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  1. USA wins the group. Doesn't mean jack, as results elsewhere mean they won't get a top seed, so they'll be lumped in with everyone else (outside top seeds, it's only by geographic location, not by ranking)


    So, T-2 hours 20 minutes till what could be the biggest loss in Mexico's history...
    come on sing it with me,
  2. Update from a friend of mine from another board on Europe status"


    Some additions:
    * Croatia hasn't qualified for the playoffs yet, they need to at least draw their last game as they have only 11 points for the playoffs race, and Armenia in group B will have 12 points with a -1 goal difference if they manage to finish second.
    * Czech Republic is eliminated, even if they manage to finish second, in which case they will be the worst second places team with only 9 points.
    * Denmark will have 10 points in second place and need both Turkey and Romania to lose their last game, Hungary to not win their last game, with Turkey losing by at least 5 goals to have them or Romania finish with a worse goal difference than Denmark.
    * Bulgaria needs to win their last game to have any chance on the playoffs and (like Denmark) need Turkey and Romania both to lose, Hungary to not win their last game and have a 3 goal difference disadvantage compared to Turkey to overcome. They do have an alternative, with Iceland losing and Slovenia drawing, and Bulgaria still needing to overcome a 2-goal difference and goals scored disadvantage compared to Slovenia.
    * Russia will go to the playoffs if they somehow choke the group victory.
    * Both Greece and Bosnia-Herzegovina will at least play the playoffs. (You listed Greece to play both Lithuania and Liechtenstein, but I figure you meant B-H plays Lithuania.)
    * Both Spain and France will at least play the playoffs.

  3. Europe Breakdown: 

    Group A: Settled: Belgium wins the Group, Croatia to the playoffs

    Group B: Italy wins, one of four teams can finish 2nd (Bulgaria, Denmark, Czech Republic and Armenia). As it stands, second place in this group may not be enough, as Bulgaria is in last in the second placed teams table, and would miss out on playoffs)

    Group C: Settled: Germany in, Sweden to playoffs

    Group D: Netherlands wins, Turkey, Romania and Hungary can finish 2nd (Turkey is in the final playoff spot for second placed teams)

    Group E: Switzerland wins, Iceland or Slovenia for 2nd place

    Group F: Russia just needs a point to qualify, Portugal (who just dropped two points to Israel) needs Russia to lose to Azerbaijan (not likely), to win against Luxemborg (likely) and to make up seven goals difference

    Group G: Bosnia and Greece are tied on 22 points entering the final game. Bosnia has the advantage in a +23 goal difference (compared to Greece's +5), so they just have to match the result of Greece to qualify (Greece v Lithuania, Greece v Lichenstein.. expect Greece to go all out there!)

    Group H: England have guaranteed at least a playoff berth, but if they do not beat Poland, the Ukraine will probably knock them into the playoff (they face minnows San Marino)

    Group I: Spain (who is just about to beat Belarus). just needs a point in their final qualifying game against Georgia to qualify, France need a Spain loss and to beat Finlkand

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  4. What a crazy game in Dallas. The good news is the last time so much yardage was given up in Texas, it became a rallying cry for the whole nation.
    I mean, y'all "Remember the Alamo", right? ;)
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  5. We could see a record point spread in week 6, as the early betting lines on JAX @ DEN see the home team a 27 point favorite over the hapless Jags. The current record? Pitt -26 over TB (1976)


    Thursday Night sees the suddenly un-tanking Cleveland Browns take on EJ Manuel and the Bills.


    Pick of the 1:00 ET games to me are Saints-Bears, Lions-Packers, Chiefs-Titans (no Jake Locker for the surprising Titans, will the Chiefs go 5-0?) and the ultra-late night game on the NFL Network (that's right, after the 8:00 PM sunday night game, there's a game between the Raiders and the Chargers STARTING at 11:45 PM Eastern (moved from 4:25 due to how long it takes to convert the Oh No.. er.. the O.co stadium from a baseball configuration to a football configuration). Who's ready for 2 am football?


    The (early) Sunday Night game sees the Texans, who choked a win away in Week 4, take on the 49ers, and the Monday Night game is the 1-3 Falcons hoping to turn their season around starting against the 2-2 Jets.



  6. TNA Xplosion

    1. Gunner defeated Christopher Daniels. The event is poorly attended but the live crowd was very hot. Daniels got heat from the live crowd. Gunner won with a shoulder block off the second rope. 

    1. James Storm beat Robbie E. This match was held after the first match of the Impact taping.

    TNA Impact TV Taping

    1. Jeff Hardy and Manik defeated Kenny King and Chris Sabin. Austin Aries was on commentary. Hardy pinned King to win the match for his team. Sabin attacked from behind, but Aries made the save.

    Hardy vs. Aries vs. Sabin vs. Manik in an Ultimate X match was announced for Bound For Glory. 

    Velvet Sky was scheduled to face Brooke Tessmacher in a No. 1 contenders match. However, Lei'D Tapa attacked Velvet before the opening bell.

    A.J. Styles hyped his Bound For Glory match against Bully Ray, who interrupted the promo segment. This led to the announcement of Ray vs. Samoa Joe for later in the show. 

    2. Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian defeated Magnus in a gauntlet match. Magnus pinned Daniels and then formed Kazarian to submit. Magnus was attacked from behind by Kazarian, which led to Roode getting the submission win. 

    Sting came out and spoke to a frustrated Magnus, who didn't want to talk. Sting attempted to get Magnus to go to the back, but Magnus refused. They spoke in the ring. It appears it will be Sting vs. Magnus as Bound For Glory, as Sting said he is going to "put Magnus on the map." 

    3. Samoa Joe beat TNA Champion Bully Ray by DQ. The referee was knocked out during the match. Bully Ray took advantage of the opportunity and used a chain, but Earl Hebner disqualified him. Ray shoved down Hebner and continued to attack Joe. Ray set up Joe for a piledriver on the concrete, but Styles entered through the audience and made the save. Styles escaped security and went back into the crowd to celebrate. 

    Dixie Carter came out to get Hulk Hogan's answer. Carter was really trying to be a heel, but she did not do that good of a job. Hogan quit. Dixie attempted to stop Hogan on the ramp. Carter got on her knees and begged him to stay, Hogan walked away. Dixie flipped out to close the show. Roughly 30 percent of the crowd left during the taping of the second show.




    (Hogan's off TV for at least a few weeks? Yay!)

  7. San Francisco






    NY Giants

    Tampa Bay






    New England

    New Orleans


    Tie-breaker #1: Drew Brees passing yards 287

    Tie-breaker #2: Field goals in NE/Atl game 3

    Tie-breaker #3: Interceptions thrown in Dallas/San Diego 3

  8. The America's Cup (finally) finished today. Team Oracle, representing the USA, was in deep doo doo. They were docked two race points for making unapproved changes to a smaller version of their boat. This meant that they'd have to win 11 races to keep America's Cup, while their opponents, New Zealand, needed only 9.


    Then New Zealand won 6 of the first seven races, making the real score 6 to negative 1


    The USA bounced back to win two races in a row (to get out of negatives, 6-1), but then New Zealand moved to the brink of victory, by winning the next two races.


    8-1 was the score. That meant to keep the cup from going to the Kiwis, Team Oracle would win the next EIGHT races.


    Today, that all-time comeback was completed.




    I'd be all USA USA USA, but um.. a minority of the sailors on the boat and those who built the boat were from the USA.. but still, to come back from 8-1 down to win is kinda cool.

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