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  1. I found Creeds/DIY and it was pretty dope. The Creed Bros have a lot of fun signature spots already like Julius suplexing a guy from his knees which is my kind of wrestling physics. They're still rough though and there's at least a couple of things in every match that don't quite work but thankfully they're strong enough that they can compensate and land guys like DIY pretty much anywhere. One day they will hit one of the impressive spots they try to do, this one was Julius trying a one-armed powerbomb to Gargano while holding Ciampa in an ankle lock with the other hand. Total madness to even try really and yet he almost got it

  2. Had to work last night so I'm just catching highlights although I need to find Creeds/DIY in full

    Really dug the developments in the IC title hunt. One thing Sami has learned in WWE is the small movement of TV acting, his expression after Gunther started psyching him out was great

    McAfee referencing pumas for Ricochet was a nice little nod. Ric is one of those wrestlers like Adam Cole who always seems to be mid-thigh slap in the youtube thumbnail

    Rollins and McIntyre is a ton of fun. Seth deserves credit for being a part of the top two programs for this Mania even if he's the Other Guy in both

    You know what? I'm into Candice LeRae's turn

    Does Cody think Homelander is an aspirational character? Could be part of the problem

    Lynch/Jax was up in full and it was a pretty good brawl. The Samoan drop onto the chairs had to suck, in fact Becky took quite a beating throughout. Jax has improved since returning but I had to laugh when she stumbled into position for the final table spot

  3. 32 minutes ago, Log said:

    Unless we get insight into what Warner Discovery/TNT/TBS consider good ratings or a baseline bottom number that would cause them concern, then its all pointless speculation.



    I was just having some fun and don’t actually want to jump into this but we do have an idea of what they want (keep it over 500k) and half the discussions on this board are pointless speculation

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  4. For real though Darby is attempting a serious physical endeavour while already banged up and without a ton of training and body fat for energy/warmth so good luck to him. Apparently you can’t make a climb without a group to vouch for you so he shouldn’t be able to do anything too dumb but a dude died climbing solo 20 years ago. Hopefully he’s been training enough that he doesn’t get altitude sickness at base camp and can’t do anything

  5. On 3/12/2024 at 5:09 PM, Godfrey said:


    Chad Gable's post-match interview. Good stuff

    I keep coming back to this interview. I can't tell if it's foreshadowing a heel turn or just adding fuel to the fire for Gable to eventually unseat Gunther. Or heck, have Sami win at Mania and then Gable challenges and wins the title on the RAW (Raw After Wrestlemania). Dude's been doing such good work that I almost want him to go straight to challenging McIntyre because I think those matches and promos would rule but he's been on a losing streak so it wouldn't really be justified. Also, for a brief second I wondered if he would join Imperium but no, then I thought they might shove him into the tag title whatever with Otis and that actually seems plausible

  6. That’s a good point. I try to find a balance, enjoy it in the moment and think about it more afterward

    9 minutes ago, Zakk_Sabbath said:

    Excellent point - and that's why I wanted to really emphasize that I didn't intend for it to be a put-down of any kind; everyone here could probably learn a thing or two from them (myself included)

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  7. Some fine Greek theatre pro wrestling with Seth and Drew and later Cody who even broke out the waterworks

    Lynch/Morgan was rad, solid showing from Liv

    Turning Maxxine's flubs into an angle is better than ignoring them, plus now Candice LeRae has something to do. I read Dupree's response to the internet on 411 and it was self-aware and confident so now I want her to get better and succeed (in NXT)

    Stark and Baszler/Kabuki Warriors was pretty dope but it was heel vs heel so nobody cared

    Goddamn, another month of R Truth and the Judgement Day?

    They built the IC title and the gauntlet match throughout the night and by the end I wanted to see Gable go against Gunther as much as Zayn. Match itself was really well executed, every guy paired well with the others since they've all been bumping around this division for a while. Nice reminder that Ricochet is incredible and they probably could be using Bronson Reed a little more. Interesting ending with Zayn/Gable, another split crowd reaction for two underdog babyfaces but they still got the crowd there by the end. I did a little fist pump when Sami went over although I agree that Gable has earned a way into the match and there's no better way to get the title off Gunther and keep him dominant than having not one but two underdogs beat him

  8. I don't care who the asshole is in all of this, sometimes assholes are right and either way you have to find a way to work with assholes especially in wrestling. I think it's a failure on the part of both parties that guys like Miro aren't used to even half of their potential. I also think that after being forced to do bad creative in WWE that some folks would be reluctant to trust in the process in AEW when they have creative control

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  9. From what I’ve been able to glean of Tony’s booking style from bits and bobs on podcasts he either allows talent to create their own angles or gives them angles at the last minute but won’t force them to do anything. Seems to me Miro had a couple of bad ideas of his own and then refused to do any of Tony’s ideas at all. And to be fair I wouldn’t show up for a hastily booked Meat Madness cluster that I was going to lose only to disappear again either, that’s just protecting your value as an on screen character. And the way contracts are structured he has no reason to acquiesce, he gets paid either way. So I’d agree it’s an AEW problem only in as much as managing difficult talent and getting a return on investment from them is most of what bookers have done over the years. You can’t count on everyone being Sting

  10. 3 hours ago, jaedmc said:

    My 9 year old said "Cody is definitely winning now." after Rock said that Rhodes will never be able to challenge for the title again. Sometimes you can raise the stakes too high.

    I agree it almost seems inevitable now, but the last time Cody had that stip he still lost so you never know

  11. Overall I thought this was a bit of a dud ep until the final promo. The matches were nothing to write home about and a lot of the segments were a mess or more like two years ago WWE than some of the newer styles they've been experimenting with

    Orton and Owens/Waller and Theory felt like a house show match. Randy moves slower every match and people love it, it's wild. I'm not sure why I don't give a shit what Kevin Owens is up to but I don't

    Speaking of things to not give a shit about, what to do with Karrion Kross? Lashley and the Profits could be doing better things

    Tiff "Sparkplug" Stratton started flexing like she's Dana Brooke

    And your main event is Angel Garza/Dragon Lee. Lee's got an entrance like he's a Mortal Kombat character and a dope new robe but he had a bad night

    One whole segment was entrances. Amazing. I started grinning like an idiot when Rock had new Black Adam lightning and didn't stop until the end of the show, great over the top stuff and even Rollins managed to come back up a little. The only misstep was Roman's shitty 'crossdresser' line but fortunately it seemed like everyone else was as put off by it as I was. I can't believe there was a 'diarrhea' chant, Seth looked so happy after getting dunked on all week for it

  12. I’ve heard a lot of different formulas for how views translate into dollars on YouTube, they keep changing it. Does anyone know what a million views equals these days? Someone mentioned offsetting any losses to TV ad revenue with YouTube and in my old head there’s no way the money is the same

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  13. 2 hours ago, tbarrie said:

    That reminds me - I saw part of last year's match and wasn't sure how to react to the finish. I meant to ask here for some context but never got around to it.

    Specifically: had Roman been relying on copious interference to retain his title in previous defences? Or was he just mowing opponents down prior to 'Mania? If it was the latter, then I think the outcome was fine, because having to resort to means he hadn't before at least represents a progression in the story. But if it's the former, I think doing a "same old same old" finish in the Wrestlemania main event is pretty bad writing, at least when it's not the result the fans wanted.

    Roman won the main of Mania 37 because Jey returned and interfered so it’s been a while

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