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  1. For being thrown together, Black and Ricochet make a really good team. War Raiders are significantly more polished version of AOP, and are victims of NXT being too stacked for its own good right now, because they're like 2 of the least interesting guys on the roster despite filling a perfect niche. Black and Ricochet make everyone look good, though. Good sendoff for those two, and hopefully the Raiders can keep some of the momentum from this match so they're not working in silence for the rest of their reign.

    Dream/Riddle was MOTN for me. It's tough competition for sure, but Riddle might be the best wrestler on the roster. Crisp strikes, seamless mat work, and maintains his timing at any pace. Plus his facial expressions in this match as he adapted to the crowd reactions took him up even another level. Dream hung in there and took a major beating, but it was Riddle's killer offense that made the whole thing work. He looked like a killer and Dream looked good for surviving and pulling out a crafty win. Great match where both guys came out looking better.

    This show was my first look at Walter. Seems like a guy that's watched a lot of 90s AJPW. He has the body of Taue and the approach of Hansen. Even though I generally like the modern style, wrestling needs guys like this more than ever. Big burly dudes who may not be the cleanest, but can generally keep up and punch/kick/lariat all these smooth operators in the mush. Just like Mil Muertes was essential to LU. Dunne is definitely one of the best in the company, and even though the chemistry wasn't as good as some of the matches, I liked the feel of this one a lot. Dunne is the longest reigning champ in forever, so I don't agree they needed to go the Sting/Vader route, even introducing Walter to majority of the audience. Vader/Kobashi was fine here.

    The women's match was the least of the show, but it was decent given its limitations with the format and Sane/Io obviously holding back for later. Shayna retaining is fine because there's still a fresh reservoir to tap with Io. Kinda hope they'll let Io and Kairi cut loose at the Summer Slam weekend show.

    The main event was what it was. You had a last-minute program with two guys who are good at the modern main event style on a show with several guys who are great at it. The match format would probably have broader appeal if it was Riddle vs. Dunne or Ricochet. They didn't really have time to set up any story other than 2 top guys go all out at the biggest show of the year. They did fine in that regard, and I will say a couple of the nearfalls at the end were really good. Johnny winning was a feel good moment that was more important than the match anyway. It was the 4th best match on the show, but both guys did as much as they could with what they had to work with. I do hope UE will turn on Cole who the crowd is dying to cheer. Roddy still has lot left offer as a heel, and I really think KOR has main event run in him too.

  2. 2 hours ago, West Newbury Bad Boy said:


    Ronda is in the Akiyama/Angle tier of "people who get pro wrestling right away."

    This was an up and down show, but had more good than bad ultimately. The Kofi stuff was really dumb and detracted from an otherwise great match. They could've set it up with him getting screwed out of title matches on consecutive episodes of SD and accomplished the same goal for him. Still, Bryan and KO showed why they're elite, and Ali showed he belonged. Charlotte also had perhaps her best heel performance ever. The Shield got a proper feel-good sendoff.

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  3. I think I prefer the 1/15 Rey/Andrade match to the 1/22 2 out of 3 falls. The falls in the second match were aces, two non-finishers that absolutely should get a 3 count, but the botch and non-finish took me out of it. The 1/15 match was like a late 90s WCW cruiserweight match slipped through a wormhole to 2019. The pacing was great, and the spots were mind-blowing. Until the finish, it felt very not-WWE-like. Still my easy #2, behind Gulak/Riddle.

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  4. 7 hours ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

    Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena at Extreme Rules 2012 is surreal.  I don't think you can point to another match this decade and compare it to what that turned out to be. 

    This is definitely true.

    That match, Shield/Wyatts, the first Brock/Roman match, and Sasha/Bayley are the true "Holy shit, this is something special" feeling matches WWE has turned out this decade. All would rank highly on my list, but I would probably insert some other matches that may not have had that unique vibe, but were technically excellent (lots of NXT stuff). ADR/Ziggler from Payback 2013 is always the hidden gem of the decade.

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  5. SD sweeps the pre-show, Raw sweeps the main show, seems fair. Decent enough show match-wise, though.

    Rollins/Nak is probably going to get overlooked, but it has to be Nak's best match on the main roster. Ali/Murphy was nice too. Both of those matches felt very NXT-ey.

    Man, that kendo stick beatdown was brutal as fuck. Usually the person with the stick will at least try to aim for the meaty parts of the body, but Charlotte was just swinging wildly and hitting Ronda all over the shins and elbows. Not sure if this reflects positively on her, but I was cringing the whole time. Ronda not doing a stretcher job was some bullshit, though.

    The Brock/Bryan match was alright. Really good when Bryan was in control, and mediocre when he wasn't. The finish was pretty bad too if they were actually trying to elevate Bryan in defeat, which the announcers seemed like they were trying to do. A pass-out finish would've been way better for that.

  6. What would the hypothetical endgame be if there were to be another season?

    Pentagon/Aerostar/Drago/reformed Fenix vs. Strong/Barrett/Hexagon (?)/Matanza's replacement in a Wargames style match?

    I'd say Team Dario vs. Team Antonio, but I don't think they'd have the SFX budget to pull that off.

  7. On 10/31/2018 at 11:16 PM, Ramo2653 said:

    NXT has so many people. Like I want to see more of Mendoza, Carillo and Menzies but they probably won't show up on TV again for 2 months.

