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  1. We should share with everyone right? What's the $20 line?
  2. It was more of a point of if you know something sucks, why would you want your kids getting in it. I mean I've heard wrestlers say directly they don't want their kids getting into the wrestling business. Jake the Fry Cook can't afford Jake the Superstars drug habit. What other business is as crazy as wrestling? There isn't any I've found. Shits fascinating.
  3. Jake got into the business to spite his wrestler father. I'm sure Jake would have screwed up no matter what because of his daddy issues, but the wrestling life style did him no favors. Why you'd want your kids to get into that boggles my mind. I mean do strippers want their daughters to grow up and become strippers? Can't imagine that but we live in strange times.
  4. Many of those you listed have had some very bad experiences in life directly related to wrestling. Jake Roberts, 4/5th of the Von Erichs, and Reid Flair scream stay away. But bigger point...you will forever live in that shadow. Men and women from all walks of life have failed under less insane legacies to follow. Might be wise to try and do something else with your life.
  5. Given the history of wrestlers kids, it might be wise to not try and do what your daddy did.
  6. Dear god lets not give the Hulkster more reasons to come out of hiding and brag about how he did it better.
  7. How many 3 hour Raws have you gone back and watched start to finish?
  8. Well intergender ain't right, and since it was a wide range of diversity and skill sets, I figured mixed would be a good description.
  9. I know there were "smart" fans in the NWA era, and the southern wrestlers were more "friendly" with the fans, but who else was there?
  10. I want a Jericho/Ralphus vs Matt Hardy/Senior Benjamin mixed tag match now. Thanks.
  11. How? If the terms of a signed deal become public, what is there to negotiate?
  12. It has to be longer than that doesn't it? Didn't a Japanese wrestling match get like a 70.0 rating once? Curious about something. Every once and a while we hear about "leaked" contract details. Where are these "leaks" supposed to be coming from? The only people who should know the details would be office people and talent right? Pretty sure office would be worried about keeping a job and wouldn't risk it over something so trivial as props from internet wrestling geeks. Talent might say something, but then what's the point of saying it's a leak vs superstar X says his contract has the following details. So where is this information coming from? Someone just spinning something Meltzer said?
  13. Wouldn't that be the Jewish Frog Splash or Satanic Frog Splash, depending on how they rotate and whether or not they are circumcised? Because everyone thinks they are right and it's fun to debate such things.
  14. I'm seriously considering an east to west coast visit myself. Is there a politifact like website about all the crap Cornette thinks? If not, there should be.
  15. No. It's going to be very hard to top just how terrible Dixie was. That woman is gonna provide stories for a decade. Ding dong the stupid witch has finally been deleted.
  16. So two questions. Can anyone point me to where we will be able to purchase those california tickets when they go on sale? That would be worth flying from coast to coast. Is there a guide somewhere about all the cool Japanese wrestling stuff in Japan for us touristy folks? I mean if I go what else am I supposed to? Appreciate the culture?
  17. Celebrities are people too. Who gives a fuck.
  18. Tasteless....you call that idea tasteless. The guy wanted a storyline about screwing his own daughter. That idea was tasteless, blackmail over fake genetic results is pretty classy in comparison.
  19. I'd agree except for that whole WRESTLEMANIA itself being a draw factor. If it was on a B show and drew monstrous numbers, ok, but that show was going to sell no matter what the booking ways. Now, did that match help draw in any other undeniable way.....ehhh not enough that I'd warrant saying it was worth one of takers last matches.
  20. Don't assume son. I was 1000% for a Warrior return. I still am. (a bit harder now-a-days) But everyone with name value tends to get big return pops. That's how that gimmick works. It does not indicate that it will draw money. I bet Gilberg would get a pop too, but that doesn't mean he needs a mania spot.
  21. Warrior's return in WCW got an insane one too. Return pops don't really mean much.
  22. Personally I'd be happy if Rhonda did anything else with her life.
  23. What's crazy is they look less likely to die this year.
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