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  1. The more I think I about it, the more I'm against NXT guys being on the main show in any capacity. It undermines the whole concept of being a development league and the importance of everyone in NXT chasing their dream to be on the main roster and having an opportunity to compete at Wrestlemania. 


    A pre-show match makes a lot more sense. Even though it would be for exactly the same audience, it still protects the image of the Wrestlemania dream in a way. And the promotional opportunity is just too big to pass up.

  2. Poor Ryback will be haunted by The Shield for his entire career. The number of triple powerbombs he's taken has to be in or nearing double digits.


    Can't imagine Show joining the Wyatts, there's really no use for him there. I'm sure his comment is just to push the idea that they can get in anyone's head.

  3. I can't think of a more disparate reaction I've had between two matches with the same guys in them. 


    HHH/Randy Orton (LMS No Mercy 07 vs. WM 25)


    Also, random observation... I was looking through the old NXT show lineups (when it was a competition), and although the winners flamed out big time, each of the first three seasons gave us a top tier star. The worked voting really couldn't have been much worse for picking future stars.


    Season 1: Wade Barrett - Daniel Bryan 

    Season 2: Kaval - Husky Harris/Bray Wyatt

    Season 3: Kaitlyn - AJ


    Season 4 continued the trend of retrospectively terrible winners (Johnny Curtis), but no one worth a damn came from that show either.

  4. Not to discredit Cena in any way because he is unquestionably good, but Luke Harper has looked like a future champ every time he's gotten a sliver of opportunity in the ring. His part in the Wyatts vs. Bryan gauntlet, his role in the Shield tags, and some of his beastly sequences against the Usos in throwaway tag matches will attest to that.

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  5. Is it weird that I'm more excited about a match involving the New Age Outlaws than a match involving Brock Lesnar? I didn't think it was possible, but here we are.


    The writing for Taker/Lesnar has been totally phoned in, but the stuff with Kane and The Shield is surprisingly inspired. 

  6. The fatal 4-way was pretty fun. Sloppy at times, but it had a frantic pace and the crowd was way into it. With four former world champions fighting for a shot at the IC, it's a wonder they midcard titles have been so directionless for the last several years.


    Cena/Harper was fine, but I actually liked their SD match better. It felt a lot tighter and less like formula Cena. Cena's explosive lariat ruled, though.


    If you told me 6 months ago that the Shield and Real Americans would have face vs. face tag match and it would be outstanding, I would've thought you were crazy (but only for the face/face part). The crowd was so into Cesaro, and The Shield built up a ton of heat as the match went on. So many great spots here, too. Cesaro's boot to Rollins on the apron, the double swing into the barricade, Cesaro getting launched over the top, Ambrose's hulk-up, Rollins' double dive, and the post-match sacrifice of Cesaro by Reigns... Everything ruled about that match.


    The Lesnar/UT build is weird to me. Not sure why Lesnar is stooging around for the entire feud, it's so out of character. At least when he was getting tossed by Show, it was portrayed as him getting caught off guard. Almost makes me think Taker might be getting DQ win amidst a savage beating from Lesnar at Mania... Or Lesnar won't be seen for a very long time after a clean loss. 

  7. Nattie is so out of place on this show I think I might enjoy that she's on it just for how ridiculous it is. She had one line about cat shit in the litter box that had me rolling. I forget now what she said. 


    "One thing I've learned around here is one day you can be the cat's meow, and the next day... You can be whatever the hell is in the litter box."

  8. I'm curious what you can point to as an example of the Shield and the Wyatts "adapting pretty well on the fly".


    For the Shield, and least for Bray, the things they say in and around the ring are the best examples of them making something better on the spot. Whether it's trash talk, encouragement to their team, or just their reactions to what's happening around them, all four of those guys show a knack for being able stay in character during non-scripted situations (and usually improving them).

  9. It's all about narrative and in today's age of every minute detail being scripted just kills that. No one knows how to improvise and roll with the crowds. Cena and Punk can, but other than that if anyone really gets hated by a crowd these days it's pure luck.


    I think this was a big problem a few years ago, but not as much anymore. Most of the guys in prominent roles now are very good adapting to live crowds. Cena, Bryan, HHH, The Shield, The Wyatts, Kane, and Cesaro all adapt pretty well on the fly. Orton, Batista, and Sheamus are the only ones who have trouble, although Orton can still knock one out of the park once in a while.

