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  1. Can you explain this ending, please? The Dandy/Charles-Match seemed to have a Double Count-Out in the 3rd fall and then Dandy won?!
  2. I wanted to thank you for your effort again. I'm about through with disc 4 now and your comments are quite helpful. I'v seen a lot of 80s stuff (generally not a lot of ll though) including a couple of DVDVR-Sets and I really like that stuff. This however ... There's a couple of nice bouts thus far. But nothing even close to, say, Bockwinkel vs. Hennig, Savage vs. Steamboat, Flair vs. Windham or the Gauntlet Matches on the NJPW-Set. It seems, that lucha just isn't my cup of coffee.
  3. I've started to watch these recently. I'm not really into Lucha all that much, as it makes no sense to me often. But I give it a try every now and then. I appreciate your effort, OJ. Really helpful for someone who isn't familiar with most of these guys.
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