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  1. On 12/21/2021 at 2:53 PM, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    Brad Armstrong, nWo Sting, High Voltage, Steven Regal, Mike Enos, Harlem Heat toured New Japan. They actually had some interesting cast of characters going over there. It wasn’t just the big stars.

    this is why Scott Norton lost the IWGP title partially. He was told he would have a longer reign. WCW kept sending the scrubs over to Japan and then having the NJPW huys like Nagata job out in WCW.  

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  2. 9 hours ago, ohtani's jacket said:

    I finished the Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon Punisher mini-series. I guess Ennis' take on the Punisher character wasn't bad, and Dillon's art was all right, but the sophomoric attempts at black humour were too much for me. 

    is this a new series or was this the Punisher Max stuff? 

  3. 8 hours ago, hammerva said:

    I am sure that is pretty bad at the WWE shows as well but we can't generally hear it as much.  Plus I have RAW most on mute because commentary is garbage ?

    But between the Brandon chants that have lasted a good month, the homophobia among a few and the off and on fans talking about women's match being bathroom breaks;  the idea that AEW fans are more open minded is turning more and more into bullshit.   As people have mentioned on Twitter, I am sure a number of fans were extremely conflicted seeing CM Punk doing a run in in a pro-choice T shirt IN TEXAS 

    The Lets go Brandon chants have been going on at literally every sporting event i've attended over the past 2 months. Hell as someone named Brandon it annoys even me. I'm not a Biden fan by any means but when I hear little kids chanting it and then saying "it means Fuck Joe Biden"  it really shows me how far down we have come as a country.


    Anyhow back on topic,  I had a feeling the title match would go 60, I also had a feeling Sydal would reverse Wardlow's Power bomb into a pin which would cause friction between Spears and Wardlow. I was shocked it didn't happen. AEW doesn't always go with the obvious and I like that feeling of uncertainty. 

    Really good women's match. If you are taking a bathroom break during an AEW women's match I really don't know what to say. 

    6 man will be fun next week. 

    Plus Cole's surprise next week which many are suggesting Kyle.  

    AEW has been can't miss TV and I love it!! 

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  4. Jake SOMETHING?   


    I have a feeling the title match will either be a double DQ, countout or time limit draw.  Page fought too hard to get to the title and Brian shouldn't lose


    Wardlow is amazing. I've said it on this board more times than not. Even before he was signed to AEW, the guy is a star. He has a better swanton than Hardy (yeah I said it)  he can be an amazing face or a monster heel, and outside of the ring he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. 

    If you want to see a fun match go on youtube and check out Wardlow vs Jack Pollock in a cage from IWC wrestling. Not going to spoil the ending but it's awesome.  

    Looking forward for tonight!

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  5. 19 minutes ago, Go2Sleep said:

    I'd like to see a World Cup structure with some cooperation from the non-WWE promotions.

    would be interesting.  With house shows dwindling down it makes it more possible. In the past it was important to have the world champion at most if not all shows (after 1991-1992 or so)  Looking at WWE's lineups now it seems most champs do work all house shows.  Buying a ticket to a show to see a huge star only to find out they aren't there is the fastest way to kill a town. WCW did this a lot in 1998-1999. Tons of no shows.

    If you have a season type of thing it would be important to stack each show so that fans could see the stars they want to see. If you have a playoff structure I would still want the champion to at least appear on each show. 

  6. So to preface this, I work as a recruiter for the federal Government. Hiring Software Developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Quality testers, you name it.  


    I sometimes receive roles such as "warehouse worker" or "security guard"  Well I've been working with a guy who had a prior arrest. He told me nobody would give him a chance and how he couldn't find work.  I went out of my way to call and go to bat for this kid.  We get the background check back and sure enough, assault charge was there (which we knew) but he also had been pulled over 9 times in 3 months with a suspended license.  I talked to him but still gave him the benefit and he was green lighted to start tomorrow.

    We find out that he either needs to be vaxed or show proof of negative covid test to go on site.  His girlfriend grabs the phone as if she's his manager and says "I wish we would have known that before, do you want this job or not"  and then says "we will have to get back to you" and hangs up.  After 2+ weeks of working with them and hearing sob story after sob story that nobody will give him a chance.  The best part is she told me she thought he was vaxed anyway!!  

    I've had offers for 3 people in December alone each well over $125k  and all were turned down because nobody wants even an hybrid schedule. It's gotta be fully remote or nothing.  All of this stimulus money has screwed the country and nobody wants work.  I can understand people turning down $16-$17 hr jobs wanting more $$  but $125k or $140k  when you haven't had a job in 6 months?!  


