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  1. This probably should be in the documentary thread but I would say this is the "Stupid Crap an Entire Team Do".  This series on talks about the 1990 Yankees.  A god awful team with some incredible crazy shit going on.   Most of it is the story about the Howie Spira/George Steinbrenner/Dave Winfield saga and all of the insane shit from all three.  But you also have  stuff like Pasqual Perez signing,  Mel Hall and his open relationship with a 16 year old, Don Mattingly signing, more manager bullshit, a pitcher throwing a no hitter and losing 4-0, and much more.   Really fun stuff



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  2. 58 minutes ago, AxB said:

    Then Harley Cameron and Toni Storm are in the ring, and the AEW camerawork is doing the "AEW camerawork during a women's match thing". Taz asks Tony Schiavone if he's OK, and Tony says "I'm fine, just a little wet." (uncomfortable puase) "Nothing to do with the match, it's thanks to Jack Perry". Doesn't mention that he got a drink poured on him, for anyone who came in late.


    Can only imagine the response if Nigel was there.

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  3. Atlanta with a 3% chance of winning really doesn't help debunking the "NBA is rigged" theories.  Although just their luck that it doesn't seem to be a strong draft

  4. On 5/1/2024 at 8:22 AM, hammerva said:

    Next week is Black Saturday and wait was that Ole Anderson in the promo talking about the blood oath?

    So the person that I thought was Ole Anderson was actually Bob Roop.  Not sure if he would find that insulting or not

    I guess we got another great What If on this show because what would have happened if Crockett and I guess Turner just let WWF in Georgia die a horrible death and didn't give Vince a million dollars to get the time slot back.   I guess it really depends on how much of that money went to Wrestlemania 1.  Plus to be honest I am sure Turner would have given Vince a million dollars a month into the disaster much less a year.

  5. 1 minute ago, Peck said:

    It's because of the '93 statutory rape thing, right?  Thanks, Gulak.

    Well there are a ton of reasons why bringing Jerry Lawler as commentator in 2024 is a bad idea.  But I would think the #1 on the list is Tony making that Harvey Weinstein line on the NFL Network.  It is bad enough you brought in Ric Flair to begin with

  6. I am not going too much on the Tom Brady live roast on Netflix tonight (mostly cause it might be on the wrong thread) but I don't think Tom Brady gets the concept of a roast done by Jeffery Ross.   😁

  7. Yeah I completely disagree on that.  If the Rousey story didn't come out and then Gulak badly worded "apology", I am sure he would still be in the company now and pushed.  Maybe he would actually be released when his contract actually expires but with nobody noticing it

    Gulag was a product of the training he actually received.  I mean we have the jokes as CZW fans of DJ Hyde training people by bumping on cinder blocks

  8. 5 hours ago, Sex Machine Gun said:

    That fucking crowd. I can't wait to wake up and watch Saturday morning wrestling at 9:30 local time. They were fuckin' NUCLEAR. No idea what the hell they were doing during the main event talking where suddenly everyone in the background was looking like France had just won the World Cup again but I'll take a hyped crowd 10/10 times unless it's a bunch of smarky neckbeards.

    I am sure someone will easily tell me other situations, but I can't remember the last time I heard something like this concerning wrestling in a major arena


    Well except for Karrion Kross. The man is as about as popular as a Zima on dollar beer night at a game.   If you can't get a reaction from that crowd it is over for you

  9. It also doesn't help that Barkley a couple days ago called "NBA media" a bunch of cowards who want to be friends with the players.  Granted some of the TNT guys do that as well

  10. Hearing how this was handled on ESPN concerning the Beverly mess, it really makes me hope that this story of "NBA on TNT" and more importantly Inside the NBA being gone isn't true 

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  11. It is pretty clear that Johnny Ace just wants to be on the side of the winner.   Mostly because he thinks it will help his career which in a normal society should be dead already.   If these silly rumors about Vince trying to run another company are true, I can completely see him using a snake like Johnny even if Johnny originally tried to rat him out.

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