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  1. Just now, Matt D said:

    Really obsessed and detail-oriented fan fiction that thinks about things way more than the original author did and gets hundred of thousands of views maybe? 

    The authors think about this stuff tho. 

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  2. Yeah, I think you can have Kenny take time off and hopefully return around the time Steen joins if that's happening. Would be perfect. Hangman and Omega vs. Mount Rushmore is a feud you can run for a year plus, cycling in guys like Punk and Danielson to support the faces.

  3. Part 3 is up. Likely part 4 will be up before the show starts. These have been awesome to refresh everything that's transpired over the past 3 years. Thanks for the heads up, Casey. Really appreciate Hangman taking the torch from Omega on the attention to detail dork shit. I'm ready. I wonder how many spots from last year's match are referenced.

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  4. 5 hours ago, Casey said:



    I'm guessing episode three will be dropped today before the PPV, but these are incredibly well made "the journey so far" videos for Hangman. Like... very, very well done. Everyone should watch them.

    This is great. Haven't watched rampage yet (doesn't sound like I missed much) but Iove this dorky attention to detail stuff. 


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  5. 1 hour ago, Technico Support said:

    Is the the one that’s a Japanese budget version of one of the Yukes WWF PS1 games?

    Listening to Norton on Jericho’s pod has me itching to fire up Power Move Pro Wrestling (King Ogg!) or Toukon Retsuden 3 on my modded PS Classic.


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  6. 10 hours ago, The Natural said:

    Go on, Hangman!

    Kota Ibushi liked this tweet. He doesn't like many tweets. One day we will see him and Omega on the same screen together again. One day. Kenny on a pole match, Kota Ibushi vs. Adam Page, a Judy Bagwell tribute. I also liked Omega floating out reuniting with Page. Omega's attention to detail is ridiculous and he doesn't usually say things like that without reason. I think this is what happens after Omega gets dumped by the Super Kliq (and possibly Steen/Rushmore), allowing the roles to be reversed with Page being the confident one and Omega in crisis mode. A+ exchange and, again, I think it would've been better for a contract signing to avoid the cliché violence off the back of how strong the promos were but they've done a good job of spacing the violence between these two out so it doesn't feel played out.

    While I'm gushing, I'll say as Danielson is easily the best week to week, tv match wrestler on the planet in the modern era, Omega is the best big picture, big match wrestler on the planet in the modern era. We've seen what happens when they collide and that was just an appetizer. Can't wait til we get to the main course one day. I'm interested to see how Omega handles the injury and time off/surgery. The natural time for it would probably be after January, likely after Revolution in February, where I imagine the Danielson rematch happens and Steen comes in, leading to Omega booted out of the Elite, if that is what's happening. There are too many pieces coming together for me to not think that this is where it's going with or without Steen (preferably with!). But I would certainly understand if he should get it asap after dropping the title. 

  7. Yeah, start to finish an excellent episode of Dynamite. That Omega and Hangmin contract signing probably would've worked better without the Callis stuff but the visual of the blood and contract was cool and I'm glad Callis is back. Ibushi reference immediately garners my praise. 

    Dax and Pac was so God damn great. The Lio tag was full of jaw dropping spots. Hayter is the best women's base I've seen unless I'm missing somebody. She jumps and then takes a shoulder and head bump every time. Rosa clearly looking out for her afterwards. Those two are perhaps the two best in ring talents they have on the women's side and I'm so excited for their match. Give them 13-15. 

    Rampage looking a bit light. If we are getting a Punk/King segment they should've announced it. As is, I'll try my best to watch it before Full Gear but Saturday is busy. 

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  8. Sadly, he still gets big pops regularly. I don't think he's going anywhere. He's eaten a bunch of pinfalls to try and build up Men of the Year but I don't think anybody buys them winning this match especially now with Lambert. Correct ending is PVZ knocking Jericho out and Lambert pinning Jericho.

    Heels like MOTY and Team Taz need to start winning feuds and big matches.

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  9. Another Inner Circle town hall is just what we needed. This shit has got to stop. Santana & Ortiz and Sammy need to branch off on their own and sink or swim on their own merit instead of being third and fourth wheels to Jericho's bullshit.

    Is there any other ending to that match on Saturday other than Lambert eating the pinfall after a Judas Effect?

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  10. 5 minutes ago, Ace said:

    Eddie should win. And he and Mox really can't turn heel at this point anymore. It'd be like when they tried to turn Eddie Guerrero on Tajiri, and the fans no-sold it and still cheered him.

    I will never boo Eddie Kingston.

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  11. Brodie Lee getting him mentally ready for his debut says everything about that guy.

    I know he's not beating Punk and I'm not for lifetime achievement belt runs, but this fucking guy really should win the belt because he's the realest and best talker in wrestling today and it's not close. He's also great in the ring. He has an incredible personal story. I'm guessing the world title picture is Hangman to MJF to possibly Jungle Boy (tho he's not close to ready I do feel like that's what they've been building to) or Bryan. I hope Kingston forces their hand. Fuck the TNT title. World. 

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  12. This lakers collapse is hilarious. They were up by 11 with 4.5 to go and then Russ and Melo got T'd up and Ball hit his free throws, along with a delay of game between those two techs. All in the same possession. AD just threw up a prayer 3 for an airball and we're in OT now.

  13. South Park smug clouds converging upon each other. Can't wait. I'm excited for Cody to mix it up with top people like he's been doing. 

    Do we ever see QT Marshall on AEW TV again (not counting YouTube)? What about the Big Show/Gunn Club feud? I haven't been watching Dark/Elevation the last two or three weeks. Has that been brought up on there?

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