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  1. Nigel couldn't have done any better than Barrett did in that angle. Putting them against Cena is what did that angle in.

    It's definitely possible that the angle still would've bombed, but it didn't help that the group didn't have anyone who looked like they belonged in the ring with the likes of Cena or Orton in the abscence of Bryan either. All due respect to Wade, but there's a huge gap in talent between him and prime Nigel. It's very possible the powers that be would have been more comfortable giving Nigel more to work with. Or maybe Cena would've fallen in love with Nigel like he did with Bryan and tried to put him over whenever he could.

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  2. Nigel would be up there too, but we'll never really now because of his injuries.


    If he could've stayed healthy, he had money written all over him. You slap the name "Wade Barrett" on him and throw him on Season 1 of NXT, and there's a decent chance of being able to pull off the Nexus angle to its full potential. 

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  3. Best part of the show was Dolph saying "I know I'm gonna get pushed further down the card" and HHH shaking his head yes. The angle still makes no sense right now (reinforced by the notorious writer copout "you don't deserve an explanation" promo), but I'll be damned if I don't love Seth Rollins getting a monster push.



    Cole's blather could screw up a wet dream.


    "Oh, come on, not this way! ... ... Damn it."

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  4. Adrian Neville seems to get exponentially less interesting every week. He hasn't had a good interesting match on NXT since the ladder match with Bo. I think the biggest problem with him may be that Zayn is substantially better than him in every way, if their roles were reversed and Zayn had the belt and Neville was feuding with Breeze or Graves on the undercard I probably wouldn't feel this way.


    Neville's rematch with Bo was good and he got quite a bit out of Brodus in their second match. He's not really getting a lot to work with, though. He's been getting the full onslaught of WWE rejects. I'd like to see him getting more interaction with Breeze to get a real feud going.

  5. John Cena needs to give some of that magic healing power to Bryan ASAP. This could have a very sad ending if they're not smart.


    On a lighter note, how can you pass up a Survivor Series team of Taker, Savage, Brock, Foley, and Vader? I think the only way any other team would beat them is 5 DQs, but they would all be left laying.

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  6. See, I'm not worried at all about the face/heel dynamic. Not only was Rollins a fine heel himself just 6 months ago, but Dean Ambrose turning into the next Ricky Morton shattered my perception of "sure thing" face/heel personas.

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  7. I think bringing up a new Shield member would be bad for everyone. Even if it was someone comparably talented like Zayn, he'd still be living in Rollins' shadow, and presumably the whole point of this is to push Rollins which means he needs to beat some guys now. You might be able to get away with jobbing Rollins once or twice if he gets MITB, but you have to be careful not to turn him into Sandow type.

  8. Cesaro made Total Divas, so that's cool. Emma's cameo was pretty good too.


    Anybody else want a spinoff with all the non-wrestling family members? Eva's dad, Crossfit John, The Bella brother, Vinny, Naomi's dad, and Tyson's sister could make for some wacky shenanigans if you contrived some way to get them all in the same place.

  9. I'm down for a Rollins push, but that turn really doesn't make much sense. All the talk about Evolution being washed up and the Shield being the future, the repeated beatdowns, and presumably less than a couple hours for HHH to corrupt Rollins without the others noticing. And "they teased dissension in the past" must be the new "HIAC was setting up a big Bryan comeback." If they needed to break them up, MITB is right around the corner, and the briefcase would've been a much better catalyst.


    Steph's promo ruled, though. Some of that HHH improv talent must have finally rubbed off on her in the last couple of years.



    Was The Shield's worse match as a six-man unit this year's WrestleMania against Kane and the NAO? If so, that's awesome.


    Nah, that was fun. They've had some forgettable ones on Raw and SD, but nothing actively bad I can think of. Worst big match was probably Mania 29, but again, that was more "just there" than actually bad.


    Dave Bautista ‏@DaveBautista  1h

    6 guys go 2 war and beat the shit out of each other and what do the genius smarks walk away with?"Batista wore blue!What a loser!" #dipshits


    He should be proud of the completely unforced, organic hashtag "Bluetista" getting the #1 trend worldwide. The announcers didn't even know how to react.