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  7. I'd been messaging with him on Twitter and he was selling some of his best of dvd's.  He needed money badly for medical expenses.  He accidentally messaged me twice and then sent me a lengthy apology saying he didn't mean to send it twice and he'd had trouble sleeping and basically doing anything.  I felt awful for the guy, and then seeing he passed is just hitting super hard.  Gone way too soon.  If you've never seen Jimmy Rave go watch his feud with CM Punk from ROH. If you have seen Jimmy go and watch it again.  Or watch his Ted Petty Invitational match with AJ Styles. He was super proud to be on the show working AJ.  

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  8. On 11/28/2021 at 9:47 PM, Ryan said:

    This sounds like some variation on that one Andy Samberg film where he's a daredevil.

    Looking back at this it honestly is like a Seinfeld episode.  The kids dad had trophy's on the starwell from when he himself was a highschool wrestler and weightlifter.  It was an odd set up. You walk in the door and boom you see them right in front of you as you walk into the house.


    The dad was also notorious for going to the JR high and High school events and when his son was in a match he would go right down to the mat and literally scream his lungs out like a corner man.  It had to be the most embarrassing thing ever but it never stopped. I half expected him to throw in the towel at times but he never did.  

  9. 5 hours ago, Ryan said:

    I was never "bullied" in the sense of being beaten up or having stuff taken, but I was insulted plenty for a period of time. Not giving a shit tended to help in theory.

    the only time I was ever "bullied" was by a friend of mine who was trying to impress people. The guy was actually a state champion wrestler and his dad made him wrestle him in the basement almost every day after school. They had high school sized wrestling mats in the basement and in one of the guest rooms. It was extremely excessive.

    Anyhow, I was walking and I had an older WWF magazine that my grandfather had given me before he passed away (wrestlemania IV cover)  and the son of a bitch took it and ripped it. I punched him 3 times, breaking his nose.  We both were going to be suspended but my dad knew the superintendent well and since I'd never been in prior trouble they let me go. When the Superintendent heard the story he said "kid sounds like he had it coming"   

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  10. 8 hours ago, Technico Support said:

    I just read the following:



    Umm, Vince, we fired Bearcat.


    LMAO funny because my username is actually based off of Gargano. A few of us were hanging out after a show and brought up the board here. Gargano mentioned being a lurker as I was and I believe it was Facade, Shima Xion (Joquin Wilde or whatever the fuck they call him now) and Chuck Taylor who were also with us bullshitting about the local indy messageboard (anyone remember that??)  Well Gargano's theme at the time was painted by numbers by the Sounds and the song came on and I said "fuck this would make a great screen name" and I decided I would use it.  I've always been amazed by the number of wrestlers who admit to lurking on here but never actually made an account. 

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  11. On 11/23/2021 at 3:37 PM, Brandon Bones said:

    I’m not going to swear on it.  But I’ve heard it mentioned (through some sort of media I consume) that AEWs merch side of things is really disorganized to the point they might not be doing what they could be doing.  The suggestion being that while they manage to sell out on T-shirt’s and popular items.  They could be doing more but don’t seem to have the inventory to meet it.  

    I don’t know.  I’m not even particularly sure of where I’m sourcing this from.  So take it with a grain.

    I went to all 3 AEW Pittsburgh events. The first one pre-covid merch was everywhere and easy to find, wasn't high priced like WWE at their shows (always bothered me you could knowingly get the same shirt at hot topic for far less).   But the most recent show my friend and I didn't even see the merch. I had another friend tell me he saw the shirts and they only had a handful of designs and they were all $30 or $35 a pop (again most you can find at Hot Topic for cheaper)  I am sure they sell a shit ton but it should never be a chore to find the merch booth, it should be front and center when you go into an arena.  WWE has multiple booths usually. 

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  12. 9 hours ago, AxB said:

    Devitt is 40 years old, which would probably say to Vince that it's time to start phasing him down (although AJ Styles is four years older... but he is being used as a mentor to that El Gigante 2.0 guy now). But he still looks and moves like he's super young, and it kind of feels like WWE hasn't got everything out of him that they could have. So perhaps they'll try to hang on to him.

    Arguably he himself has more value on the open market than he does in WWE, but we don't know his mind.

    Who was the last person WWE cut (rather than them leaving voluntarily) who later returned to the company and made TV? Because it's not happened for a good while, has it?

    I'd just finished the second book by Jim Ross and my god the ammt of shit he went through being let go and coming back only to have to deal with more shit get released and come back. Seems like he would have done anything for Vince. 