  10. The Saints picking up Drew Brees set them on the path of regular playoff appearances and a Super Bowl after being a running joke for decades. If you had to pick one game, the one where they trounced the Falcons in the first game in the Superdome since Katrina really set the tone for their revival.


    Oh, and Mo Lewis killing Drew Bledsoe.

  11. The Raiders had such a terrible run of luck at the start of the century. Tony Siragusa sits on Rich Gannon in the AFC title game, tuck rule, Callahan vs. Gruden... All in consecutive years. Nobody could recover from that.


    Cavs/Pistons Game 5 from 2007 definitely signaled the end of Detroit's good run in the mid 2000s. They hung on for one more season, but you could tell their window was shut. I don't know if they've had anything resembling a competent plan since 2008.


    I think you could also say Pujols' massive homer in Game 5 of the 2005 NLCS did the 'Stros in. They had enough left to thankfully beat St. Louis, but then it was getting swept in the WS and desperately clinging to an aging core which led to a steady decline to rock bottom over the next several years.

  12. Everything about that Shield angle was great. Much like Rollins having a great run as a heel, I'm pretty surprised to see how great Ambrose is working as a face. Both guys just have a lot of talent I guess. Rollins is totally in his element as a face, though. His hot tag run was Bryan-esque. Ambrose sold nicely as the FIP, and Reigns out-gooning Slater was a good moment. While the beatdown will be overshadowed by HHH/Bryan, it was very well laid out and executed. I haven't been too excited about much Kane and The Outlaws have been doing lately, but they were on point here. 


    Cena/Harper was a fun attitude style sprint at least. Harper's got such a deep bag of tricks. He doesn't get big matches that often, but he brings out something new in each one. He used the top rope powerbomb and half nelson suplex against Bryan, the tope against The Shield, and the superkick and hurricanrana here against Cena. I hope Harper eventually gets a title run, but at worst he'll have a great career as an upper midcard/part time main eventer that gets thrown out there whenever a wild brawl is in order.

  13. I also forgot to mention that Renee Young is like the best announcer. She's so calm and natural behind the mic and can put over stories with little effort. 


    Even with Vince screaming in their ears, I'd have to think a Cole/Regal/Young team would be immensely preferable to the current group of "A team" announcers. Regal and Renee would have to cut out the flirting act, but you'd have a person who cares about the in-ring action, a person who cares about the gimmicks, and Cole wouldn't be stuck trying to guide a disinterested/senile Lawler to sounding competent or be dragged into inane banter with JBL trying to put himself over.

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  14. I want to see more Bull Dempsey and less Mojo Rawley.


    I've thought the same thing about both of Mojo's opponents so far. Why does the guy whose gimmick is that he has non-stop energy open every match without hitting a single move, then sell for 90% of it? Terrible.


    I like Adam Rose's gimmick, especially if they keep the "party's over" touch where he gets busted in the mouth and and goes crazy. Still needs a new finisher, though. That lariat is weak.


    Not sure I like Zayn getting taken out from a ring post shot. He sold it well, but should that really be that debilitating for one of the top faces? He survived getting slammed on concrete by Cesaro after all. 


    I like Bayley and Sasha Banks a lot more than their higher-ranked friends. Great pure babyface/chickenshit heel dynamic in their match.


    That Aiden English entrance was spectacular. He looks like he could be a player in the ring too. We need more of him on this show. Solid match with Sheamus who was slumming it on NXT this week, although appeared to be having a lot of fun.


    Does a search for Madusa give any kind of results on x-box/roku/PS3?  On the PC search it only brings up a random ECW episode and Beach Blast '92.  Searching for Alundra Blayze brings up all her WWF matches, but nothing for Madusa

    The only other Madusa PPV "match" I can think of off the top of my head would be her vs. Paul E from Halloween Havoc 92.



    She had quite a few in 96/97. 3 against Hokuto, one against Bull, one against Luna, and one against Colonel Parker I believe.

  16. Ryder certainly isn't main event good, but there's no reason he couldn't be in like the same spot as Kofi right now. He'd probably move some merch if he got just one segment on Raw or SD a week.


    I don't buy the "WWE won't push him because he got over without help" line because Daniel Bryan, but they could probably extract a little more value from Ryder if they wanted to.

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