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  1. 2 hours ago, TheVileOne said:

    I'm very concerned about this Lynch/Rollins angle. Just gives me bad vibes. I could be wrong or irrational about this...but whatever.

    Another part of me thinks it hurts Becky Lynch and makes me think Vince doesn't see her as a top act on her own.

    Putting Charlotte in the main event of mania instead of doing Becky vs Ronda should have given you that idea.

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  2. Man I don't know if I can take another gargano vs Cole match. The brawl at the tapings was fun but gargano was getting booed.

    Out of everyone at the taping, Garza impressed me the most. That guy is going to be a champ in NXT. He's got it if he can speak even a little English.

    Heel io is outstanding. Her interview took like five minutes to start cause people wouldn't stop booing. It was great. Her new theme rules too 

  3. Riddle vs Strong was the MOTN no doubt. Riddle was great but that was a coming out party for Roddy. He looked almost flawless in it and I"m looking forward to his feud with Cole.

    The tag match was the usual ladder match craziness. Felt bad for poor O'Reilly taking those nutty bumps that I thought Oney would take. First time I liked the Forgotten Sons as they really stepped up. Especially Blake. As someone that was there for Dawkins debut, seeing the Street Profits win was nice. 

    How some of you people feel about Gargano is how I feel about Shayna. I find her run as champ to be just terrible. It's just ruined the division. She should have dropped the title to Bianca months ago and already been on the main roster where she can have shitty matches with Charlotte.

    Dream/Breeze would have been better off at Full sail. I'm not sure how Breeze is going to be over outside of that building.  The match was fine I guess.

    The main event was the usual bloated Gargano match. Glad Cole won and hopefully, after another rematch, this is it for Gargano in the main events. 

    One of the lesser takeovers but it was still fun. Well, except for Mauro's god awful commentary. I thought Beth was gonna deck him when he kept interrupting her. 

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  4. So with the news of Killer Kross wanting his release from IMPACT, now it seems Scarlett wants out too. Also, apparently Jordynne Grace isn't under contract. How is that possible? I guess she could be working under a per date deal but you would think IMPACT would have signed her before giving her a big push. That's very WCW of them. I get that the PURSUIT fiasco isn't their fault but it hasn't been a good couple days for the promotion. 

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  5. I enjoyed the show. It's pretty much NXT developmental so if you watch it like that, it's fine. Thorne vs Stallion and Mendoza/Theory are worth watching. Thorne can really work and I wish they would give him a chance. Main event was way too long in Strickland vs JD Drake. If they cut like 10 minutes off it would have been great. The highlight of the show was Eddie Kingston beating down Bugenhagen. I want him to do that at Full sail.

  6. It's a show headlined by Austin Theory vs a guy that can't even get on NXT tv. I'm not surprised they are discounting tickets. That building is such a shit show with no parking and bad seating. However, I will be there cause I'm a Curt Stallion fan and it's always good to see Eddie Kingston live.  I actually like that they are using Evolve to showcase the non tv talent from NXT. That's probably not good for business though.

  7. Went to USA Pro in Orlando tonight. The show was about four hours which is classic Frank Goodman. Highlights included:

    Pablo Marquez(yes the same guy from ECW and WWF) vs Manny Fernandez in a Texas Bull Rope match. Awful as expected but i was still entertained. Manny didn't sell one thing and the rope broke a minute into the match

    Shane Douglas cut one of his vintage promos on "Dick Flair" and Vince and HBK. Shane looks in good shape for his age and way better than he was in the early 2000s. He even bumped for Chuckles the Clown which shocked me.

    The best part of the night was the DVDVR offer match in Dan Maff vs Vordell Walker. The match went all over the armory throwing chairs and bumping on wooden floors. Then the match went insane when Vordell drove a car into the Amory and attempted to run Maff over like that time Eddie Gilbert ran over Lawler. I've never seen Maff live but he was great.

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  8. The Sasha/Bayley return was insane. It's been years since I've heard Full Sail be that loud. The crowd was hot all night actually. I'm guessing the first women's tag title defense will be vs Marina/Duke cause they have to do one on NXT tv before getting to the Sky Pirates takeover match. I agree with Edwin about this being a great taping. Eu vs Alister and Ricochet was incredible. Eu is so good, especially Fabian. Dug the DIY stuff even though I'm not a big fan of the feud. Hope they realized how big of a mistake it was to turn Gargano heel. Also the Bugenhagen hype is real. I don't get it but the guy is over huge.

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  9. FIP once ran a trios tourney at a Crossfit Gym in Orlando. There were no seats and guys were doing spots off of the CrossFit ropes. During Mania weekend in Orlando, FIP ran the Hardy show at a bar parking lot in Downtown Orlando. That was interesting. Next Tuesday, I'm going to an all women's show that's taking place at a softball practice facility that is in the downstairs section of a bar. Went to a show there last year and people were hitting balls into the crowd over a net they had separating the ring and the ball field.

  10. 10 hours ago, Yo-Yo's Roomie said:


    The Ascension Vs Casey Marion and Mike Lebosca: Marion and Lebosca don't seem to have made it. The Ascension, and Konnor in particular, are disconcertingly over throughout this match. I mean, there are 'we want Konnor' chants when he's on the apron, for Christ's sake. This has got to be ironic, right? Because this guy is worthless. And I don't know what this 'yeah' business is that they're chanting. I feel like I missed something here. Anyway, this is your standard Ascension squash.



    Yeah the Ascension love was weird. They were featured so much around that time and people got so sick of them and started cheering ironically. I think the "yeah" chant is because konnor would always say that when he landed strikes. 

  11. On 2/4/2019 at 10:11 AM, Edwin said:

    ROH is running Lakeland this Saturday. Not sure I'll make it as I'm not sure I want to make the drive just to see Rush, Gresham, the Briscoes, Haskins, Hot Sauce and Cobb. The rest of the guys on the roster I don't like that much.

    I think ZSJ can be OK with the right opponent, but not Rocky Romero.

    Tickets are cheap, so if I'm bored and free I may make the trip.

    Went to this tonight. Haven't been to a ROH show since 2009 and haven't watched ROH tv since the POP days. Thought it sucked to be honest. They have some good talent. Marty, Juice, Bandido, RUSH stick out the most. The tapings just so minor league and without any buzz. Part of that was probably cause they were in Florida. I don't get how Lethal is the champion. So boring. They should give the title to Marty or Juice at the MSG show. Show wasn't worth the drive and I have no desire to watch ROH again.

  12. That main event was just painfully boring. The wrestling wasn't bad but I just don't care about Ciampa at all. Gargano was reaching that way for me but I loved the Black/Gargano cage match and thought his match with Ricochet was good too. Ciampa just needs to go to 205 already.

    Enjoyed the rest of the card. Star marking performances from Bianca and the War Raiders. 

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