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  1. 47 minutes ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

    Rajon Rondo broke his thumb in practice over the weekend.  He's out 6-8 weeks. 

    (No word on whether or not this was a warning from LeBron about inviting ho's into the bubble.)

    NBA News: LeBron James Issues Futile Warning to Lakers Teammate J.R. Smith; Likely to Go Unheeded

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  2. 40 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

    So, I was partially right about it being implant related. 

    Seems like this might be the third or fourth wwe/wwf performer to have issues with their implants needing to be fixed (and not just enlarged). 

    3 or 4 might be way too conservative.

    Anyway, the moral of the story is the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  3. Lyoto Machida was one of my favorite fighters then, and I'm still not sure how he got the decision. Shogun definitely rectified that in the second fight. Boy, did he ever.

    I'm not sure if you guys remember watching Bellator late in the MTV2 era and early on in the Spike days, but they had so many close, close fights that usually went to the guy (if you were watching at home) you would have losing that fight. It was a coin flip fight on every card (usually it was either a Joe Warren fight or they were in a jurisdiction that didn't get many major MMA fights cards). Then, you run up on a Rampage vs. King Mo I where it's a clear cut robbery.

    I am not saying that every round has to be decisive for someone to win a fight cause that's impossible. However, as fans, a lot of people get caught up in the emotion on the real time viewing. There are plenty of times where you should be like, "Hey, maybe I missed something and need to rewatch it." If you come up with the same score the second time around, then hey, maybe you have a legit case. I'm just not ready to go nuclear after every decision I don't particularly agree with anymore.


  4. 11 minutes ago, Jiji said:

    Yes, the UFC has made adjustments in what they can control. However, with that first problem you mention, would open scoring not promote judges wanting to find a common ground rather than doing whatever the fuck some of them are doing right now?

    Meaning they change their mind during the fight or for fights later on? I mean if two judges have one guy up 20-18 when he probably should be down 18-20, then short of a finish or a 10-8/10-7 third round,  that's a wrap buddy. For title fights, it might make a big difference. However, while I'm not really opposed to open scoring, not all fights fit into a round box.


    Usually I'm for divergent thinking, but maybe less so in terms of scoring combat sports. Many still overvalue takedowns that lead to no offense (Volkanovski landed one in the third, right?), modified rules or not. 

    And while I think it could be problematic to throw a fighter off their game when they find out about a bad score midway through a fight, they at least can then alter their strategy to try and overcome shitty judging rather than thinking what they're doing is working and of course the judges will see that. 

    I don't think there's a clear answer here, but I'd like to see open scoring with either a modified 10-point must system in which the broader range of numbers are used (the modified rules have started to bring in more 10-8s but fuck, you're basically scoring fights on a 3 point scale right now and only over 3 or 5 rounds) or Dave's half-point system. If we had either of those systems in place last night, Max Holloway is the champion without a shadow of a doubt and it's more objective than scoring the fight as a whole like judges in Japan do. I think the scoring system is more crucial than the open or closed scoring part, to be honest. 

    And that leads me to my next point. For the middle three fights of the main card last night, I thought to myself, "Man, I wouldn't want to be a judge right now cause I don't really see a totally wrong answer." Fortunately, with Petr Yan/Aldo, we didn't need the judges. The previous fight I don't think anyone had a problem at all with Rose winning partly cause now we can do a trilogy down the line. The problem is Volkanovski/Holloway where Max clearly won those rounds but he didn't win them super big save for a flash knockdown in a specific moment. This is just my conjecture, but since I'm one of the few who watch the entire card from top to bottom, it seems like judges get close prelims fights like that right more than big fights. Part of that could be you don't have the potential of two more swing rounds, but part of that could be the pressure of judging objectively in title fights. It's the pressure of wanting to get it right and not easily taking the belt off the champ (aka "well, you gotta beat the champion"). I mean it's all bullshit really, but it might be very real at the same time. With judging, the two biggest issues come when either nothing happens or a whole lot of shit happens. When the latter happens, all bets are off because you don't have the automatic one point deduction on knockdowns (or gloves touching the canvas) like in boxing. In those instances, I don't think there is going to be much common ground unless you have judges that have the exact same philosophy on the scoring criteria.

