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  1. Tonga beat the Cook Islands, so the USA win group D, no matter what the result of their upcoming Intergroup match against Scotland.


    The good news is: As group winners, they advance to the Quarterfinals.

    The Bad news is: They face the winner of group A, which will be Australia.. a real David (USA) vs Goliath (AUS) matchup, but the USA won't even be allowed a slingshot.

  2. USA did it again, defeating Wales.. if Tonga defeats the Cook Islands the USA will qualify, if the Cook Islands win, it will come down to the final round of games where USA plays an intergroup game against Scotland and Wales (now eliminated) play the Cook Islands.

  3. Missed the Rugby thread from the old board, but here's the new one:


    USA Update:


    Rugby Union


    USA will be playing Uruguay in April over two legs to qualify for the 2015 Rugby World Cup. While the odds are good that the USA will win (over the last 24 years, the USA has won 11 out of the 12 meetings between the teams), there could be a bit of bother as the match dates conflict with the Heineken Cup/Amlin Challenge Cup (Rugby's version of the UEFA Champions League/Europa League) quarterfinals, so a couple key players may find it difficult to be released. The loser of this series gets one more chance to qualify in the Last Chance Qualifier.


    Rugby League


    Two huge results for the USA Tomahawks, as they beat fourth ranked France in a pre-tournament warm up game, and just won their first game in the Rugby League World Cup against the Cook Islands, who were prohibitive favorites to win the group. The USA still has games left against Wales and an intergroup game against Scotland. The top team in their group makes the quarter final. 

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