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  1. http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/117975/impact-city-roller-derby


    Basically, it's a high strategy/low dice rolling game that plays true to flat track roller derby in that you score points by lapping blockers, planning your moves is important (you want to pass on the straightaway, because changing lanes on the curves is hard). Blockers move slow, Jammers can move fast but the faster they go, the more likely they are to wipe out). 


    Rules are here:




    Game comes with meeple skaters, Impact Miniatures is making a line of pewter miniatures for the game.

  2. Picked up three major Board Games at GenCon


    Heroes of Metro City: Build your super Hero through gaining energy and powers, and try to stop the baddies from destroying the city. The more they destroy, the less available to upgrade your character)


    Impact City Roller Derby: A Roller Derby board game.. Looks cool.


    ScrumBrawl: A mix of Blood Bowl and Wiz War

  3. Played this at GenCon. Holy fuck, it's so awesome. It is a up to six player game where each player controls one or more departments (Captain, Navigation, Engineering, Weapons, Science/Sensors, Communication) on the brige of a starship as you attempt to defend your sector and its starbases from a horde.


    The stations are all set up like Star Trek stations.. we played on giant touch screen TV's that's like working the consoles on Star Trek, but it's set up for mouse and keyboard


    I'm definitely getting a bridge crew license ($40 for a six player server basically), and while it's optimized for face to face play in a room.. this can be apparently played over the Internet with voice chat. So, if this kinda game tickles your fancy, let me know, it would be great to do a DVDVR game:



  4. At the lower levels of England, it's not often you win your first game 5-1 and still end up 2nd in the table on Goal Differential, but my beloved U's (Cambridge United) are in that situation, after beating Halifax 5-1 (thanks partly to Halifax having two men sent off in the first 21 minutes), only to see Forest Green put the mother of all asswhoopins on Hyde, Eight-Nil.

  5. maybe the rain will save australia from a lost, like it did for england


    Doesn't look like that's going to happen.. Australia collapse from 109-0 to 199-8, still with an hour or so left in the day, they could be bowled out tonight.

  6. 4th test is getting interesting, England lead is close to 200 (they stand on 221-5), if they can find another 100 runs or so, the Aussies may have trouble (the scores are 238 and 270 in the first two innings, so the game's really in the balance)

  7. And despite the Aussies getting three fairly quick wickets (including Pietersen), the only winner in this Test is the rain, which will deliver the Ashes back in Englands hands... until the end of the year at least.. Good battling by the Aussies, if not for the rain they may have had a shot, and talk about "5-0, 5-0" has been put in the rubbish bin

  8. Unfotunately, we continue to have a bit of the (Cricket) Ump Show, as the umpires decided unilaterally the level of light was too low, and ordered the teams off, costing Australia a half hour or so of scoring before rain came. Australia finish the day 172 for 7 (they spent their wickets in trying to get more runs.), lead of 331, but with Day five apparently going to be a rain fest, it may not happen for Australia

  9. and.... I spoke too soon. England all out for 368, and Australia basically sprint to the lockerroom to get ready for batting. Expect some fireworks that wouldn't look out of place in an one day game or even a twenty20 game.

  10. England survive, currently at 366 for 9. Now, every over they bat out will be a growing problem for the Aussies, the lead is 161 (and shrinking slowly), the Aussies will have to race out and bat up a lead as quickly as possible and gamble that they will have enough time to bowl England out again.

  11. They finally got Pietersen, England finish the day 294 for 7, 233 behind Australia. Tomorrow morning,  the Aussies will need to break the Prior/Broad partnership, and then pick up Swann and Anderson cheaply (england need 34 to avoid being asked to bat again immediately). With rain in the forecast both Sunday and Monday,m it's starting to be now or never for Australia.

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