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  1. I'm shocked (in a humorous way) that teabagging folks in a Shootymans game has now reached the part where it's part of a commercial campaign for a new game.


    (someone dipping a teabag into a mug repeatedly going.. "Oh you recognize that sound right? You're very familiar with it..."

  2. The Pitcher covers third on that play. Pena made a hell of an effort, but Middlebrooks was sliding on the other side of the bag.. Didn't turn out to be anything, so we go to the bottom of the 9th.

  3. So far, England are 30 minutes away from going to the world cup, but it's a tenuous 1-0 lead over Poland.


    Russia and Bosnia-Herzegovina have qualified. 


    Iceland are in the playoffs. Turkey is out (Romania are in the playoffs)


    Armenia is beating Italy.


    Sweden and Germany have eight goals between them for the second time in this World Cup Qualifying campaign. First time it was 4-4, right now it's 5-3 Germany.

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