    Over/Under on how many ribs he gets from HHH/Orton/the announcers on Raw: 3.5

  11. What angles out there do people typically shit on that you personally love?


    I ask only because I liked Undertaker vs. Undertaker when I was eleven, and I still like it now. 


    I liked all the corporation/ministry/corporate ministry stuff. Sometimes you just need a good comedy angle played straight. After all that stuff dried up, Taker went into sort of a proto-Bikertaker gimmick for the Summer of 99 that was absolutely hilarious before an untimely injury.

  12. The thing about Nattie is there's just nothing that comes off as natural about her on screen. She always seems so rigid in the ring, and it always feels like she's thinking about every move for a second or two before she does it. She's fine when she's in there with someone decent, but she can't carry a match on her own (which explains why she looks better on 2014 NXT than 2008-2013 WWE). Also, the internet backlash against ring-work is always amplified if you have any kind of workrate gimmick.

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  13. I don't get to watch often, so someone give me the heads-up: Has Rusev seriously only wrestled black guys since he came up? Because if so, that's just strange.


    He's squashed Ryder on Raw a couple times, but I think that's it.


    As for the ppv, it was alright. I'll have to re-watch some stuff, but nothing jumped out as a top 10 match this year. Good booking for the most part although Cena going over is pretty uninspiring. Underrated moment was Lawler being forced to actually drink the Diet Moutain Dew, and Cole saying he "was on his second one" when asked why the one in front of him was unopened.

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  14.  What kind of person is actually excited for Payback?


    WWE fans?


    It looks like a decent show all things considered. Shield/Evolution 1 was pretty good and a no holds barred is much better environement for these 6. Cena pretty much always delivers in LMS. Cesaro and Sheamus finally get a decisive showdown. Paige/Fox and Big E/Rusev are total wildcard matches. I mean, yeah, it's a throwaway ppv, but it's hardly a dire-looking card.

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  15. Cesaro/Kofi was the sleeper match of the week, and probably the last month. Really tight match that conveyed a simple story with just a couple big spots and good execution all around. These two used to be equals, now Cesaro has moved up and Kofi can't go toe to toe with him any more. This was established by Cesaro stuffing a simple arm drag and turning it into an Irish curse. Kofi had to stick and move and go deep into the bag of tricks. I loved the spot where Kofi hit the springboard dropkick out of the corner. I can't really explain it, but it totally looked like Cesaro was expecting a crossbody and was legitimately surprised by the dropkick (which made the finish even sweeter). The spinning thrust kick was a good stun move/hope spot for Kofi, but when he went back to the crossbody, BAM, euro-uppercut KO, which actually got the pin as it should.

  16. 'Forrest Griffined'*

    *for those not familiar, plus if might just be a term me and my friends use. Forrest Griffin always seamed to be an average fighter tell he got blooded then it seemed like once he saw his own blood he got an extra gear or something.


    I first read this as "Forrest Girlfriend" and imagined Rose acting like Forrest Gump when somebody got a little too touchy with Jenny.

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  17. I think the best lineup would be Stockton/Jordan/Pippen/KG/Hakeem. You have a clear #1 scoring option and iso player, a secondary low post player, good P&R combos, a little bit of range, no FT liabilities, and a defense that would only give up 70 points a game.


    If I had to try to make a team to beat Magic/Jordan/Pippen/Duncan/Hakeem out of the players remaining, I'd gamble with Wade/LeBron/KD/Dirk/KG. LeBron would do most of the ball handling and prime KG could defend any center so I'm not too worried about not having a true point or center, and at least there's no dramatic size mismatches even though I wouldn't be too thrilled about Dirk guarding Timmy on the low block. If the 3s are dropping, then I think this team could win a shootout working a slash and kick offense.

  18. C - Pudge

    1st - Rose

    2nd - Morgan

    3rd - Brett

    SS - A-Rod

    LF - Bonds

    CF - Griffey Jr.

    RF - Ichiro

    DH - Baines


    RHS - Maddux

    LHS - Johnson

    R - Rivera


    I think that adds up to $36.

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