  5. You can come up with any variety of crazy scenarios when it comes to open scoring, with a good number likely already occurring WITHOUT opening scoring. You don't think some lone dissenting judge in the prelims doesn't get affected by being the only one to score a fight totally different than the other two people? Yes, many times if a guy has a bad score earlier in the night, he likely will have another later on. However, you can argue that probably comes from him trying to stay in line with the other judges and figuring out what criteria they're using. As for fighters looking for a way out, hell I just saw a fight not too long ago where someone basically took the DQ win when he was getting his ass whooped. It wasn't a technical decision, but he knew he was going to get his hand raised. Some fighters are just gonna take the easy way out. You cannot really do anything about that.

    My whole thing with opening scoring is what is the end game? Transparency? Okay but you have to explain why there isn't too much transparency now. I am not saying that judging has gotten better tenfold, but if you look at the UFC even five years ago, questionable judging certainly isn't as frequent as it use to be. Why? When it comes to judging (and refereeing), the UFC isn't worried about the lack of transparency perception. Why? They don't use the local yokels to do their work anymore as opposed to boxing where that's been an issue for several decades (including the renowned Nevada and New York judges/refs). That's why on HBO boxing, they use to bring up graphics just after a title fight has ended and went the distance (or ended earlier on a unintentional foul/cut caused by headbutt) and have Jim Lampley go into great detail about the judging experience of the judges in that particular fight. He would tell you who the reliable judges were and which ones were not based on the explicit scores from recent past title fights.

    Remember when we had that whole discussion/debate about judging in Brazil and how there might be some local bias? In all of their shows in Brazil since UFC 134, the UFC might have used two or three native Brazilian judges. That's it. They basically bring their own crew of guys with them. Check the names of all the guys assigned to the co-main(s) and main event from the tweets I usually post before a big card. Those are all guys that have been there before on multiple occasions. Yeah, you might get an odd show in Texas with some abysmal judges from the state. However, UFC only goes to Texas once MAYBE twice in a calendar year. Otherwise, it's their guys essentially. None of the guys they used last night are local. When Herb Dean isn't reffing somewhere in Slovenia or Serbia on some random weekend, he's a lock for being at the UFC show. Sometimes, if he is reffing somewhere overseas on Friday, he can make it back for the UFC that Saturday. Leon Roberts don't live in Abu Dhabi either last I checked. The UFC is basically self regulating itself everywhere as opposed to years ago when they only did that if it was a foreign place with no commission or an inexperienced one. That's my issue. Ideally, a legit sporting entity in prize fighting is not suppose to do that. Imagine if Don King (hell he probably did who knows) brought his favorite judges and referees everywhere he went. Keep in mind that Don King use to run shows everywhere week in and week out just like the UFC does now back in the day. People would want his head on a pike or for him to be strung up. So imagine the UFC not only doing that but getting away with it because the commissions just naturally trust their judgment on these matters. That pretty much gives them unlimited power. They already do their own drug testing through USADA that's way more stringent than the actual commission testing. So what the fuck do they need the commission for? The commission for MMA is now what the alphabet orgs are for boxing. They just take their fee, make largely unimportant unilateral decisions, grandstand, and lay back. That's it. So how is open scoring going to fix all that? If a guy has had a streak of bad judging or has a really bad scorecard that stands out, trust me, the UFC won't use him anymore or at least not on a regular basis. They can do that now because that's seen (at least in the eyes of fans) as the right thing to do. So not only do you have the commission on your side, but you have the vocal support of fan opinion. The UFC cannot lose in that case. The only people who can lose is the actual fighters because it's a flawed design inherently.

  6. 5 hours ago, Archibald said:

    I'm not sure if you can book yourself into the corner over the span of two days so I'd say that this was deliberate decision.

    Either way, results are... interesting.

    I didn't say it wasn't deliberate. I'm saying that's the only way you can keep a guy strong you just turned 24 hours before. Well, that is unless you do a bullshit DQ finish and New Japan doesn't do many of those.

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  7. Lollllllllllll


    Who knew Tetsuya Naito was Japanese for Lex Luger?

    I saw this happening because it would make zero sense to have Evil lose to Naito in his first match after turning on him just the night before. If they had Evil win the NJ Cup w/o turning on Naito, then he could lose to Naito at Dominion and then turn on him after the match to start a real feud. They kinda booked themselves into a corner.


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  8. Just now, TheVileOne said:

    Exactly. So adding three title fights on top of that potentially adds another hour if not more.

    Technically it would be basically the same length with two extra rounds because they always kill time on the PPV. It's an extra 12 minutes at most (5 5 5 3 3 as opposed to 5 5 3 3 3). Remember they always show more movie trailers and shit if fights end earlier. So it's pick your poison.



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