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  1. 8 hours ago, TheVileOne said:

    the relationship with Owen's widow, Martha, is still severed to this day.

    The Owen episode will surely shed some light on this, since we finally get Martha's side of the story. Though it's not really hard to imagine what it is - I'm guessing she won't budge on the HoF issue because she doesn't feel like the company should make even more money off of her dead husband. It might be different if it was just a simple ceremony honoring Owen. Vince gonna Vince so it has to be a huge spectacle not fully focused on the actual legendary wrestlers, and he's got to sell an arena full of tickets to the most annoying wrestling fans he can find.

    3 hours ago, Tabe said:

    Part 2 is phenomenal as well.  That said, the absolute exclusion of Benoit's daughter from the program is a gigantic red flag.  Other than ONE instance in either episode where Nancy's sister says "kids" when talking about the ones still alive, there is no indication whatsoever that Benoit had 3 kids, not 2.  None. Not even the "declined to participate" they gave Kevin Sullivan.

    How is it a red flag? Maybe she just doesn't want to talk about her murderous father on national television. It's weird that she wasn't mentioned, but there might be a legal issue and there might not have been a real reason to be sidetracked into talking about why she wasn't there.


    13 minutes ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    Not that I'm saying you're trying to separate him from that or diminish that aspect, but that's always going to be tied in with him. It's probably a little bit less with guys like Flair, Dusty, and others where you don't have a giant smoking gun that came with a Hogan, Cornette, or Watts. However, given the stories surrounding some of these guys past and current, doing something outright despicable is only going to serve to amplify what people already feel they did wrong prior to that. Vindicating strong opinions is not something just with Hogan. JBL is a great example of this. I remember months back there was a few people here doing the "Well if you don't like him now based on him doing X, Y, and Z, then you're stupid and just plain don't like him". Shit, imo, that's a battle you're never going to win. I mean I don't like the guy at all, but I am not going on a crusade to stop people from liking JBL. It's subjective. If people want to shit on Hulk Hogan for whatever reason, it's going to happen regardless. I think we all get the context of why someone might do that. The guy was a critical part of pro wrestling for all the right and wrong reasons. Nothing is going to change that. 

    I don't think the JBL stuff is fair, either - I touched on that in the HoF thread. I think my main issue is that in the cases of Flair and Dusty, I don't think it would matter if there was a smoking gun (and there arguably is, unless you want to come right out and call Teddy Long a liar). There are LOTS of instances of wrestlers doing racist things or being racist, and very few of them seem to be held accountable for it in the way that Hogan is. I think it's ridiculous that what all that seems to be based on is people's wrestling opinions. If you hate racism and want to rail against it, that's wonderful - but why single out Hogan and be oddly forgiving towards other people because we liked their matches better? I know better than to think I can stop people from shitting on Hogan, I just don't see why people can't acknowledge the bias. People shit on Hogan because they hate Hogan, not because they hate racism.


    5 minutes ago, supremebve said:

    You're missing my point.  Michael Jackson isn't an underrated vocalist, because he sold so many damn records it's safe to assume that people like to hear him sing.  There are about 55191956156189265051956106516561165489 more interesting things to talk about.  Seriously, if we just sat around saying stuff like, "you know who had a good run, Hulk Hogan," or "You know what move finished a murderer's row of contenders?  Hulk Hogan's legdrop," this board wouldn't have any members.  Those aren't interesting conversations.  Hulk Hogan's place in history is understood, and doesn't need to be stated in every conversation about him.  

    I don't disagree - I just think that viewpoint can easily be extended to bringing up racism every time his name comes up. I don't reply to every Benoit mention with "but murderer," and that seems like it is probably a much more egregious offense.

  3. 1 minute ago, supremebve said:

    Hulk Hogan is fucking Hulk Hogan.  Sure there is plenty of completely and totally valid criticism of Hulk Hogan, but at the end of the day no one is minimizing his importance as a wrestler.

    If you truly believe this, you haven't talked about wrestling on the internet for the last 25 years and you certainly don't read this particular board.

    3 minutes ago, supremebve said:

    he's proved to be an irredeemable asshole over and over again.  He's probably the most important wrestler in American history, almost anything you say about him as a wrestler comes second to that fact.  Everything that is said about him as a man is pretty much 100% valid.  Claiming that Hulk Hogan of all people doesn't get enough credit, is absurd.  There is pretty much no one in history who has gotten more real, tangible, over the top credit.

    Saying Hulk Hogan gets credit from the mainstream, or casual fans? That's fair. But hardcore wrestling fans go out of their way to shit on Hogan for everything, and that was the case long before he used racist language. Meltzer has shit on Hogan consistently for 30+ years.

    The attacks on his personal character, outside of the racist stuff? You aren't really in a position to say they're valid. He's a shrewd businessman that took care of his friends and himself. All these things that are said about him - do you think they're coming from people who have sat down with Hulk and had a frank conversation about their feelings? Or are they coming almost entirely from people who have an axe to grind for one reason or another? Stooging out Ventura for trying to unionize is the only real dick move I can recall, and we again have one side of that story. The way he acted about Nick's DUI killing was pretty bad, but I'm not really inclined to harshly judge a father for making mistakes in an attempt to take care of his child in crisis. Most of the other stuff just boils down to "because of him ______ didn't get the World title" or whatever.

