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  1. Yeah, the real rematch out of full gear i'm looking forward to the most is a rehabbed Miro vs. Danielson. It was borderline great as is, but they have a way, way better match in them. They leaned into Danielson torturing Miro, so we could get Miro's all time big man selling, but it lacked a flow and fire. Commentary didn't help. Think the audience was still coming down from the MJF/Darby match too; I know I couldn't get as emotionally invested in the Danielson match as I wanted. The work was really good but they can do better.

    Do we think they run back Punk/Eddie in the near future? Seemed a conclusive finish. Eddie's arc probably goes elsewhere before circling back to Punk with, likely, a different dynamic. Now that the story of Hangman's ascent has been told, Kingston has the most compelling narrative in the company and he should be an even bigger focus than he has been. 

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  2. Rad. Kenny's reign was fucking awesome but it's going to be so refreshing to not know where we go next now. Exciting times ahead. Hangman looked beat the hell up in the media scrum, like he paid a severe price for the title. What a visual.

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  3. 31 minutes ago, Brian Fowler said:

    I'm sure that's coming, but it literally never crossed my mind that anything other than JB getting the win would happen in this match. The way AEW books, that was the only possible end 

    So is the story they went with JB hesitating and then volunteering at the end that Christian is trying to "harden" him and instill in him a killer instinct but could also be turning him heel and that's where the friction comes into play? Interested to see where this goes, but the sooner the better. I enjoy that they don't rush angles and aren't quick to turn people or break up teams, but the time to get Christian vs. Jungle Boy in motion is now. Christian heel, Wardlow face. LFG.

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  4. Battlefileld 2042 is really fun too. Black 4 Blood was a blast but that's going on the backburner now with Halo and BF 2042 entering the mix. The maps in 2042 are massive but with the huge amount of players it rarely feels empty. 

    I'm down to play some Halo with u dawg.

    Edit: be warned I am not a big halo guy, my friends are, so I am not good. 😇

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  5. 21 minutes ago, Brian Fowler said:

    Legitimately curious: what about the booking of this feud or the history of booking in this company made you think there was any possible finish to the FCA other than Jungle Boy getting the win?

    They gotta get this Christian/Jungle Boy feud going one day.

  6. I'd gladly take a dozen warhorses and danhausens before Lethal. Lethal's a fine wrestler if you take away his silly finisher, but AEW is supposed to be the antithesis to WWE and how they've handled the sexual misconduct allegations is very WWE. 

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  7. 3 hours ago, (BP) said:

    Just listened to Meltzer talking about Omega. Kenny told him his shoulders are so bad when’s he working out the heaviest thing he can lift is the barbell. He also told Dave he doesn't need his shoulders to work a match, and goddam if he isn’t right. 

    You can tell by the eye test he isn't able to workout much. Look at his physique when he won the IWGP title and look at him now. Shit, look at him at Full Gear 2020 compared to now. He needs time off and hopefully now he can take it. 

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  8. 5 minutes ago, MoeCristyV.1.6 said:

    What are you talking about? It was going to be the finish after MJF made Roberts announce it and it WORKED! 

    We've seen the ref (specifically Bryce) distraction -> heel cheats for da win spot way too often lately. Incredible match and I agree an easy MOTYC even with the bad finish but would've been a serious threat had it something better than that. I guess they want to keep MJF warm for a potential world title match.

    It's surreal to think that returning hero Punk was soundly booed tonight and I feel like Danielson will be booed (again, after being booed against Kingston too) in the title match vs. Page. Both cult heroes of the IWC and the community's Two Guys but booed against "homegrown" talents in Kingston and likely Page. Do they run Danielson vs. Hangman on the TBS debut episode? Do they do it in December in a named special? I can't wait.

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  9. 14 minutes ago, GodzillaPerez said:

    "MJF Eats Sloppy Steaks" was the sign of the night. I knew he was a piece of shit.

    This was referencing the dinner debonaire, wasn't it? The steak was raw, lol.

    Fuck that Jay Lethal signing. Between this and how they've basically no sold the allegations towards Justin Roberts and Darby Allin, AEW is not without its blemishes/shitty business. 

    19 minutes ago, Hector said:

    I thought Omega/Page might have been the best stylized epic I've ever seen on a PPV. It was like a Mania blow off match, but with the occasional stiff palm strike and Kawada kick thrown in for good measure. I really enjoyed it.

    I was glued to my seat and transfixed on everything. The weight to it felt like AEW's version of Rock/Austin at X7. 

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  10. 38 minutes ago, Ultimo Necro said:

    Punk / Eddie had elements of Joe / Necro, which is weird considering Punk / Eddie were on commentary and Bryce was the ref!

