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  1. So, I think I kinda like Cesaro's new theme. It's not as good as the Real American's theme which was one of the best WWE has put out in recent years, but the siren is distinct and not too annoying like RTC or Steiner and the whole thing kind of has this tornado vibe that fits with the giant swing.


    Rusev's theme is pretty great too. It's sounds like something from a boss level on an N64 game.

  2. Ok, so yeah, Bryan is stuck in a comedy feud with Kane. Probably shouldn't be the main event angle, but fuck it, I love comedy monster Kane. Bryan's line about the wire being disconnected from something definitely belongs in the goofy Kane angle hall of fame. On the plus side, Bryan pulled off the rare escape from the magical car appearance by Kane and has uncanny automotive repair skills, so compared to others in this situation, he fared quite well. Also, the scene with Steph knocking on the car window was better B-movie horror material than anything in See No Evil. 


    Also, there was a lot of other good stuff on this show...


    Bray Wyatt had a promo of the year candidate.


    Barrett and Big E have surprisingly good chemistry together. I hope they don't give up on E, he's not quite clicking yet, but he's got tons of potential. In fact, he's in a pretty similar spot to Barrett a couple years ago. Hopefully he finds the right gimmick to make it back. 


    The battle royal had a great finishing stretch. Ambrose looked good, and Sheamus begins his much needed turn.


    Cesaro managed to drag a watchable match out of RVD after 3 tries. 


    Kofi/Rusev is probably going to get slept on, but it was a fun power vs. speed sprint. Rusev probably needs to experiment with some new finishers, though. His current sequence isn't doing it for me.


    The Shield and Wyatts had another awesome match. I'd say probably the third best of their series. It was a little more balanced offensively than the Main Event match a few weeks ago, which is always good for these two teams. The Rollins corner backflip into the side kick from Harper was beautiful, as was Rollins fighting off the superplex by pulling Harper's beard and head butting him in the mouth. God, those two need a long singles match soon. Rowan took a sweet bump over the announce table, and there was actually a decision instead of cop-out no contest. Wyatts 3-1 vs. The Shield now, in what should be a best of 23.


    The ending angle was whatever, but I think too many positives are being overlooked on this show. I'd actually really love to see a long HHH/Orton vs. Rollins/Ambrose tag. 

  3. This idea came up yesterday:

    If Big Dave is leaving soon, a logical booking step would be to bring up someone from NXT to be the new "future" member of Evolution.

    But who would it be, with all the guys who just debuted on TV and the people likely ready to be moved up are faces (Sami, Neville)?


    I think the spot should go to Barrett or a turned Sheamus, but if they have to give it to an NXT guy, it should be Sami. He and Neville are the only guys that are main roster ready, and I'm sure he's talented enough to pull off playing a heel despite seemingly being a natural face. Ambrose has turned into the next Ricky Morton after all.

  4. The thing that killed the possessed child gimmick for me was when they did the follow-up promo and it took a couple seconds for the distortion to kick in. Otherwise, it was some pretty funny/good b-movie shit. I think people are getting too caught up wanting this feud to be a career-maker for Bray. Just appreciate for what it is: A comedy feud to give a Cena a break from the main event scene.


    I can't believe they're actually going to drag Bryan/Kane out another month, but that finishing stretch with Kane going the burning table, getting excessively fire-extinguishered and flailing about right into the running knee was VINTAGE evil comedy Kane. Easily the best thing he's done in years. I laughed harder at that than Bray's singing kid. The only way this feud can survive is if Kane brings out the car battery tomorrow.

  5. Bayley/Sasha was really fun with an inspired finishing stretch. Sasha's improvement in just the last 3 months has been pretty striking. Both of these ladies have a bright future.


    The main event was probably Brodus' best match, which isn't a terribly high bar, but it was legit good. I liked how they played on the No DQ stip by working a straight match and ending right at the normal "this is where it gets extreme" spot. Neville came out looking really good. Both guys had nice, short pre-match promos as well.

  6. Paige should always use the Scorpion Crosslock to finish or whatever they're calling it. That move alone will get her over. 


    That cradle DDT she used to put away Fox was pretty sweet, though. Paige cornering the market in movez is going to make her very hard to displace as the #1 diva. 

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  7. Also, totally forgot there was Ziggler/Sandow match somewhere during the middle of the show if you're interested in that kind of thing. Sandow was still dressed as Magneto, and obviously lost. Don't know how I let something that memorable slip my mind.

  8. Didn't see these posted yet, so take it from someone who was there. This is from memory, so I may miss something, but this looks right. Hopefully I can keep a low douchiness score.


    Show opens with a contract signing between Hornswoggle and El Torito. Breaks down as you'd expect and ends with Torito diving on all of 3MB on the floor.


    RVD d. Jack Swagger with the 5-star frog splash. Heyman was on commentary with Cesaro watching at ring side. Swagger cheap shotted Cesaro during the match, and Cesaro attacked RVD afterwards with the Neutralizer.


    Rusev d. R-Truth by DQ. The first take looked exactly like the Raw match, but they did a re-shoot that will probably air with Xavier doing a big dive and Rusev taking a straight back bump off the apron from and R-Truth dropkick.


    Daniel Bryan cuts a promo about the importance of family and vows to hurt Kane for touching Brie. Kane has a video promo where he says he will take Bryan to hell.


    The Wyatt Family d. Sheamus and The Usos. Bray pinned one of the Usos after Sister Abigail.


