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  1. The Texans continue to be mentally weak. 

    Right beforehalftime, they get a stop on third down, and as the teams are trotting off, Swearinger starts taunting MJD. Ref gives em a chance to stop, he does.. and then turns and starts again! (flag, fifteen yard penalty, first down)

    Very next play, Henne throws an INT, except. whoops.. illegal contact, onSwearinger, the guy who just continued the drive!

    What the hell was he doing even on the field after that play?
  2. If you told me preseason we would be missing all the Pats that are injured and somehow we'd be in position to clinch the division in Week 14 (with four games left to play).. I would'be said you're nuts.


    I don't expect them to go far in the playoffs, there's just too many holes in the D, but, this actually might have been Bill Belichick's best coaching job.


    Oh, and speaking of BB... there's a reason the Texans are 2-10.



    You have players saying "The other team must have cheated", because they made halftime adjustments that worked. If so, then it's a grand conspiracy against the Texans, because EVERYONE seems to be playing better in the second half against them. When the Colts came back against them, was THAT cheating? (although at least part of that the coach collapsed at halftime)


    Unless there's more then this, it's rationalizing by a mentally weak team desperate to rationalize why when things start to go bad against them, they don't find a way to win.

  3. Quick thoughts as I hope I don't miss my train home...

    STRONG opening match between kofi and miz...

    5 on 5 match was six or seven types of awesome.

    People around me groaned when we heard the diva match was elimination.

    Axel and Big E was shit on and rightly so.

    Crowd just was not that into the punk and bryan vs wyatt match.. other than the YES chants. Shame as it was a pretty good match.

    Main event was the drizzling shits and should end the big show push.. and hopefully the reign of Orton soon

  4. Extra Post: Anyone following the Heineken Cup "replacement" saga?


    England and France clubs want to form a new version of the cup because A) they think teams not from England and France get too much representation and thus, too much money, and B )  Because the Heineken Cup is ran by the national unions, not them (and thus they can't get all the money they want)


    The existing powers that be in the national unions point to the international rugby board's rules that such competitions have to be run by the national unions (noted conservatives in a sport that was dragged VERY reluctantly into a professional environment less than 2 decades ago), and besides, they like being in control of who gets the money.


    So, it's a standoff right now.. something has to break, either the unions back down (and cede MORE of their power to the clubs), or the clubs accept something lesser (like a more "fair" set up of who gets into the tournament)

  5. Hooooolllleeeshitfuck the Merseyside Derby has had it all, goals, Lukaku showing beast mode (why the hell Chelsea keep loaning him out is beyond me), a last minute equalizer by Liverpool), controversy (that should've been a red in the first half)...

  6. Well, the Ashes have begun (yes, again) in Australia. 


    The Aussies were in trouble (132 for 6) but recovered well to be 273 for 8 at the close of play on Day one of the first test. Still likely a below par score, the pitch is very forgiving.

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