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  1. I really enjoyed the end to the battle royal. It shouldn't happen right away, maybe even a few years but a Jungle Boy/Orange cassidy match/feud is going to be good I think.

    Rebel adds a lot to the Britt Baker act. Britt is the best act in AEW by far. Hate to see her injured but it might actually add to the character.

    Final segment was pretty rough. Tyson was corpsing pretty badly. Especially when he couldn't rip his shirt off. I hope the people that had a fit about the NXT guys running in on Raw are equally as outraged at the AEW guys doing it. I get they test everyone and all but good lord they basically spit in the face of social distrancing every week more and more.

  2. I'm sure most of the people that watch WWE these days know the story and If they didn't stop watching before Dark Side, they won't now.

    With AJ going to Smackdown, I'm guessing Baron will be headed to Raw. Seems like a fair enough trade I guess.

    I really enjoyed the mixed tag. Best Mandy has looked in a while and even Ziggler was decent.

  3. 1 hour ago, For Great Justice said:

    That main event was fun as hell. I am sure many will question a choice of a big crowd brawl in your first show with a crowd given all that's going on. I won't go there - I just enjoyed the match. Sammy made that golf cart look like Brock Lesnar on that bump. Holy shit son. Ending image was top notch.

    Double post

  4. 1 hour ago, For Great Justice said:

    That main event was fun as hell. I am sure many will question a choice of a big crowd brawl in your first show with a crowd given all that's going on. I won't go there - I just enjoyed the match. Sammy made that golf cart look like Brock Lesnar on that bump. Holy shit son. Ending image was top notch.

    The match was fun and proved Sammy is the best guy on tv these days. Right up there with Asuka.  That bump off the golf cart was nuts.

    With that said, I'll go there. That match was a bad look. I get that they tested everyone and the test came back negative apparently. It's a bad look to have a lot of people that close together not have masks on. Some did but people like Billy Gunn and Hager did not. If they are going to have guys just be around ringside without masks on, they should just go ahead and let fans in since it's Florida.

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  5. Yeah If you don't like Jarrett, you probably aren't going to like that series. That is Savio with Jeff. Just glad you watched the match @Smelly McUgly or tried to

    I watched both Jericho/Juvi matches. They mostly had the same formula but I liked 4/20 way better than 4/6

    Best thing about the 4/6 match is Jericho name dropping Electric avenue in his prematch promo. So Jericho was feuding with Prince Iaukea and Dean Malenko at the same time. Juvi seemed a little off but Jericho held it together. In a match that's about 5 minutes, we get a boring chant, about 5 nearfalls that the crowd bites on and I don't think they even locked up once. Finish is pretty weak where Jericho has Juvi in the liontamer but a good two minutes until Prince Iaukea comes out and throws in the towel. Like why the hell would he do that? I know he's facing Jericho at the ppv but that's still a stupid finish.

    4/20 is shorter but the crowd is into it the whole time. Juvi is more on and even does a dive to the outside landing right on Jericho's head. Again, Juvi gets put in the liontamer but this time, he doesn't tap and just passes out giving Jericho the win. Decent tv match which puts over Juvi in a loss. Apparently he feuded with the flock after this.

    The finish of the 4/6 match sucked but it wasn't a awful match. 4/20 was better. Now I need to watch the 6/1 match they had where Jericho wins again. Oh wcw.

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  6. I for one am glad Jinder is back. I'm interested in seeing what him vs Drew will look like after the Seth feud. At least they have a backstory.

    Liv Morgan should beat Becky for the title. Or maybe Nia after Nia beats Becky.

    Zelina/Andrade vs Garza/Charly is going to rule.

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  7. I'm guessing they already booked Drake when he got fired and he just didn't want to burn bridges. I doubt they rehired him back. Hope I'm wrong.

    Good episode tonight. I like how they are trying different things. Like Dexter Lumis teaming with the Dream and heel Candice. She cut a way better promo than her husband.

    My favorite thing was Tom Phillips saying "Adam Cole got pinned by NXT champion Adam Cole". How did they not edit that out? Unless the commentary is live?