    Big E d. Titus O'Neill by DQ. I think there was an unplanned bump over the announce table here because Cole looked pissed after E got thrown into him and they stopped doing commentary afterwards. Titus got DQ'ed for not breaking on the ropes, and both guys continued to brawl afterwards, including Titus slipping and hitting his head on the corner of the announce table. Big E gets the upper hand and stands over Titus in the ring.


    Dean Ambrose retained his US title by pinning Curtis Axel. Most of the match was Rybaxel working together against Ambrose and Del Rio. Ambrose spent most of the match taking a beating or on the floor. He snuck in an Oklahoma roll to pin Axel who was crawling to cover a prone Del Rio. Rollins and Reigns came out to keep Ambrose from getting attacked after the match. Axel took the triple power bomb.


    The dark match was the Shield and Wyatts (Bray had quite the busy night). Fun stuff as usual with Reigns spearing Harper for the pin. Also, Rollins faked a bump over the announce table towards Cole, which I think was a rib from earlier during E/Titus.

  9. So I wonder if I am the only one who turned off RAW during the super long Evolution beating assuming that was that and missed the Shield coming back?  I had to check it out on WWE.com just now because it was getting late and I have work and dogs and stuff to do in the morning.  Is that poor pacing or a deliberate lesson to me not to turn off the show until the logo rolls?  


    Definitely a lesson. Assuming you're a seasoned wrestling viewer, I'm surprised you tuned out as soon as Evolution didn't go for a table spot. Rollins being on the floor an absurdly long time while everyone else was in the ring should've also tipped you off. It was a perfect play on the tedious HHH-led beatdowns we've seen the past month.


    On another note, it's weird to think how it looked like WWE had big plans for Cesaro after Mania, and now he's in the epitome of a "we have no idea what to do with these guys" match, assuming the triple threat goes down as it appears. He should be fighting Swagger in a flag match for the rights to the Real Americans theme and the "We the people" catchphrase, damn it. RVD should be fired, from a giant cannon, into the sun.

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  10. Kind of a dull show, but I liked the ending segment a lot. The way they teased another tedious HHH beatdown, only for The Shield to make a worthwhile comeback but still having HHH escape the triple powerbomb for the second time was perfectly laid out. Also got The Shield a nice pop after several minutes of lukewarm reactions.


    If Flair "turns" on the Shield at ER, that would be about the lamest thing ever. They do, however, have a perfect chance to turn a common wrestling trope around with Flair trying to cost The Shield, but they take him out easily en route to victory. If you're trying to establish The Shield as badasses, the last thing they need is having to do a job because a 70-year-old man hit one of them.

  11. The Bella Twins' after school special about factory chickens was so over the top, I don't know how you couldn't enjoy it. Every time Nikki was going on about not being able to eat, I kept imagining that lamb from The Simpsons that turned Lisa into a vegetarian.


    TJ and Nattie drama was pretty boring as usual, but it was redeemed by their priceless exchange near the end.


    Nattie: Are you done scolding me like a 5-year-old?

    TJ: I don't know, are you done scolding me like a... 4-year-old?

  12. I totally cringed when Charlotte did the Flair flop, though. I would understand relying on all the Nature Boy spots if she had no talent whatsoever, but she looks like a good athlete and has some presence about her. Don't know why she can't just be herself.

  13. You'd think with all the talent on the roster now and their affinity for long matches, KOTR would be a natural fit in modern WWE. 


    As for Wargames, I'd be ok with a modified version with one ring inside HIAC. Sort of a halfway point between Wargames and Lethal Lockdown if you will. It should also be fought under I Quit rules, since a routine tapout is pretty underwhelming for such a big match. The other thing is it should only be for one-time blowoffs like Bryan/Shield vs. The Authority. No annual eponymous ppvs  with shoe-horned feuds, please.

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  14. Rollins sounded like he was forgetting his lines. The Hollywood jab at Batista was good, and he has done a lot of good promo work lately, but this was not one of his better efforts. Honestly, none of them really delivered much here, and their "ultimatum" getting blown up by The Game 30 seconds later made it even worse. For the record, I'm not calling that a burial or anything, but the combination of a flat promo and the segment being designed to end with the heels escaping just made for a bad-looking segment.

  15. We need to discuss shit like DA BIG GUY on commentary. Tell me he wasn't the best commentator they've had this side of Regal/Renee on NXT. Disagree with me so I can BREAK YOU.


    Ryback was surprisingly good on commentary. I liked how Cole, JBL, and Lawler were openly admitting that they're terrible.

  16. Sheamus/Barrett was really good, but the rest of this show was fast forward material.


    RVD is atrocious. I don't know how a 10 minute match with Cesaro (and a tiger driver 91) could end up being nearly unwatchable, but making Cesaro work at 25% speed so RVD can stumble through spots that were cool 15 years ago with the grace you'd expect from a 43-year-old is one way. Throw in an attempt to make Jack Swagger relevant again and you probably have Cesaro's worst match in WWE. And I'm totally in agreement with whoever said the Cesaro/Heyman pairing isn't working. Talk about two great tastes that don't taste great together.


    The Shield/Evolution segment didn't do it for me this week either. Still looking forward to the match at ER, but this felt like total filler. At least Batista and Orton are allowed to wear real clothes again.


    The Bryan segment was what it was. Kane still does nothing for me, and this feels exactly like the Kane/Cena feud a couple years back except without Zack Ryder. We'll see if Daniel Bryan can hold on to the "Being John Cena" title by getting his stretcher/ambulance match with Kane as the main event.


    Cena/Wyatt is another match I'm still looking forward to, but not due to anything that happened this week.

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