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  1. I'd say here, because nobody really uses the Books forum to announce someone signed a book deal, and the Upcoming Movies thread is more for movies that have actually been made and are definitely going to be released. Whereas Zoe Quinn signing a book deal and selling the movie rights to the book to tell her side of the story is... somewhat game related.

    yeah, pretty much what I figured.


    Don't let any gamergaters near any lakes or ponds, they'll instantly kill all the freshwater fish with their saltiness over that news.

  2. I was going to ask if anyone was ever going to play defense in the Giants-Saints game.. but then the fumble return for six.


    So, instead I'll suggest that the Saints and Giants turn up the defensive awareness in their game of Madden.. or join the Arena league.

  3. My favorite part coming out of all this is that the Pats are allegedly worried a team is going to plant bugs themselves and then report it.

    Again, allegedly, the Pats asked the NFL to start selling the visitor locker room before allowing the opposing team in. The NFL refused.


    I'm sure for some folks this story is just the Pats getting their next cover story in place if bugs are found ;)

  4. Apparently it's because the Jets security director saw three pats employees with headsets on the sidelines and demanded they explain what they were doing.. when they explained.. the Jets guy said the league handles it not the home team (despite the fact he should know this as all teams have 10 home games a year (8 regular season 2 preseason).

    So.. thinking they were there to spy demanded they call the league office where he was told otherwise.

    This is from the espn boston article on the locker room sweep (which did happen) and the pats employees interrogation

  5. Well except that the whole story was bullshit from Boomer Esiasen in the first place


    Just because Florio doesn't like to fact check is a different story


    Actually, no, this report was from the Herald.




    Including an idiot official who thought he had a gotcha in that the Patriots were handling the batteries for the in game officials microphone. Till they called the NFL, and found out.. oh yeah.. that the teams are responsible.

  6. So, is this where we talk about the story that the Jets demanded the NFL sweep the Pats lockerroom for bugs?


    Or that NFL officials have interrogated multiple Patriot employees during the Jets-Pats games?


    The Pats are really living rent-free in other teams heads.

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