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  1. They think it's all over.. IT IS NOW.




    Edit: And that sound you hear is ECB and the folks at Trent Bridge breathing a small sigh of relief. Not about the ashes, that's pure joy, but the rules state that if less then 10 overs are bowled on a day, the crowd is eligible for a refund of their ticket price. 10.1 overs were bowled. (since <25 overs were bowled, then the crowd can still get 50% of their ticket price back)

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  2. hey look, the Ravens, Colts and NFL were all lying!




    “It’s ridiculous. It never happened. I never made any call. Nobody in our organization made any call,” Ravens head coach John Harbaugh told NBC before the Patriots’ Super Bowl victory over the Seattle Seahawks in February. “Just to make sure I had all the facts, I called Chuck Pagano this week and asked him, ‘Did anybody else in our organization tip you off about any deflated footballs?’ And he said, ‘No way.’”



    (email to Colts GM Ryan Grigson)

    First off the special teams coordinator from the Baltimore Ravens called Coach Pagano and said that they had issues last week at the game that when they were kicking (Baltimore that is) they were given new footballs instead of the ones that were prepared correctly.”



    (NFL Punishment decider Troy Vincent)

    It was first brought to my knowledge approximately six or seven minutes remaining in the second half [sic] of the AFC Championship Game. There was a knock on the door by the General Manager from the Indianapolis Colts, Ryan Grigson. He proceeded in the room and he brought to myself, and Mike Kensil was actually sitting to my left, and said, “We are playing with a small ball.” That was my first knowledge of the situation.

  3. IPL 2015 in doubt, as two of the 8 teams are facing a two year suspension from the IPL due to spot fixing and betting claims.


    edit: the teams themselves haven't been suspended, the owners have.. so they'd have to sell the teams or they couldn't participate.

  4. One of the true characters of the game. Hope God doesn't tell him "Hey, you've had luck keepin the Tooz on a leash down on earth.. mind keeping him from wreckin Heaven?"

    (read his book.. one of the funniest stories was when he got dismissed from Alabama's football team after incurring the wrath of Bear Bryant. He figured "Aw, it don't mean nothin' cuz it's the offseason. I'll lay low and just show up for the first day of practice and all will be forgiven". That plan changed when he got a telegram from another famous Alabama QB, Joe Namath. It was simple "HE MEANS IT".)
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  5. 2 weeks to go until meaningful European games start, at least for English/Scottish/Irish/Welsh teams in Europe. Celtic face Stjarnan, who knocked out Motherwell in Europa League qualifiers last year


    Champions League:

    (Enters at first round)


    The New Saints (Wales) vs B36 Torshavn (Faroe Islands)

    Crusaders (Northern Ireland) vs Levadia Talinn (Estonia)


    (Enters 2nd Round)

    Glasgow Celtic (Scotland) vs FC Stjarnan (Iceland)

    Dundalk (Ireland) vs BATE Borisov (Belarus)


    (Enters Playoff Stage (4th round))

    Manchester United vs ???


    Enters Group Stage


    Manchester City




    Europa League


    Enters 1st Qualifying Round

    West Ham (England) vs FC Lusitans (Andorra)

    Newtown (Wales) vs FC Valetta (Malta)

    Glenavon (Northern Ireland) vs Shakhtyor Soligorsk (Belarus)

    Linfield (Northern Ireland) vs NSI Runavik (Faroe Islands)

    Glentoran (Northern Ireland) vs MSK Zilina (Slovakia)

    Shamrock Rovers (Ireland) vs Progres Niederkorn (Luxemborg)

    Cork City (Ireland) vs KR Reykjavik (Iceland)

    UC Dublin (Ireland) v F91 Dudelange (Luxemborg.. the Dudelange abides!)

    St Patrick's Athletic (Ireland) vs Skonto FC (Latvia)

    Bala Town (Wales) vs FC Differdange 03 (Luxemborg)

    AUK Broughton (Wales) vs Lokomitva Zagreb (Croatia)

    Aberdeen (Scotland) vs KF Shkendija (Macedonia)

    St Johnstone (Scotland) vs Alashkert FC (Armenia)


    (enters 2nd round qualifying)

    Inverness Caley Thistle (Scotland) vs Astra Girgliu (Romania)


    (Enters 3rd round qualifying)

    Southampton (v ???)


    (Enters Group Stage)




    And my hands hurt typing that all out, and my spell checker has gone on strike.

  6. Dempsey got three games for ripping up the ref's notebook. Kinda surprised, the minimum punishment for assault (which includes "Destroying or damaging the referee's equipment") is six games. Eligible for the Gold Cup, let's see what Klinsi does.

  7. Upset brewed. And it looks like Neymar got a red card in the post match scrum (he was already going to miss one game due to second yellow in the tourney due to the first half yellow), so he may miss a knockout game.

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