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  1. As a fan of Cambridge United, I'm legally and morally mandated to Laugh about what happened to Peterborough. Won the first leg of the League One playoffs 4-0... then proceeded to give up a +8 Injury time goal to tie the playoff, take the lead in Extra Time, only to give THAT up, and then lose on Penalties.


    So ahem, (points) HA HA!

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Brian Fowler said:

    It's just..  people act like Wilt was Karl Malone and not a guy who played during the era of the most dominant team in the history of the major U.S. sports leagues and still won two titles and almost certainly would've had a third if he didn't get injured during the finals in 69.

    That's why I'm comparing him to Embiid. He's been THAT guy for years and years (perennial MVP candidate, unstoppable force, etcetera), who for whatever reason can't get over the hump versus the Celtics (and with Embiid, what's bad is that he acknowledges is with the "It's not a rivalry, they always kick our butt" type statements, and who basically wilted (not Wilt-ed) in the end of game 6 and then all of game 7)

  3. So tempted to go running amok in the Celtics reddit forum, everyone who said Tatum was "mentally weak" and "garbage", even after his key stretch in Game 6, and then well.. all of game 7, would be getting a receipt.


    I will stand by my comparison of Embiid to Wilt Chamberlain. MVP calibre year in and year out. Someone that if you don't have top players playing out of their mind on defense, he will put up big numbers against you. And categorically unable to beat the Boston Celtics in the playoffs.

  4. I was hoping that I could get one of my friends to resurrect his "Stick Figure Sports" series. I even gave him a script.


    "Meanwhile in Philadelphia.."

    Jayson Tatum: "Wheeee!" (shoots ball over the top of the basket)

    Jayson Tatum: "Ok, I got this.." (CLANK!)

    Jayson Tatum: "Don't worry, it's just a phase (throws an actual brick at the hoop)

    Jayson Tatum: "Hey coach, why are we losing?"

    Joe Mazzula: Because you need to put the ball in the hoop to score points?

    JT: "oh! Sorry about that"

    Doc Rivers on sideline "Uh-oh."

    JT: (multiple basketballs go into hoop) Really, I should have thought of that 40 minutes ago.

    Joel Embiid: Coach, we need to make an adjustment. Should we stop Tatum from 3 point shots?

    Doc Rivers: "Um, I dunno.. it might affect our Game 7 if we do that.."

    Embiid: (sighs) You are the WORST coach in closeout games..

    Rivers: That's because I've had so much practice at them!

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  5. My one line channeling DEAN with regards to the two crazy matches. "I was hoping that they would bust out something special for the grudge matches. Like Yamakawa's snakeskin pants for his deathmatch. You need to look your best when you're going into a crazy match. Provide the before, and let the blood soaked after be even more of a shock"

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  6. 11 hours ago, Cobra Commander said:

    it's also possible that Miro is single-handedly designing the video game and that's why it's taking so long

    Close.. whats happened is Miro is supervising the team and gets a little.. enthusiastic when explaining his beta test thoughts. In other news . Worker comp filings amongst the team is up 9452%

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  7. The other thing I was thinking about to honor dean is a thread (either in Wrestling or general)..


    Titled: "What Rules the Fucking Universe?".


    Where we can all come and talk about things, that well, we think rule the fucking universe.


    No negativity. Just sharing the fun things we enjoy and hoping others enjoy it too.


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  8. Considering the events of the past week, I almost don't want to talk wrestling..


    But just some thoughts.


    Please, God, let Zayn/Owens feud with the Bloodline end. It's multiple months past its sell by date.

    I want to see Iyo Sky vs Bayley when one or the other turns. I want to see multiple month feud.

    Vega was way over.

    Bunny was way way way over. As was Carlito, the LWO and Savio Vega. But here's my hangup.


    WWE has become a place where celebrities come in and do things just as well, if not better than the wrestlers. Now, there was signs of this going back to the very first WrestleMania, Mr T. But in the last few months, we've had Pat McAfee, Jake Paul, and now Bad Bunny come in and have good to great matches. Now in a couple of cases, these were spectacle matches, made specifically to hide weaknesses. But what does it say about WWE Superstars, that celebrities can come in and do their job better than they could? Also, while we're a long way away from the old days where riots and the like was an outcome from too much heat, what's to stop a drunk fan from saying "Hey, those celebrities could hang with these guys, I bet I could kick their ass."

    And yeah, as @Dolphman 3000 says above, it's like Billy Joel coming in 1984 and Piper doing a job to him. No offense to Bad Bunny (although his punches were a new level of shittiness, but I don't think we're going to expect great worked punches), but a 20 minute "Street Fight"?

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    The DVDVR issues were my introduction to a wrestling universe outside of the Big Two. Southern Indies? Survival Tobita? (Other) obscure Japanese Indies? He had a outsized affect on wrestling fandom. and specifically MY wrestling fandom. There was a lot of backbiting, overly serious Inside Baseball (TM) writing at the time, it was exhausting, and he was a mark for the business in the best possible way. He thought that professional wrestling was one of the greatest thing in the universe, and he wanted you to feel the same way. It's quite possible without DVDVR and its affect on wrestling fans, we wouldn't have had AEW.

    I'm going to miss him greatly, and not just when I try to make a horrendous wrestling pun just get a reaction out of him. In the tradition of Eddie Guerrero, I'm going to steal something he used to finish every AEW review where he would gush about some of the stuff we just saw.


    Dean Rasmussen rules the Motherfucking universe~!



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