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  1. Boeheim is in that Lou Holtz stage where people just discount all the dumb and/or grumpy things he says  because he is too old to change.   Between this and yelling at student reporters and being average at best in the last 5 years, his time is way up

  2. The newest one on the 2000 Ravens is very good even though it pains me as a Steelers fan.    Yeah you have to get through a ton of massive egos with Ray Lewis, Shannon Sharpe, and Brian Billick.  It isn't just about the defense as they do mention how awful their offense was most of the year with Tony Banks and in some cases Trent Dilfer.  The true star of this is definitely Tony Siragusa as his stories as expected are incredible.  The Washington game where he was "backed up"  as he mentioned it is just great.   They did a celebration/video preview of the 30 for 30 in Baltimore area the month before Tony passed away and yeah some really good stories.   I guess this biggest thing from it was Trent Dilfer claiming that Greg Williams told him that he stole Trent's playbook before the AFC Divisional game against the Titans.

    Although as great as that team was the 2000 AFC was really weak.  The Titans were very good and the Jaguars were not bad but yeah that was it.  The AFC North in 2000 makes the NFC East in 2020 look like an Arena Football team.  

  3. Even Adam Shefter thinks this "retirement" is bullshit .   And he thought he was retired a couple times already

    I would also like to congratulate Tyler Huntley to make it to the Pro Bowl after scoring :checks notes:   2 TD.   I hope they don't use him in the dodgeball or cornhole competitions


  4. Mark Briscoe is something to see.  it is like an eulogy combined with a shoot interview.  Total Briscoe  and doing it so professionally as well

    Wow so according to the service, "reach for the sky Boy" in his entrance was actually based on a Toy Story reference  and that Jay was a "a big softy" that always cried watching it


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  5. 4 minutes ago, The Natural said:

    Thanks for reminding me about that. Cody Rhodes needed to be in sooner unless he wasn't 100% there yet.

    Luckily for Cody he was facing someone who could go 65 minutes with a ton of people and STILL have a gas tank for another 15 minutes.  

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  6. You have to give a ton of credit to Jay Lethal in the match.  It looked like he was going to break down before he entered the ring.  And still put on a really good match

    and thank god we got Ian Riccaboni on commentary.  Because we didn't get "wrestling commentator" we got psychologist, friend, and when need be wrestling commentator Ian.  Not knocking Caprice he was great too

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