness of explicit holocaust denial, but go off. 

    lmao go off. Really?   I said I do not agree with his comments but you read what you wanted to read. You saw what you wanted to see.  He has his opinion and he said it. Do we have to like it?  Fuck no.  But let's just cancel everyone. Isn't that the goal John?  What will you do when something bad comes out about Cody?  Will you cancel him too?  Curious. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, Sammo~! said:

    You wanna defend a holocaust denier that's on you dude

    no worse than Benoit. Do you still watch his matches? I bet more than 50% of you do.

    No worse than Hogan. Do you still watch classic Hogan matches?  How many rewatched an old Rumble this past weekend?

    No worse than Flair whipping his dick out on every girl he has ever seen?  We defending him? 

    I am not defending his comments. I am saying to lose a booking over something Tony should have known about is absurd.  Brian's conspiracy theories have been well known for years!  This isn't anything new!  

    What is odd though is how the comments were never shown until he got his release and was about to have a match on AEW. Wonder how that happened?!

  9. 9 minutes ago, Sammo~! said:

    Holocaust denial and antisemitism is bad though?

    it's bad sure.

    Look what Lethal and Darby are accused of.  Look what Jake Roberts has done.  Pretty sure they will have Flair employed soon too.  2 wrongs don't make a right but look at all of the ribs done in the 90's and even 2000's.  Things way worse than this. Go into any indy locker room and you will hear much worse. It's sad sure but a guy shouldn't lose his booking over this.  

    Hell Kendrick has a conspiracy theory shoot on Highspots streaming network right now. What he is saying isn't new guys.  People pretending that they didn't know his stance on things isn't the right approach. He is a well known conspiracy theorist and it's been out there for years!

  10. The fact that Kendrick was pulled from tonight's show is such cancel culture bullshit.

    Look at the shit Flair did, Hogan, Lethal, to  name a few.  Workers of the 80's and 90's would laugh at shit like this and call the business soft.

    So many workers making racial, homophobic comments and they are allowed to work, but Kendrick is crucified.   

    Let's be straight, I do not agree with a word he said but to pull him over something like that is complete and other shit. Especially knowing Tony's love of the sleaze thread.



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  11. Just now, paintedbynumbers said:

    This was what 3 days though? I mean at least use the spoiler tag. We have them for a reason.  Would I prefer PWG get their shit together and get stuff out quicker? Of course I would.


    What did we do back in 2002 when ROH took forever to get DVD's out?

    Or VHS rather

  12. 8 hours ago, Casey said:

    What's your cut-off for spoilers for PWG shows, though? Even now with the just announced six month delay for new shows on Highspots... do you expect people to keep it spoilered until you see it? Because people are just now getting their Mystery Vortex blu-ray preorder, and that event was in AUGUST.

    This was what 3 days though? I mean at least use the spoiler tag. We have them for a reason.  Would I prefer PWG get their shit together and get stuff out quicker? Of course I would.


    What did we do back in 2002 when ROH took forever to get DVD's out?

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  13. you really should spoiler tag that last post.  


    Just another example as to why they should air these BOLA's live.  You can't go spoiler free no matter how hard you try.


    Also,  it wasn't just twitter. Steve Gerwick reported that a fan threw a drink in the ring and that Murphy slipped while doing a Rollins style curb stomp to Lio.  I'm assuming that is where the twitter people heard it?

  14. The problem with PWG taking forever to release shows is spoilers.   I tried to remain spoiler free and a post from The Blade actually ruined it.  I don't think he did it on purpose but needless to say he spoiled the result of the tournament.

    Maybe not have every event as a live IPPV  but at least do it for BOLA.  

  15. 5 hours ago, DreamBroken said:

    Feels like that would've at least come off like a 'new star making moment' if they went that route.

    Sounds like there's still at least some consideration of doing another title change in the Chamber and running Riddle/Orton at Mania for the title.

    oh there will be a change alright. Brock will win the Chamber to have the title vs title Mania match.  He wouldn't have brought it up tonight if they weren't going to do it.  Maybe they can go back to one brand and intermix talent.  

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  16. They should do something different. Announce 1 brand going forward.  Have a unification match for the tag belts, IC/.US belts.   Announce a tournament for the women's title and the men's title and have it all at Mania.  It's a 2 night show. It would be stacked and it would get everyone on the show to get their payday.


    It's not that hard and I promise it's a better idea than whatever shit WWE will feed us. 

  17.  How do they not have Balor in the Rumble? SO many people had him as the favorite or darkhorse to win.


    How do they have 0 guys from NXT?

    How do they have Angelo/Dawkins in  but not Cesaro/Garza/Crews?? 


    I pray that next year AEW has their own version of the Rumble and airs it on free TV to combat this shit show.  How could any wrestler WWE or otherwise see this show and say "god WWE is where I want to be"  



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  18. So after further thought I'm even more pissed.

    Look at the list of names not in the Rumble




    Viking Raiders

    Angel Garza




    And they wonder why people want a release from that toxic shithole of a promotion.  seriously I don't care anymore about how great they used to be. Vince and company are a shit show now.  People changing from face to heel so quick you can't even tell anymore.   Is Lashley face/heel,  is Brock Face/Heel, Rollins Face/Heel?      Do they even know?!

    Kind of hard to grab a brass ring if you aren't even given the chance. 


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