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  1. It's a fun game but when you play against someone online it's hit or miss.  You either have people throwing constant balls trying to get you to swing at them or people rage quitting. I've yet to find anyone with the patience to play a complete game without being a dick and rage quitting.    

  2. Keep your eyes out for TME  they are facing the Varsity Blondes tonight.   Really good team, athletic and have the charisma to match.  Go out of your way to watch some of their matches on Youtube and I think you will be impressed.  Ganon Jones and Duke Davis are legit.   The  Mane Event



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  3. I don't think you could have predicted this ever but my interest for Impact this week is 100X more than it could ever be for Raw.   Raw should be called "SSDW" It's the same shit different week.  Lashley to return and confront Drew. That will get ratings (yawn)   Retribution unmasked vs Braun and Drew  another 5 star classic. 

    Meanwhile the curiosity of what Impact is going to do next is fun. Not knowing what to expect is a good thing. Raw is as predictable as the seasons and is probably the worst of the weekly cable wrestling shows going on at the moment.  

  4. On 4/23/2021 at 2:48 PM, Technico Support said:

    I think I dislike Jimmy Lloyd for the same reason I want to pull the TV off the wall and throw it out the window when Matthew Justice comes out to "wrestle" on an otherwise good show.  Both feel like guys who really aren't talented at pro wrestling but get bookings because they're willing to do deathmatches.  I figured that sort of thing would have a lower ceiling in 2021 but here we are.

    I don't mind violent matches filled with plunder at all.  But I want to see them done by competent workers.  Like a deathmatch should be a tool in an artist's toolbox that's filled with other things.  To me, it's not really pro wrestling when your only skill is taking/giving real life punishment.

    which is why I never have been sold on guys like Matt Tremont.  Probably a nice guy outside of wrestling  but he looks like the dude at Home Depot waiting for 5 pm to come so he can hit the bar. 

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  5. 7 minutes ago, D.Z said:

    "WWE Names Chris Legentil Head of Global Communications, Scott Zanghellini Head of Revenue Strategy and Developments" from corporate WWE.com.

    Today we will find out about their Q1 earnings and results.


    while letting go 8 other top Talent relations officials.  Oh and sending Mickie James her belongings in a trash bag.  Billion dollar company and they send it in a trash bag. Seriously fuck that company. I'l always love the old WWF but what they have become is nothing more than a corporation like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Disney, who gives 0 fucks about their talent or fans.   

    It was a good run while it lasted. 

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  6. Joan Cone and 8 other high up talent relation workers were let go this week. Wondering if this will be made public or not WWE did something similar last year and let the majority of their tech team go. It made sense then as many of the guys had to travel to and set up things at the arenas.  More cost cutting at the top.  Dream and Kevin Dunn still have jobs though.  ?

  7. 1 hour ago, Log said:

    I met her a couple times and even interviewed her for a news story I did on Mitch Ryder's XCW Midwest promotion.  She was a great old-school fan, getting into it with heels and cheering the babyfaces.  

    A staple of any older IWA_MS show.  I am an idiot though and always assumed she was Ian's wife for some reason.  I remember her and pipe guy (is he alive still)  being at all the older 2001-2005 era shows. 

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  8. Jimmy got his start because of Joey. I wish he hadn't.  Joey's shows helped get PCO and Marko Stunt noticed/back in the public in PCO's case.   But it's not working with Jimmy Lloyd. In fact it's the opposite. I know many who can't stand the guy and skip his matches.  KTB is hit or miss to me as well. I'd never go out of my way to see his stuff but I wouldn't go out of my way to avoid it either. Joey had a great series of matches with Lio Rush in CZW.   If given the shot in AEW he could do more. I just think he's been wasted in AEW so far. 

  9. On 4/16/2021 at 8:48 AM, Eoae said:

    Ollie's rage at Wally feels simultaneously realistic and manufactured.

    give Ollie his own book.  Reading the Grell  stuff now and it's fantastic.  Ollie needs his own series to run with not just as a supporting character. 