    How often do you recall people putting that Hogan-Brock match over, or putting Hogan over for doing the honors? Can you think of a single instance?

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  4. So he missed the joke because there wasn't a funny part.

    "Hogan didn't get squashed by Brock quickly enough" is the kind of revisionism that you could definitely expect from some in the IWC - if they ever talked about this match. But of course, the reason no one talks about this match is because Hogan did the right thing and it made Brock look like a million dollars. Can't be giving Hogan any credit for literally anything without Natural coming and spamming threads. IIRC, people thought it was a great way to get Brock over, but even then no one was willing to praise Hogan too loudly.

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  5. The "Jean Pierre LaFitte" name wouldn't have been used for this run - this is fresh off the last Quebecers run right after Jacques Rougeau went into semi-retirement. And yes, he is shoot missing an eye.

    The reason this is full of lower tier talent is because it was on a "volunteer" basis. I'm betting most of these guys knew they weren't going to make TV if they didn't sign up. Look how many of them are gone within a year or so: Hawk, Savio, Canterbury, Brakus, Mero, 8-Ball, Severn, Williams, Pierre, Scorpio, even Bart. Droz's accident was about a year later, too, so only Blackman, Godfather, Bradshaw, and Holly would stick around for much longer. 

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  6. Regarding the music - a lot of the guys were coming out to stock themes the WWE didn't own at that time (I vividly remember Mero coming out to the same music as The Renegade). So whatever generic stuff Canterbury and Bradshaw came out to was likely what the Network dubbed in to replace those equally generic themes. 

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  7. 10 hours ago, hammerva said:

    So am I the only one conflicted that I would really like to see Baron Corbin beat the shit out of Gronk.  

    I guess if you are a Pats fan you love him but Gronk came off like an ass

    They're counting on people's hate boner for Corbin to get Gronk over.

    So basically, it's time to start loving and appreciating Corbin for the fantastic work he does.

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  8. 8 hours ago, AxB said:

    Population of the USA: 327,200,000.

    USA Coronavirus cases: 13, 680.

    Odds are against it. Even though the actual number of cases is much higher than the official stat, with your President trying to minimise testing so the number doesn't make him look bad.

    The degree to which this is happening will surprise you, I promise. Remember the 13,000 number is the symptomatic people that have been tested, leaving out the symptomatic people that haven't been tested, as well as the far larger number of asymptomatic carriers of the virus.

  9. 6 minutes ago, hammerva said:

    I would agree with Satin's opinion if it wasn't for the fact that:

    1.  the WWE ran a show that involved very little social distancing of the people there and featuring Austin spitting all over the place

    2.  The WWE is going to run a show TWO DAYS IN A ROW in maybe multiple locations that will have over 50 people each time. There is no way they can't

    I am sure that he will say that they have strict health checks when you walk in.  Maybe they do but I seriously doubt that Tony Khan was just letting anybody walk in sight unseen.

    Satin is *right* and it's really not a matter of opinion. These shows are a public health risk, period. Just because he's a stooge that attacks AEW while letting WWE off the hook doesn't mean what he's saying is incorrect. "Sight unseen" is not how this shit works. You can't tell by looking at people whether they have the virus. It is irresponsible to continue these shows regardless of which company is doing it.

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  10. 5 hours ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

    I don't want to be that guy...   but AEW is just such a better run company than WWE from a creative standpoint.

    I don't think there's anyone on the board that would argue this point. Even the people who aren't enjoying Dynamite as much as most will concede that they're blowing WWE out of the water right now.

    2 hours ago, Brian Fowler said:

    Well, it definitely had less "missing moves because we are looking at the audience."

    Maybe this was why I enjoyed the show so much this week? Crowd reaction shots need to be excised from all professional wrestling shows. One of the worst (if not THE worst) bad habits they've picked up from WWE.

    Good show all around, worked very well around limitations, etc. Show should NOT have taken place and should NOT be taking place next week or any subsequent weeks until this shit is under control. Obviously that's true of WWE too and Satin is a vulture, but I don't see how it's debatable.

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  11. 24 minutes ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    That’s real good of them.

    It's also what everyone except you fully expected. So maybe you should have chilled out instead of weirdly doubling down on a complaint that didn't even affect you and implying shady things were happening when they absolutely weren't.

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  12. 9 hours ago, OctopusCinema said:

    JR (I think) was going off about wondering why that wasn’t a DQ. For anyone that watches AEW you’ll know that’s a pretty regular thing from him. Funny to see him doing that in 1989.

    8 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

    As far as the throw over the top goes, was it the Bill Watts era then? That would explain the complaint as OTT DQ was a Cowboy rule.

    89 - before Watts. I noticed JR calling Funk "Ric Flair" during the match, too - he really doesn't seem to have changed that much as an announcer at all. It's just that fans of newer stuff disagree with a lot of his opinions, which wasn't typically the case until maybe mid-2000s?

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