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  1. 3 hours ago, The Natural said:

    Add Colin Murray, Mark Chapman and Dion Dublin to BBC Radio 5 Live boycoting today. Normally you'd get Fighting Talk and 5 Live Sport on a Saturday but it's pre-recorded podcasts.

    Sky Sports aren't above putting the boot in, either.



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  2. They should suspend Watson for a year, after all he was generally aware that he was helping the Texans circumvent the salary cap. No, I don't think the penalty he got previously was ridiculously light, why do you ask? (the true punch line is "generally Aware", I will never give up being bitter about that)

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  3. 1 minute ago, Log said:

    Hart would definitely come up with some great bullshit stories about traveling the world to find these guys. Stuff with them living on mountains with monks or fighting in illegal Taipei fighting rings or something.


    Just imagining it:

    "I went to Hong Kong. Home of some of the most brutal, sadistic people you'll ever meet. I tried to get two of them to fight Brody King and Buddy Matthews. To a man, these men, some of whom who wouldn't be scared of attacking the Devil on his throne if the money was right, didn't want anything to do with them. I thought that was the highest mark of respect. Respect that's lacking from the two Jacksons and one Kenny Omega. Let me tell you something, folks. If I knew that I was going to have a match with the House of Black, I wouldn't be hamming it up on no YouTube show! No sir. I'd be training, saying a prayer every night to God, and fillin out my will, because I know God don't like me that much to save me from the House of Black. So when the first bars of Carry On Wayward Son starts to play, that's the beginning of the end! Right There! That's the sound of the trumpet heralding Apocalyse. And you can't outrun the end, Elite."

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  4. Random thought: Re House of Black. There was something.. well.. not wrong, but perhaps not as great as it could be, then I realized what it was. All the members of the HoB are supreme ass kickers, but they need someone to talk the talk and let them walk the walk, if that makes sense.


    Then it hit me what would make HoB more awesome.


    Gary F'n Hart.

    Can you imagine the promos he'd cut with the HoB behind him, menacing as hell (both Hart and the HoB looming?)

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  5. Just a random thought.


    One thing that's different from AEW to WWE is not having a show post pay per view for a few days is it allows time for the results to kinda sink. It kinda took away from the hard-hitting nature of some matches in WWE to have them appear the next night, fresh as a daisy (it also made the WWE PPV feel less special because no matter what, there was going to be something similar the next night, usually rematches and the like). with four or so days between Revolution and Dynamite allows the impact of the matches to sink in.

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  6. Paradox Interactive is announcing a bunch of new games.. now.


    Lamplighters League and the Tower at the End of the World: Indiana Jones type adventures in a XCOM format, done by Harebrained Schemes, who did the Shadowrun and Battletech series

    Crusaders Kings 3 Tours and Tournaments - Focused on RP/Intrigue type stuff.

    Across the Obelisk - The Wolf Wars. DLC based in the wolf wars timeline (Late March)
    Mechabellum - A Mecha/Sci Fi Autobattler (May)

    Knights of Pen and Paper 3: Ok, not a super AAA game, but I've enjoyed the previous games in the series (out tomorrow)


    Life By You- Looks like a Simlike, full announcement coming 3/20

    Europa Universalis IV- Domination Adds a bunch of stuff to most played EUIV nations

    Age of Wonders IV: I want this. A lot. Been seeing some of the previews for this, and the amount of customization for your nation-species types is insane.

    Victoria 3 1.2 update (out next week)

    Stellaris: First Contact DLC (Available next week)

    Surviving the Aftermath Rebirth Expansion

    and the big thing: Cities Skylines 2 (Undated 2023 release)

  7. Me: earlier "Eh, this is one of those games destined to peter out into a 0-0 game has both teams try not to lose instead of win"

    Me Just Now: Hmm. Wonder what the score of the Liverpool-Man U game was, wonder if one of the teams managed to squeak a goal.

    Me Now: 0-o



    edit: Just saw this stat and it blew my mind. This set a competitve record for a Liverpool win over Manchester United. The previous record was 7-1, in '95. EIGHTEEN NINETY FIVE.