  13. 10 hours ago, Tarheel Moneghetti said:

    I think you have to be rather naive to think you can just shout anti-vaxxer messages into a crowd and expect to get broad support.  Approx. 80% of Americans over the age of 12 have gotten at least one shot.  There's a sizable anti-vax contingent out there, but it's dwarfed by the pro-vax folks and the folks who have misgivings but have come to accept it.  Unless it's a meeting of your fellow cro-magnons, it seems realistic to think you're going to get a fair share of pushback.  Even a lot of anti-vaxxers probably broadly support Rodgers holding out, but dislike the way he flaunted rules.

    I don't think Rodgers is naive, but he does seem like someone who has started believing his own press releases, as the expression goes, and thinks his opinions are more important to the rest of us than they actually are.


    I mean. freedom of choice has never been absolute.  If that was the case, Henry Rugg's attorney would be getting ready to go to court & argue that Ruggs was just exercising his god-given right to drink to excess and drive recklessly.  Did the crash victim interfere with his freedom to choose when she didn;t get out of his way fast enough?  There have always been laws and vaccine mandates limiting your personal freedom when it potentially harms others or disrupts business.  I mean, you  aren't even really free to abuse your own body when pregnant, which is the ultimate "my body, my choice" scenario.  You're free to drink, smoke, do drugs, play contact sports, etc. while pregnant, but doing so may well result in the government taking the baby out of your care after birth.

    Covid needs to be framed as a public health crisis where getting vaccinated benefits everybody.  Instead, it's turned into a political referendum on freedom of choice vs. government oversight, not to mention a war on science.  So stupid.

    Years ago I worked with a girl who was seemingly smart, good at her job, beautiful. She was pregnant and I saw her outside every day on her break smoking. Never made sense to me how someone could selfishly chance causing harm to their unborn child. Thankfully the kid turned out fine but people do crazy things.  And you almost nailed it. It's not just Covid that's turned political. People have fucking turned any and everything into politics. Went to a college game Saturday (WVU-Oklahoma St)  and kids were chanting "lets go Brandon" I asked one if they knew what it meant and he says "yeah fuck Joe Biden"  sad times indeed. 

  14. I am vaccinated, but I don't shame people who choose not to be. It's their body and choice. For me to bitch about it would be hypocritical. Everyone has reasons for doing it or not getting it. Issue I have is the same with anything in the NFL the golden boy will get a free pass. Rules are rules and he broke them and should be suspended the rest of the season. Bet you he won't be though. If this were Teddy Bridgewater he'd be out of the season. If this were Sam Darnold he'd be benched, Kirk Cousins benched for the year.  But nope, Aaron will continue to play and will somehow have his redemption story in the Super Bowl. NFL loves a good Hollywood ending. 

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  15. crazy that so many of the leagues top teams shit the bed on the exact same week that some of the worst teams played their asses off.  I've been betting football for over a decade and this was by far the worst week for not only me but many of my friends.  I'm also sure many, many survivor pools were busted as well. 

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  16. One thing I really hate is seeing people on twitter saying he had the better championship reign Punk or Roman.  I like both but Punk had to deal with shitty booking while Roman had to deal with the pandemic.  Both guys did great merch wise and were considered the best by the majority of fans.  It just seems like everything has to be who's better than who, or AEW vs WWE anymore and it's really shitty. You can like both ya know?!

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  17. 6 hours ago, AxB said:

    You're in Pittsburgh, right? Did you go to the Enjoy Wrestling tapings? The Lee vs MV Young match at the end of season one was pretty good (I haven't watched all of season 2 or any of season 3 yet).

    Yes,  I've been to all of the shows so far.  The hair vs mask match at this latest set of tapings between Ziggy Haim and Edith Surreal was incredible. 

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  18. 1 hour ago, Boydy said:

    I bet he pretended you said 18 lolz

    i think I've shared this story before but I'l do it again.


    The ECW Hardcore Homecoming show in 2005 ish that was in Monaca PA, Rob Feinstein had his shit set up and I was looking at his dvd's.  I feel a shove and it's SJK (Corey Graves) we start talking and Feinstein is just staring at us like we stole something. Both of us were well over 18 at the time so he obviously didn't have a crush but it was just odd. I asked him if he had a specific ECW fan cam that I needed and he rudely said "if you can't find it it's not here"  Basically told him to fuck off and we went over to see Bill Alfonso.


    Bill Alfonso sold me an FIP shirt and it has the strangest cologne sent to it. No matter how many times I wash the damn thing it still smells like him. 

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