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  1. Even Fitzgerald was baffled by Bisping saying Jacare was winning the fight. There wasn't a whole lot to pick from.

    Yeah, like I said, it's going to be tough sledding trying to get these guys down. Jacare isn't going to be able to muscle these guys down like he did with Tim Boetsch or a Chris Camozzi. I also didn't like his corner telling him he was up three rounds to none. That was as bad as the fight itself. It's just like Woodley vs. Maia. At some point, you gotta change it up after scoring ZERO takedowns.

    12 minutes ago, The Natural said:


    The cellphone waving thing reminds me of the backdrop Jennifer Lopez was performing in front of at the end of the film Selena. Now, I'm even sadder.

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  2. Just now, Oyaji said:

    Fuck, did he look like dog shit. Disgusting performance.

    He tried to rally back for a minute or so, and Krause doesn't have a history of having the best chin either going back to his days when he wasn't even good enough for TUF.  However, Krause just soldiered through and landed a big right hand which it seemed like he was going to land eventually anyway.


  3. On 11/15/2019 at 3:19 AM, J.T. said:

    It will be interesting to see how Jacaré will come back after that UD loss to Jack Hermansson. 

    I know he'll want to perform well in front of a home crowd and not drop two in a row, but he and Błachowicz are cut from the same cloth in that they are mostly know for being submission fighters but they both have sneaky KO power that can't be slept on.  It's hard to predict who'll win this fight.

    Right now, Vegas favors Polish Power to take the main event: - 200 / +170

    My fear with Jacare is if you remember his Strikeforce/DREAM days when he went to X-Gym to train under Rogerio Camoes (the giant black guy who is always with Anderson Silva at the weigh-ins), I thought he was carrying too much muscle then. Jacare and Feijao were walking around looking like a mini Brazilian version of Todd Champion and Firebreaker Chip. In the Whittaker fight and other fights where he couldn't dominate, he was sucking wind hard. I think the move to Orlando and adjusting to living here along with slimming down helped out his cardio a lot. While I think Jacare will have a much easier time at 205 than Weidman and Rockhold because he isn't as fatally flawed as those two guys, unless he's facing an OSP or someone with little to no ground game which is becoming rarer these days in MMA, those crucial takedowns he needs late are going to be much tougher to come by because guys are naturally bigger. While I'm sure he is use to training with bigger guys (I mean Feijao was as big as a house back then pre-USADA), it's much different in a live fight. It also doesn't help that Błachowicz is very well rounded and besides the Corey Anderson fight years back, never really got dominated on the ground. So if Jacare gets him down, he has to keep him down which is a lot to ask. He either has to do that or force Błachowicz to take a risk he doesn't have to like Marreta did back in February.

    As for the rest of the card, Massaranduba vs. Bobby Green should be a banger. James Krause never has a boring fight really, and Sergio Moraes either wins big or loses big. Even though Silva de Andrade is not a natural featherweight, that's still a tough matchup for Barao to get back on track especially the Barao we've seen lately. Warlley Alves vs. Randy Brown should be at least decent. At the weigh-ins, Brown looked about a foot taller than Warlley. I'm intrigued in the storyline of can Ariane Lipski finally get into the UFC win column. She has potential but there is concern of whether or not she can compete at this level. She has a late replacement opponent so it's in her favor tonight. I'm not sure if I'm sold on Markus Perez (Joker makeup at the weigh-ins notwithstanding). He seems like a bigger version of Rony Jason and Godofredo Pepey in the earlier days of these Brazilian cards where they feel compelled to get him wins just as a local favorite. I know he has fought a pretty decent amount outside Brazil but he doesn't strike me as a real one to watch right now. He's also a Sao Paulo guy so he will have a lot of support for this card. Speaking of kill or be killed like I was talking about with Sergio Moraes, that is pretty much the M.O. of Paul Craig. Shogun is either going to knock his head into the fifth row or we will see another comeback submission from Paul Craig. Jared Gordon is a pretty soft touch for a ranked guy like Do Bronx, but then again, Do Bronx is another guy from Sao Paulo. So expect a night of many showcases.

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  4. 21 hours ago, Oyaji said:

    Just looked over the DC card and it is very solid. Lots of good fighters on it, some old school guys in there too. I like it. I don't think I'd pay their prices to see it as I skipped the Cerrone/Gaethje fight due to the very high ticket price, but it's a good TV card.

    How often does UFC have two week breaks like what's following tomorrow's card?

    There would be like 2 or 3 of those in the Fox days even when they were adding more cards. It would probably be only one week if Thanksgiving wasn't the very next week.

  5. 12 minutes ago, Hail Sabin said:

    EVENT #136
    LFA 78: Yanez vs. Estrada (11/15/2019) - Belton, TX (Bell County Expo Center)

    Adrian Yanez vs. Kyle Estrada - Yanez TKO R3 
    Hailey Cowan vs. Lisa Mauldin - Cowan DEC 
    Nation Gibrick vs. Brant Moore - Gibrick TKO R2 
    Vernon Lewis vs. Tra'Von Butler - Lewis SUB R1 
    Jose Johnson vs. Rafael Costa - Costa DEC 
    JP Buys vs. Chris Rodriguez Jr. - Rodriguez TKO R2 

    ShoBox: Ortiz vs. Palmetta (11/15/2019) - Sloan, Iowa (WinnaVegas Casino & Resort) 

    Erik Vega Ortiz vs. Alberto Ignacio Palmetta - Ortiz TKO R8
    Marcos Escudero vs. Joseph George - Escudero TKO R3 
    Amilcar Vidal vs. Zach Prieto - Vidal DEC 
    Jonathan Esquivel vs. Bryant McClain - Esquivel TKO R4 
    Antonio Woods vs. Kassius Holdorf - Woods DEC 
    Rayshaun Thomas vs. Ginno Montoya - Montoya DEC 
    Aaron Quintana vs. Lawrence Subelka - Quinta DEC 

    @Hail Sabin I made changes to the LFA card if you at my reply above

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