    Totally agree. All of those guys look too good to be on permanent job duty, but this NXT roster is brutal if you're trying to break in.

    I love the way the Wargames card is shaping up. The Wargames match itself is a perfect throwback. It's Horsemen vs. Road Warriors/Luger/Sting 30 years later. Dream/Ciampa is a perfect non-ME title match, where both guys can come out looking better despite the obvious result. Heel Gargano will be fun to see, and then we get some kind of Shayna Baszler match and Ohno/Riddle to round out the card.

  8. There were some pretty bad botches in that trios match, but at least they were front-loaded so most people would forget them after that insane C4 dive and a decent fighting spirit closing stretch. Finally got a little chemistry between Jeremiah and Daga too.

    Taya/Ricky was exactly what it should've been.

    I'll miss Killshot if there's another season. He's been really good since Season 2.

  9. 8 hours ago, Zakk_Sabbath said:

    Maybe I overrate it a bit because I'm a Foley guy but for me the original Boiler Room Brawl is my personal favorite of these kinds of matches.

    The Taker match was way too long for my tastes. The beginning of the match is pointlessly repetitive, and the Paul Bearer turn was way more drawn out than it needed to be as well. The whole thing could've been done in 10 minutes, but it went for 30. The best part was the live crowd having to watch on tvs being wheeled out on those carts just like elementary school.

    On the other hand, the Foley/Big Show BRB (Backlash 99) was a solid 10-minute attitude style brawl and has a really cool spot where Foley is crawling around leaving bloody handprints everywhere.

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  10. Kayfabe was gone once the internet took off, and everyone got easy access to the dirtsheets that humanized these larger than life figures. This is fine, as kayfabe was always a stupid concept. Just like any other tv show, I don't need to believe that the events depicted are happening in real life, I just need the actors to be committed to their characters on screen and the writers to give them a compelling script. The whole "be in character 24/7" thing is a very unhealthy way to live, and frankly insulting to the fans. No one ever expected James Gandolfini to be Tony Soprano off set, and no one should expect anyone in wrestling to take their character behind the curtain.

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  11. I had to go back and re-watch that first segment since I obviously wasn't paying much attention the first time around. I'd say the two voices thing means Jake Strong is possessed by whatever entity wanted the gauntlet, which means his body can be ditched at any time.

    I think the gauntlet has joined the split amulet in the "props that get huge build up, then never go anywhere" department.

  12. On 10/19/2018 at 10:57 AM, Tromatagon said:

    But I do think they tried to not so subtly reveal who the limo guy was this week and it's fucking dumb.  Guess you can figure out where I stopped watching this week

    I'll admit it, I don't get it. Are we talking about the limo guy that was giving Lorenzo Lamas orders last season?

  13. 1 hour ago, AxB said:

    When Umaga first showed up doing a barefoot savage gimmick, this board's reaction was to say Samoa Joe was right to join TNA because that would have been his WWE gimmick.

    Did WWE have interest in Joe in 2005? I don't remember, but long term it was probably good he didn't show up until the NXT glory days.


  14. 7 hours ago, cwoy2j said:

    I don't know if I'd count Angle. IIRC, Vince wanted him to go to rehab as a condition of him staying and Kurt wasn't ready to admit he had a problem so he went to TNA. I don't know if I'd call that him willingly choosing TNA over WWE. Maybe choosing TNA over rehab and taking time off so that he didn't seriously hurt himself in the ring is more accurate.

    I think the rehab stuff is mostly revisionist history. The concern for his well-being mostly came from the fans. WWE was quick to release him and wash their hands of the situation, unlike with Bryan where they basically forced him to take a couple years off. I think the bigger thing at the time was Angle wanted a lighter schedule and Vince said no.


    6 hours ago, AxB said:

    Who is the worst wrestler to have a 'great wrestler' gimmick? JBL?

    Eh, JBL called himself a wrestling god, but that was tongue and cheek. He was always portrayed as a dirty brawler. The answer is probably some generic indy try-hard that never made it big.

  15. 2 hours ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

    Absolutely. Look at all the guys that made their to WWE, either from ROH directly or from ROH to TNA to WWE. I'm not going to list them all, but it's hell of a long list.

    Not just that, but they actually influenced WWE's in-ring style too. NXT in its current state doesn't happen without ROH.


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  16. 3 hours ago, mattdangerously said:

    Did anyone besides Christian willingly leave the WWE for TNA?

    Booker T, and I'd say Kurt Angle counts too even though there were some push and pull factors at play there.

    But TNA being in this conversation is a joke, since they are worse head to head with Crockett/WCW by every metric imaginable. I'd rank ROH above TNA in terms of significance to American wrestling.

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  17. 2 hours ago, hammerva said:

    The newest spin that is being spewed by JBL and now Randy Orton (almost word for word by everyone) is that we need to be there to slowly bring change to the country. 

    Unless WWE does a big pro-freedom-of-the-press angle on this show, I don't see this line getting anyone back on WWE's side here. I want to laugh at this being the best their PR team could come up with, but I guess they can't fall back on "we need to entertain the children and hardworking families" when the entire floor section across from the hard camera is a garish set-up for the entire royal family.

  18. Short of the GOP itself, WWE is probably the most virulently pro-Trump entity in America right now. As long as the adminstration's line is "yeah, but look at all this money" you can bet WWE will follow suit. The only thing Vince and Donald hate more than losing money is admitting they did something wrong, and Vince is actually the more insulated of the two.

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