  8. We had one of those rally's in Orlando today. Only a few hundred people showed up wearing Trump gear and waving black and blue flags. The mayor called them a circus and the people called that an honor.Orange County has about 1500 cases of covid confirmed but it's probably much more since poor people can't make it to get tested. Where I live in Seminole county, it's about 300.  Up in Jacksonville, they opened up the beaches for "exercise" and apparently "exercise" includes Fishing which people were doing as soon as it opened up with beer. We deserve this for voting De Santis in. Of course the guy he was facing turned out to be a drug addict so who knows what would have happened.

  9. Glad you liked the match @AxB , If you liked that, check out Makabe's second round match with Slim J. It's different but just as good. I'm partial to the Deppen match cause I was front row for it and it was mazing.

    As for the match you picked for me.

    Beyond Wrestling, Americanrana '19. Chris Dickinson vs Daisuke Sekimoto.

    I'm not a big fan Beyond fan as I find their promoter/commentator to be a jackass. That said, this match surprised me. I thought going in it would be a American puro bombfest with no selling and story. In reality, this had a good story and it helped the match. This was Dickinson's dream match and he had to fight a bunch of guys in the lead up to the match. He started the match channeling Kensuke Sasaki/Kenta Kobashi and getting into chop fight with Sekimoto. Sekimoto comes back with chops and suplexes. EYFBO is at ringside with their boy Dickinson. I'm glad they didn't interfere and this was a clean match. Eventually, Chris overcomes the odds and gets the win with his finisher. There's a visual towards the end of the match where Dickinson gets chopped and it looks like it's raining in the building. It's amazing. Good match with a nice story and not listless like a feared.

    This show also had the RNR express and Bryan Alvarez getting destroyed by Nick F'n Gage. Best beyond show ever?

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  10. Anyone watching this season of Brockmire? It's the final season. Not a big fan of the forward in time storyline but I still get a laugh out of the show every now and then. Probably should have ended after last season.

    I also started watching Belgravia on Epix. The acting was pretty good and it's got Alice Eve so i'm willing to give it a try until Spectrum cuts off the Epix free trial.

  11. 17 minutes ago, matt925 said:

    Perhaps this is a sign she's on the way out? Or not.

    I'm pretty sure Kairi is going back to Stardom whenever her contract is up.

    Best part of the show was Asuka dancing to Ruby's music. She's also the best promo in WWE today.

  12. 2 hours ago, Peck said:

    I was half-paying attention but did Frank Gastineau(formerly of MLW fame) referee a match tonight? I remember Jericho saying he mocked a new ref earlier and Tony mentioned Gastineau by name in response but I don’t recall if he actually appeared later in the night.

    He's part of the ring crew.

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  13. OVW tv made it's debut on Youtoo America last night. I haven't watched in years. Apparently Al Snow owns it now as he was all over the show. They also have a deal with Impact and Sami and OVE were on it. The show had good production for an indie and the guy that replaced Dean Hill is a newscaster so he's professional. Will give it a shot next week.

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  14. Abdullah the Butcher vs Son of Jason from WWC 2004. This isn't good at all but worth watching just to see babyface Abdullah. Everyone bleeds from Jason(who Abby unmasks) to the ref to even the female valet(who the ref blades right in front of the camera)

    Chicky Starr and Victor the Bodyguard vs Hugo Savinovich and Kane from IWA Puerto Rico 2001. Just the face that this match exists makes me happy. PR goes insane for Kane and Hugo.

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  15. I hate the Brodie Lee videos so much. Call me a WWE bootlicker if you want but that was so TNA like. A few more weeks and it's going to become Voodo Kin Mafia like. It's a shame because Brodie is so good and I liked his match last week and the squash tag this week. I hope they continue with the masked guys until the Revival come in and unmask.

    Loved the Jericho video and Archer/Marko Marko was the prefect opponent for him.

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  16. So much more great Puerto Rico went up on youtube the past couple days:

    The Starr corporation vs Shane and Ricky Banderas feud is great. Shane is such a great babyface and the IWA crowd around this time is the craziest in the world

    The Heartbreakers are Frankie the Thumper Lancaster and Wendell cooley in one of his last runs in wrestling. Great brawl here.

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