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  1. I've been good, Santa Tony.. at least good enough.

    Please give us Keith Lee, Miro, and Samoa Joe (as a group) just running over people in vast swaths of destruction in 2023.


    AEW? ROH? Indies? Doesn't matter. Just give us big girthy men destroying smaller jumpy flippy wrestlers in a reign of terror.

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  2. 7 hours ago, GojiColin said:

    Hey I'm wondering if anyone remembers an old windows game that EA made that was a stats based football management sim?  It was nothing but text and spreadsheets but man I remember loving just blazing through seasons in a day in the quest for greatness.

    Do they still make games like that?  Like I know there's a baseball game but I'm more of a Football/US Football/Basketball guy.

    You probably mean the Front Office Football series .




    Also look at the Draft Day Sports Pro/College Basketball/Football series of games, or Pro Strategy Football for a less involved game. (all on steam)

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  3. 6 hours ago, Cobra Commander said:

    "That Mas-ah-tak-ah, I think he's ah wicked playah" - Red Sox fans if Yoshida starts off good

    The good news is we had Koji Uehara to tell all Japanese how great the Sox fans are.

    The bad news is we have Daisuke Matsutaka tell all japanese how the sox fans suck

  4. The Celtics game plan this year is to come out throwing haymakers. Theoretical, basketball scoring haymakers that is.


    Because everyone has a plan until one of two things happens.. A) They get punched in the face or B) The Boston Celtics start scoring

  5. Speaking of England, they're back to t20 crick.. no wait.. it's a ODI, nope.. test match, but they're scoring like crazy, 40 overs in to day 1 and scoring at better than a run a ball (this somehow didn't get posted last night as it happened)

  6. Stat of the second half. the jets averaged 2.77 yards per play in the second half. HA! Pathetic. Wait.. what's that? The stat's wrong?.. well of course.. what do you mean they averaged 2.77 INCHES per play in the second half????????? (remember Jets fans, it's not the size, it's how you us.. wait, they didn't use it. nevermind)

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  7. One thing, and I'm not sure if it's attention to detail from Tony K, or if I'm working off my own brain here, but you know how Bryce Remsburg had spent the last few weeks actually catching bad guys and outside interference "in the act"? Was that to set up this moment where he missed the knux?

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  8. You know, this really had a bit of everything.

    Fun Shlock to start the show to get the crowd in the mood? Check.

    Brutal Cage match? Check (Jungle Boy Jack Perry, you insane. you cray cray. You nuts!)

    Strong-Style personified? Check. (eddie and Jun throwing bombs)

    Matches that told a story? Check. Sweve in Our Glory's bustup, Britt vs Saraya

    Many Meaty Manly Men throwing Meat? Check 1 (Joe), Check 2 (Hobbs), Check 3 (Wardlow)

    Modern Day lucha-infused trios craziness? Death Triangle and The Elite

    Crowd pleasing title change (Hayter)

    Hated Heel squeaking by so you'll tune in next time hoping that next time he'll get his ass kicked? Jericho.

    Collection of crazy-ass-moments? Sting and Darby vs Jarrett and Lethal. I gushed a while back about the Darby coffin drop off the ladder that satnam singh caught effortlessly, but Jarrett catching darby with the guitar on the way down, and Darby showing that he had learned Sting's no-sell, puts it to good use. Fun Shit.

    And then the main event. Crazy main event that will provide the talking point and "NOOOOOOO!" moment. Regal giving MJF the Knux.

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