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  1. I love the Ass Boys and Acclaimed team up so much because genetically the Gunns should be the New Age Outlaws but talent-wise The Acclaimed are the New Age Outlaws and the Ass Boys are Too Cool
  2. Nothing guilty about Monty Brown. Dude was the shit.
  3. Also a random thing, but it was on some recent pods: You know who was awesome? 1996 Paul Wight. That was my shit right there. I mention this because “Giant didn’t know how to work like a big man when he first got to WWF” has been said so many times that even Wight himself believes it. But fuck all that, early 1996 WCW champion The Giant beating Flair and Sting clean and nipping up and choke slamming dudes to hell was the best Wight ever was, save MAYBE the 2008 run.
  4. I always feel compelled to add “best at what they did” guys to my GOAT list, because listing 10 main eventers is easy and it’s more interesting to me to look at wins above replacement up and down the card. “Opening match at a house show” acts: New Age Outlaws, The New Day Midcard heel glue guys: Regal, Tully, Miz 10 minute TV match wizards: Dustin Rhodes, Christian
  5. The only time they did the announced waiting til Mania to cash in gimmick was Kennedy, right? And then he got hurt? Not a bad idea to dust that one off again. Hey, Cody could go from never getting a title shot again to guaranteeing he’s getting one in 9 months
  6. I thought this was In Your House AF, in a great way. More shows like this please.
  7. Yeah I guess both statements are true: Pillman Jr is Brock Anderson With A Mullet, but they aren’t asking Anderson to cut long promos on live TV.
  8. “Where’s the heat?” AEW is short about 3-4 hot feuds right now - MJF/Wardlow is the only one with any steam. This is one problem with a tournament taking up significant TV time - there’s no organic heat with dry tournament matchups.
  9. Pillman Jr seems unfortunately to be one of those second gen guys that just got zero “this guy gets pro wrestling” DNA. I thought this was a bad show outside of the Wardlow segment. Need more hot angles fired up, like BCC needs a story for one.
  10. I would be intrigued if they shifted the Dark Order tag team to Uno/Silver. That has potential.
  11. That moment when you realize you really want to see Luchasaurus vs The Super Giant Ninja With Dusty on commentary
  12. Yuta wins BOSJ, Danielson wins the G1 and Mox wins KOPW via comedy antics with Yano again. Is this too much to ask?
  13. I will also accept Stokely Hathaway as the mouthpiece for the debuting Cesaro
  14. I get the Jade/Sterling pairing has finally developed some chemistry but Jade/Stoke would be perfect. Lesnar/Heyman-like.
  15. Stoke hamming it up on Dark with whatever stable he ends up with is going to be amazing
  16. Lex (called shitty not only by fans but by practically every worker who ever wrestled him) had some bangers. And the pop when he beat Hogan was undeniable.
  17. Umaga, Danielson, Punk, Lesnar Extreme Rules, Michaels RAW is a pretty ridiculous top 5
  18. I love Punk/Hangman as a big main event because for the first time…ever? I’m not sure who will win the AEW title. Feels like that title has had a well written but clear story all the way from All Out 1 to now, and now I can’t wait to see what happens. Maybe Cody/Jericho had some doubt in it. But not like this one IMO.
  19. There are several college sports media deals up soon, and it would make sense for Discovrry to get heavier into that game, in particular hoops, given the brand they already have in that sport with Inside The NBA, etc. I think Discoery deciding just how all-in to go on sports is a key decision point with all this. Yes, I am proposing MACtion or the like as the lead in for Rampage and the board raising hell when Western Kentucky / Louisiana Tech goes into double OT.
  20. It’s endearing how much the fans and performers involved genuinely love Orton and Riddle together. Not sure how they break them up without the fans rejecting the booking…hopefully not for a long time.
  21. That was Suzuki playing the hits but Suzuki playing the hits is never not fucking awesome I love how there’s the Dark Order pop, and then there’s the “but who is it? Is it John Silver? Please be John Silver. YES, it’s John Silver!!” second pop.
  22. Nice 1989 ep guys. Beau is a great storyteller!
  23. That’s a solid lineup right there. Looks like a good time for the folks in Newcastle.
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