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  1. As someone who has followed Dalton Castle's career closely ever since he was in IWC years ago  I can honestly say he deserves all the praise he is getting. The guy is a class act and I hate to throw this name out but he reminds me of Larry Sweeney in both antics and quirkiness.  ROH has really become flavor of the month to me.  When NJPW was the rage  we would get the joint NJPW shows and after awhile of seeing the same names it became stale.  Now with UK/Brit style becoming the rage we are getting that.  I am ok with it marginally but when it becomes too much and you cannot book for your core roster it becomes a problem. 

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  2. I live 10 mins from the arena and this is the first WWE show in years I could care less about getting tickets to.  A lot of my friends feel the same way.   We seem to get a lot of ironman matches in PGH.   Benoit-HHH,  Cena-Orton,  Sasha-Charlotte  and I am sure I am forgetting one or two.  The Brawny-Zayn match could be fun, but the show looks very predictable on paper.

  3. Sandman can actually wrestle well also.  A good example of a great wrestler turning to brawling would be Raven.  Scotty Anthony in GWF/ Scotty Flamingo in WCW  are total style clashes with what Raven would become.   I tell you if you go back to some old GWF footage and watch his matches they hold up to this day.  I really wish his Pillman Beach Blast match would have been better though.  His early 90's WCW run wasn't the greatest maybe due to Watts inventing the top rope DQ rule. But had he stayed we would never have seen the Raven persona.


    I know this may sound strange but I really like Story Time and wish it was longer.  Seems like the good shows are too short.  Table for 3, Story Time, etc

    Also as kind of a rant, 

    I keep getting numerous survey's and emails from wwe network and it seems the more I get the more they upload shows from 2006-2011. My question is  do people actually want to see that??  For awhile they were uploading all of the 2011 raws which to me is strange since they focus mainly on CM Punk (someone WWE would probably like to Benoit)    then they jump to 2006 Smackdown.  They were doing great with the old NWA shows through 1989 but suddenly stopped.  Is there really a demand for 2006 WWE?   I am praying we get 1988-1993 Prime Time at some point soon. 


    Another question to you guys,

    How do you rate WWE Network in comparison to other platforms such as FloSlam, Highspotsondemand,  Progressondemand, CHikaratopia, CZWstudios, etc?

    I currently have WWE Network, Floslam, Highspots, and CZW,  With Highspots adding Cage Of Death the same day as CZWstudios I am thinking of cancelling my CZW subscription as I use it the least.  I like that highspots is airing PWX live tomm night and Floslam keeps adding new promotions and I love the ability to watch an indy show live as opposed to reading spoilers and then seeing the event.  WWE Network is obviously essential for the ppv's, NXT, 205 live,  but I feel like they can add more classic content.

  5. Well Zev  you also didn't see her facial  expressions and she didn't even work the show she was just there. My friends and I are in our 30's  and also indy workers (not for ROH but we are indy workers) We knew Dijak, Rowe, and a few of the other guys and were talking to them. It isn't like we were hanging around begging for a picture or an autograph.  Dijak basically saying "fuck her' would also show that he thinks she is a bitch as well.  Have you met her?  Has anyone here met her? Was she having a bad weekend maybe?  If it was just a bad day I don't think Dijak would have said "fuck her"  

  6. I am actually looking forward to this ROH ppv.   One thing I do have to say though is Veda is a total bitch in person. We saw her blow past a few kids who waited for an autograph after a show near Pittsburgh  and literally the next night in Buffalo we were talking to Dijak and she walked past us.  We said "hey Veda" and she blew us off also. Only diva or woman in wrestling I ever personally saw acting like a bitch.  You would think she actually had talent by how she acted.

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  7. I would take Rev Pro over PROGRESS  but I do see what you mean with the over-exposure.  A couple of years ago they tried it with NJPW talent and now it seems that the new flavor is UK talent.  Osprey is great though, Marty has a decent heel character, and Noam Dar is hit or miss.   With ZSJ  if he has someone who can keep up with him (cesaro, Danielson, Hero)  the match can easily be 5 stars, but I have also seen where Zack will phone it in.  Sort of like 2005 ROH AJ Styles.

  8. 4 hours ago, The Z said:

    I can't believe how large this crowd is.

    I expect this Ellsworth thing to get old very fast and I expect Vince not being able to control himself and deciding to piss off everyone under the sun by putting the cruiserweight title on Ellsworth.



    The event was held in Altoona PA at the Joppa.  The show had the Hardy's, Sandow, Brooklyn Brawler, and Ellsworth  among others.   Ellsworth has been doing indy's around PA. WV under the name "Jimmy the Dream" For years.  He even runs a promotion. 

  9. Surprised nobody else mentioned the fact that he kept saying things like "how do you say that in Spanish"  Lenny wouldn't respond and Joey kept pushing it and pushing it.   That annoyed me just as much as his comment towards the ring announcer.  Either way he is gone now and it's no big loss. Evolve will continue to put on great shows.  The one negative about Gabe was always the amount of time it took to release his DVD product.  Now with Floslam that problem is pretty much gone.

  10. What are the odds that Sash  will go for a spot she has no business doing and botching horribly while her friends and family cringe?   I think by making this the main event it's going to put a lot more pressure on both women and I just pray it doesn't end in a botch fest. 

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