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  1. I think Show is easily better than Henry. His matches with Mayweather, Taker, Lesnar, Del Rio, Sheamus, and Bryan are all better than Henry's best work.I'd say Umaga deserves consideration too, although his peak might have been too short due to his untimely death. Still, his matches with Cena and Jeff Hardy were better than Henry's best, and his killing of Santino was pretty underrated too.

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  2. Really, they had to shove Vickie back into the (secondary) spotlight? What happened to Booker T?


    Mark Henry as a face is something we can all get behind. They really should've saved that retirement promo for after the Cena feud and used it for the Shield beatdown. 


    I'm glad Orton's not really hurt, but if anyone could handle a sustained layoff during a big push, it's him. He could be off tv for months and "I hear voices" would still get an Austin-esque pop whenever he re-emerged with the case.

  3. Kenta Kobashi: Mitsuharu Misawa, Toshiaki Kawada and Akira Taue.


    I'd give Kobashi a bunch of AJ/NOAH guys, but not the rest of the big 4. Those go to Misawa, and even if you think 6/9/95 was the best match any of them were ever in, it's still a wash. I still the prefer the higher-end Misawa/Kawada and Misawa/Kobashi singles to that tag, but I wouldn't argue too much. A Misawa/Kobashi run-off would be interesting...


    Misawa: Kawada, Kobashi, Taue, Akiyama (?), Jumbo (?), Vader (?), Saito, InoueKobashi: Hansen, Dr. Death, Takayama, Sasaki (?), Nakajima (?), Furnas, Lafon

  4. That was a good episode of Raw.


    Orton and Fandango had a solid match. Orton again shows he's one of the few that knows how to work a good and kayfabe-believable match against a lower-ranked guy.


    Ziggler/ADR was the least of their recent matches, but still not too bad. Kinda hope Del Rio makes the low superkick his main finisher. It looked especially good on Ziggler tonight. It's too bad AJ's had so many on-screen breakups in the last year, because the writing for this one was pretty good, but we've seen her "go crazy" so many times it didn't stand out at all. Ziggler/Langston has to happen, I guess, but it doesn't seem like the best thing for Dolph. Wonder who's gonna go after ADR now.


    I liked the Wyatt Family segment again this week. Wonder what would happen if they got really over as faces. Truth looked kinda stupid in this segment, but I guess that's basically his job these days. Looking forward to the Zack Ryder beatdown next week.


    The Shield looked relevant again by attacking Mark Henry. They should've saved his retirement speech for this segment. Loved Henry not backing down. Hopefully they get to do something good at Summer Slam.


    Kind of funny to watch the worst guy in WWE title MITB beat the winner of the World title MITB. Not a big deal because Christian can pick up those wily veteran wins credibly and Sandow has a long way to go before cashing in is worth while.


    The Punk/Lesnar segment was very well done. The dueling promos were solid, but nothing mind-blowing, but then Lesnar came out and immediately made it better like only he can. Punk repeatedly getting up and charging at Lesnar, but clearly getting weaker each time made both guys look good and *it looked credible.*


    Jericho/RVD was fine middle-aged spotfest match.


    Brad Mad-Ox is making the most of his new role. His awkward interactions with everyone are perfect. The setup for Cena/Bryan was pretty lazy, but given the match, who really cares? 


    Summer Slam is looking like a good show. Although I guess with Cena/Bryan and Punk/Lesnar, there's not much they could do to make it look bad. Even if the only other match was a 90-minute Miz/Ryback iron man, I'd still buy it. 

  5. This wasn't a bad show, but probably not as good as Payback or ER. 


    I'm really glad they aired the Shield/Usos match instead of the usual video packages on loop for the countdown. It was probably the best match of the night. The big near fall for the Usos was perfect, and the finishing sequence was well done. Rollins is really good at mixing up his signature moves to create fresh sequences.


    The lesser MITB was pretty fun. The pace was good and there were a few unique spots in there. The crowd seemed really into the Cody sequences, so maybe a face turn has some legs. Didn't really consider Sandow for the win until near the end, so that was surprising. He probably needs to hold the case for a while, though, because even as second-class as the World title is these days, guys like Ziggler and Del Rio are still out of Sandow's league at this point.


    The Brad Maddox promo was awesome. He can definitely pull off the oblivious "heel who thinks he's a face" act. He could be everything they wanted Mike Adamle to be, and I'm guessing long-term he'll turn into a competent GM.


    The 3 filler matches were about what I expected. Miz/Axel wasn't terrible, but about as bland as you could possibly get. Kaitlyn and AJ had another solid outing. AJ is starting to come into her own in the ring. I really liked her bumping throughout the match. Jericho/Ryback was dull with both guys looking worse at the end. They need a match at Summer Slam just to see who can make it to 2 ppv wins this year.


    Ziggler/Del Rio was going nicely until the finish. ADR took some sick bumps. Not as good as Payback with the awesome story they had going in that match, but these two do have good chemistry and it was nice to see Dolph work face and get a strong face reaction at the same time. Do we really need another AJ breakup angle?


    Cena/Henry was a standard Cena effort. Good match, loved the bump on the ring steps, but not much else stood out. We've seen this a hundred times before.


    The important MITB wasn't as good as the first one. Had a lot slower pace and worse big spots. I hope to god they're not wasting Bryan on Axel going into Summer Slam. Disappointed to see the Wyatt Family not do anything. The Heyman turn was obvious, but the hardway blood off that last ladder shot made it cool anyways. Orton was another guy I had in the middle of the pack ranking the likelihood of winners. He's been pretty good this year, so I'm cool with getting him back into the WWE title picture. He always has good matches with Cena and Bryan will probably be lurking around too. Wonder what happens to RVD now.

  6. I think if we're all honest, probably less than 10% of us remembered that angle until reading about it in this thread. I know I didn't. Hasn't there been a bunch of turnover among the writing staff since then too?

  7. Am I the only one who thinks Cesaro has a fighting chance in the lesser MITB? He fits the mold of past winners like Ziggler and Bryan--A cult favorite low-midcarder coming off a big losing streak. I don't know if I'd say he's the favorite, but if wrestling betting existed, I'd pick him for the odds.


    Overall, it looks like a decent show. The title matches should be solid and the ladder matches both have multiple guys who could believably win. Only thing that bothers me is Shield/Usos getting stuck on the pre-show while Jericho/Ryback and Miz/Axel contaminate the main card with their shittiness.

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