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    I want the Pats to get beat and shut up them and their whiny fans SO bad. . . 

    The Bills keep getting beat and it hasnt shut you up yet


    True, but the Bills don't spend all week saying how they are going to run up the score for some "revenge" that is pretty hollow considering they won the damn Super Bowl. . . .



    The Pats said squat. There's a lot of fans, but the Pats know better than to give the other team bulletin board material.

  2. Damn. The 'Boks beat Wales 23-19. :(


    And boy howdy did New Zealand take France to the woodshed 62-13. Of course, it didn't help that France basically had no coach, as the team had rebelled against their existing one, describing him as "a nice enough guy but not a leader" and deciding to take over team selection and tactics themselves.

  3. ... Oh my. Can England play out the completest great escape from a boring draw ever?


    edit: To explain: First four days of the Pakistan vs England test match (played in the UAE because of the instability in Pakistan) was boring as hell. Pitch wasn't doing much of anything, so the bowlers were just toiling for ages with little result. Pakistan scored 523/8 (declared), and England went better then that, 593/9 (declared). So the first four days plus a bit of the fifth day saw 1116 runs scored and 17 wickets taken.. and there was no odds that you could get that the match would end in anything but a draw. But Pakistan go gillooly in the fifth day, and collapse to 173 all out in their second innings. It gave England a chance if they could score fast enough to score an unlikely win (needing 99 in scheduled 20 or so overs).. but sadly, bad light forced the game to a premature end with 25 runs to get.


    Boring first four days, insane last day.

  4. USA beating up Cuba in Olympic Qualifying, 5-0.


    US qualifies for the semifinal with a win.


    Canada will likely need a draw against Cuba in the final stage to get in the semifinal as well.


    The final two teams qualify, and third place playoff winner goes into a qualifier

  5. Newcastle score the first, and looked to be taking a 1-0 lead in to halftime.


    Then Sergio Aguero happened


    Aguero 42' 1-1

    Aguero 49' 2-1 Manchester City

    Aguero 50' 3-1 

    (De Bruyne 53) 4-1

    Aguero 59' 5-1

    Aguero 60' 6-1


    So, five goals in 18 minutes. Impressive. Not quite a full Lewandowski, but I think a .9 Lewandowski.

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