  10. On 4/11/2021 at 6:19 PM, Marty Sugar said:

    In the "The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same" Category:

    I've just emailed multiple screencaps of private and public messages from a guy who did video work for me during some shows in the Summer/Fall of 2020, when Big West returned to the "new normal" (July to November), to the Summerland RCMP: turns out that against my wishes and without anyone's knowledge, he snuck a camera into the locker room and filmed workers. He then proceeded to attempt to blackmail into releasing "embarrassing" video if I didn't allow him to use footage with my company's logo on it, to make exorbitant video-editing profits off workers. At one point he was demanding anywhere from $250 to $1000 PER MINUTE OF FOOTAGE.

    It's like fucking creeps can't be avoided, no matter what. Jesus H.

    How did this end up? Hopefully you threatened him back with extortion. Or that a room full of wrestlers would beat his ass if they ever saw him again. Essentially you could have him blackballed for what he did. Expose him and his messages online to everyone. The guy would lose his ass and it would be karma. 

  11. I mentioned it before and I stand by it. Lee Moriarty will be a big star. His next GCW match is against Janela. Janela will help make him a star. If you've met Lee you know he has a good head on his shoulders. I really think this guy is going to go far. Hopefully he gets an AEW Dark shot before WWE as Vince would confuse him with Lio Rush

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  12. 1 hour ago, Infinit said:

    I browsed that a bit...and as sleazy as Joey was/is, Veda doesn't come out looking very innocent in any of this. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she cheat on Pelle, her fiance at the time, with Ryan?

    seems like it. I responded back to Pelle's tweet and said how it didn't make Veda seem so innocent. She made no attempts to have Joey stop and kept chatting with him. Sure she may have tried to sway the topic but Joey obviously felt comfortable enough with her to keep bringing it up. 

  13. anyone else happen to hear the news Pelle Primeau dropped regarding Joey Ryan?  If you missed it i'd hurry to Pelle's twitter while it's hot.  He has a google folder of texts and pics (don't worry no dick pics)  that Joey sent to Veda Scott while she was engaged to Pelle.   Joey comes out looking like a desperate fucking fool and it's weird that Veda never once asks him to stop with the behavior.  Just an odd situation and Joey certainly comes off as the prick we''ve seen and heard about. 

  14. Used to be lucky enough to see Claudio every month. One of the nicest guys ever but I'l never forget the time he told me he wears a size medium shirt.  I obviously called him out on it and he had Alex Shelley reach back and show me a tag. Motherfucker was wearing a Medium.    


    remember when he was in ROH and they made the video of him swinging the trees? Was fucking amazing. 

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  15. 2 minutes ago, christopher.annino said:

    I wonder, and this is probably silly of me to do so, would this be a good time for people to ask for release? Like if the company is so concerned about the budget, people who voluntarily want to leave should be able to. 

    if they were concerned about the budget they wouldn't be touting Pat Mcafee and Adnan Virk as if they are the answers to all of WWE's problems.  it was the answer they gave. I'm sure the talent that was released can also see through the "budget" bullshit excuse. 

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  16. 17 minutes ago, Technico Support said:

    Corporate bootlicking AND vague victim blaming in the space of just a handful of posts.  Please say something about "bootstraps" next!  Man, Eoae, you keep doing you.

    Please find some fucking empathy.  And please please please, when karma catches up with you and whoever you work for fires you for no reason other than to help their bottom line and look good to stockholders, please come here and give us all the details and tell us how you fully agree with their right to do so to you and how maybe you had a bad attitude or something.  Jesus. 

    When Covid started , I had to fire a really good man.  A guy I worked with for over a decade.  He's still trying to find a job.  Neither he nor I were like, "doot doot doot, can't blame the company, they're well within their rights as a person corporation to put longtime great people out on their asses god bless corporate America and the sacred job creators doot doot doot."  For me, for him, and for everyone fired just to sate stockholders' infinite thirst for more and more filthy lucre, fuck you.

    I've been in the same boat and will never work for a bigger corporation again.

    What people need to be more upset about is that they are citing budget reasons. If you follow WWE at all on Linkedin they are always hiring marketing managers, recruiters, etc.  But that's not even the bigger issue. They are online flashing Adnan Virk and Pat Mcafee as new hires when you just let go 9 people  many of whom the fans love.  Just a real shitty thing to do. "hey guys we just hired these two but sorry about letting your favorites go"   Would love to see a huge NOAH esque mass exodus of talent leaving WWE on their own just because they can.   

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