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  1. Tough vote here.. but I have to go with Goldust because.. let's put it this way. No one expected that Goldust in 2013 would come back and have some absolutely jaw dropping, stunning,  great matches.


    To paraphrase above: Bryan's hit for average (let's compare it to say.. a .350 average)  for most of the year, but Goldust has had a half year of "Do not look directly at Goldust or you will go blind from the light/heat" hot streak. (I'd say a .450/.500 average with power and steals)


    And while it shouldn't, I think to myself.. this time next year Goldust will have said "That's enough, I'm done", while Daniel Bryan will once again be here.

  2. Well, the results:


    Ireland win a squeaker against France to claim the title, England devours Italy by 40.. and Scotland.. Oof. Scotland was only down 10-3 when they had a man sent off for a late shoulder charge (ref originally gave a yellow, saw the replay on the big screen, and decided a red instead), and Wales said "Thanks. Your brush with greatness is now OVA!" and scored the last 40 points of the game to win 51-3.


    That brings down the curtain on international rugby... for a whole week at least, next week USA takes on Uruguay in Montevideo for the first leg of their Rugby World Cup qualifying series.

  3. And.. the season begins with an upset? Greater Western Sydney Giants (one of the two newest clubs in the AFL) just shocked the Sydney Swans. How big an upset is it?


    Consider this: The GWS Giants started last year 0-17 (they finished 1-21 on the season). As a new expansion team, they get a slightly larger financial cap, but they were 12-1 underdogs. The announcers called it a miracle.


    And boy howdy did Freemantle gob Collingwood.

  4. Good news, GoG realize they've done fucked up with regional pricing (IE, allowing publishers to set a price for the US, a different price for the EU, or Australia).. and are fixing it. How so? In cases where the publisher DEMANDS regional pricing, they will eat the price difference rather than pass it on (For example, game selling at $50 US, and the equivalent of US$70 in Australia, GoG will eat that $20)



  5. So Ireland move into pole position with a shitkicking of Italy, France need a late penalty to get by Scotland (hell of a game for the Scots, a real heartbreaker), and England win the title eliminator with Wales 29-18, so things are fairly simple for the last round of games:


    Ireland 3-1 (+81)

    England 3-1 (+32)

    France 3-1 (+3)


    With their vastly superior point differential, it's Ireland's to lose. 


    The final day comes down as follows (in order)


    England at Italy: England needs a win to have any hope for the title (making up 49 points on Ireland is.. highly unlikely) .Ironically for their title hopes it may be better for them to squeak out a small win then a big one as France may know they're realistically out if England move too far ahead in point differential and relax.


    Scotland at Wales: The good job, good effort game, Scotland tries to move up to fourth.


    Ireland at France: France needs to win and either England to Lose, or to make up the respective point differential. This isn't an easy game per se for Ireland. but this is the type of game that Champions win.



    Predictions: England smokes Italy. Wales bounces back and wears out Scotland with the pack, and Ireland leaves it late to beat France.

  6. Three weeks till Cambridge United plays for the FA Trophy at Wembley.. hopefully a good pay day, a trophy in the cabinet (and if they win, hopefully they won't be back to defend it, as they are in second place in the Conference.. which is playoffs)
  7. Watching Capital Combat '90 for a PPV discussion thread on another forum.


    So far, it's bleh.


    Six Man Tag with the Road Warriors teaming up with Norman The Lunatic to take on Sullivan, Cactus Jack and Bigelow. Even in 1990, Cactus Jack takes about five crazy bumps.. 

    Johnny Ace (in his final televised WCW match) vs a very young Mean (Undertaker) Mark That the crowd gives no shits for.

    Samoan Swat Team vs Tommy Rich and Captain Mike Rotunda. Technically fine, but this crowd again isn't your normal NWA/WCW crowd and refuses to get into the match, despite Rich clapping at least for two minutes straight during a Face In Peril run

  8. What if Len Bias realized "Hey, I'm going to make millions of dollars and play with the greatest team (Boston Homer alert) of all time.. maybe I shouldn't do drugs?"


    Actually, that's the ultimate what-if. '85-'86 Celtics vs '95-96 Bulls. Best of Seven. I think whoever gets the home game seven wins.

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