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  8. re-reading draw in the dunes and the books about the '91 and '99 Ryder Cups, I think the LIV rebels are really missing something in not making the team playoffs/championship match play over a few weeks. Why? Stroke play down the stretch encourages "safe" golf. I want folks being forced to hit the shot a of a lifetime to win.


    Day 1: Alternate Shot (2 matches, 2 v 2)

    Day 2: Better Ball/Four Ball (2 matches, 2 v 2)

    Day 3: Four Singles Matches, Plus any possible tiebreaker

    The tiebreaker would be a Four Hole showdown with each member of a team playing one hole, stroke play style, with extra holes as necessary.


    Quarterfinals (5 v 12, 6 v 11, 7 v10 8 v 9)

    Semifinals (top 4 seeds enter)


    Put that over 3 weeks (each at different courses), and you have ready made storylines for each week


    Have a normal tournament for the folks who aren't playing if you need to

  9. Spiciest comment about the beginning of today's Arsenal game...


    "10 Seconds in and the Arse is down!"


    edit: Saw an ESPN UK post say the goal had officially been timed to 9.11 seconds, which is the second fastest goal in Premier League history, and was going to joke that "This proves the conspiracy 9/11 was English sponsored", but these days, I look at conspiracy theorists, and I realize that wilder things have been spread.

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  10. Man, it feels like only yesterday (*) when that amazing test match happened. But England are in a squeaker against Bangladesh in an ODI...


    * It was indeed yesterday.


    And @ohtani's jacketWas that "Jones! Bowden! Kasprowicz the man to go!"

    edit an hour later: I think Stokes's 2019 insanity would be up with 2001.

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  11. That ending was in fucking sane.


    Sixers shoot 200 more freethrows then the Celtics (ok, something like 25) but the C's still win thanks to Embiid taking 0.2 seconds too long to hit a 3/4 court shot.


    edit: This replaces this game as the craziest finish vs a Harden-team



  12. Here's the thing about streaming. There's a limit to what I can support, and this year, MLS is outside of it. I have NESN for Bruins/Sox, YouTubeTV for Celtics/National TV, and Peacock/ESPN for additional sports. One could argue I'm already subscribed to too many things already. Locking MLS behind a paywall on Apple+ TV is a step too far.

  13. 15 with no one on base, 20 with people on base. The batter has to be "in the box and alert to the pitcher" with :08 on the clock. Despite the catcher standing, the pitcher was ready, so the batter had to be in the box and ready.


    Shitshow, but by the rules.

  14. Honorable defeats for Italy and Wales.. tommorrow's game should be interesting


    edit: Well, whether it would be a game was answered in the first ten minutes or so as Scotland have a player sent off (haven't seen it yet, so can't opine on it, but oof. Makes me wish that the 20 minute rules was in effect)

  15. On 2/20/2023 at 3:40 PM, Death From Above said:

    Blood Bowl 3 is coming out in a few days. I've never played a single game of Blood Bowl but this seems like the time to jump in, maybe I'll enjoy it.


    Avoid BB3 at all costs. Customization/Cosmetics can cost up to $50 per TEAM and are only available for one player each time you purchase it. As an example, let's say you wanted your human team to have a certain helmet. You'd have to buy 11+ copies of the helmet to outfit each player with a helmet, and each helmet costs 75 warpstone (to compare, 1,000 warpstone from the store costs $10). It's one of the most rapacious milk the players schemes I've ever seen. I'd go for BB2 Legendary Edition, 27 races, and it has things that BB3 doesn't (Some customization for free, and singleplayer leagues against the AI, etc)

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  16. My thing about the Dunk Contest is that my memory of the best dunks (Jordan from the foul line etcetera), is the elegance of them. They defied gravity.

    Now, the dunks are like explosions. violent and somewhat scary to a point. Just nothing but power.  I think it's also because a lot of the earlier dunk contests were scorers who could dunk. Now, they're specialized dunkers.

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