    A friend said Punk posted a pic of him doing cardio while watching Joe/Necro, which is incredibly disrespectful and awesome. That match was fantastic, but I think it was probably third best, maybe?

    This show provided four great matches, all completely unique from each other. MJF/Darby instantly becomes MJF's best match to date, beating out the Jungle Boy PPV match from the early COVID era (Double or Nothing, right?). Incredible psychology, selling, execution, everything but the played out finish. Perfect match except for that tired shit. Surprised they didn't pull the trigger on Wardog stuff tonight, but that wasn't the only thing I was surprised we didn't see.

    Tag match I thought was a mess. I love Pentagon and Fenix, but their reign has been a big disappointment so far and I'm ready for the titles to go to the next team up.

    Danielson/Miro was great but I'm gonna say it didn't live up to my expectations. I know I was still reeling from the opener and it felt a little bit like that with the crowd too. But still, it had some incredible stuff in it, mostly from Miro I feel, but perhaps they have a better one in them when Miro is back with his wife and after he's humbled God.

    Six-man was wacky but nothing I'll remember in another couple of months. Great juice by Cole. I like the progression of Jungle Boy hesitating with the conchairto in the ring but pulling the trigger at the end. Surprised with that finish and that we didn't get the Superclit/Kliq win building to the Christian turn. 

    Cody tag was a disappointment because they decided to basically work a tv/storyline match with the poor cohesion. That's totally fine to go for story over werkrate, and Pac still brought it, but don't do it on a long PPV. Agree 100% that was a TV match. No Windham. 😢

    Conti isn't ready for that spot. I really didn't like that match and while I get they were going for her being nervous in her first big match, I thought it was poor. How many times can you do WWE/NXT shocked kickout face? Shit sucks. FTR managed to sell disbelief at some of the kickouts in the tag in a really cool, subtle way. Tay needs to simplify her offense. I appreciate Britt trying to do cool chain sequences but they often aren't executed as well as they need to be. I'm ready to move on from Britt for now too, but she's the star of the division so the title isn't going anywhere at least until Revolution, but DoN is likelier.

    Punk/Kingston was wild. Kingston looked like he hadn't slept in days. That smile before the match started was so offputting, I loved it. Finish felt abrupt, as we're conditioned for longer finishing sequences, but this was more a fight than a wrestling match, so it was perfectly fine. I'm fascinated to see where Eddie's story goes from here. Who's next for Punk? He needs to bump up to somebody who could legitimately beat him I feel. This was a perfect bridge out of his exhibition phase and into old Punk. His reactions to getting booed were perfect. Kingston defiant until the end. Great shit.

    Not gonna lie, I fast forwarded through a lot of that bullshit, but Baron, Lambert, Junior, and Sammy's Hardy tribute were fun enough. Jericho can't go away soon enough. That Gage match feels like a lifetime ago.

    Main event was a classic title match. I want to watch it again but it defied a lot of my expectations, and I'm happy with that. Hangmin did hit the OWA though. Great moment. They didn't revisit a tonne of the spots from the first match iirc, and instead opted for new and inventive violence like that ridiculous Dr. Bomb off the top. Surprised Page didn't kick out of the OWA but I'm totally fine with that never happening again or for an Ibushi match down the line. Perfect ending to the first chapter in the world title story. Matt with the nod ruled. Very excited to see where this all goes too.

    Jim Ross sounded miserable the entire night and set the table for an awkward evening of commentary. Liability.

    I know Khan said they're sticking with 4 hour PPV main cards, but I do feel like if they trimmed it to 3.5 they'd be better off. This wasn't a perfect show, they haven't had a perfect PPV yet, but it's one of their best along with All Out and DoN 2019. 

  11. Sorry, the stupid spelling is apparently reDRagon. Bucks and reDRagon have had so many great matches in ROH and I have zero problem with them running that back. I had tuned out of WWE but apparently FTR worked reDRagon back in 2019? A friend said it was good but that they definitely have a better match in them. Sign me up for that better match. Then you can phase Fish out after a year or two and Kyle can go solo.

  12. I have been impressed with Cole in AEW so far. He hasn't had a super epic singles match yet, so his worst tendencies may still rear their head, but even against JB he kept it within the realm of decency.

    I do wonder what the plan is with KOR, because I doubt you want 7 or 8 guys in a bloated main event heel faction. Seems like with Cole leaving Fish out to dry last night that maybe ReDragon will be a separate thing? 🤷‍♂️ Regardless, we will almost assuredly be getting O'Reilly in the mix and I'm so psyched for that. ReDragon added to the stacked tag division would be welcome. O'Reilly mixing it up with the grapple bois and Danielson would be incredible too. Pure title! 

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