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  1. Yeah, pretty simple stuff I think. Have the Elite beating everyone down to end a show, cut to the back, Hangman, slaps Uno and Silver for them to get their shit together, unites Dark Order in doing so, glass shatters and Austin beats the hell out of the Alliance. United Dark Order drinks beer, off we go.
  2. Its a bummer because he's a second gen guy that should have been born with it, but I can't ignore the mounting evidence supporting the fact that Pillman Jr. simply doesn't "get" pro wrestling. Between standing on the stage mugging two weeks straight instead of beating MJF's ass, to his clunky movements in the ring. I really want to like the guy so bad, but it's not there I don't think.
  3. LoC’s (Levels of Cody): Level 1: Cody is a good guy. Level 2: Cody is a good guy who’s so obnoxious at being a good guy that he’s actually a bad guy. Level 3: Cody is a good guy and is so obnoxious as a good guy, that you come back around and appreciate his desire to so badly be a good guy even though he has no idea how to actually be one Level 4: Cody is a good guy, is incredibly obnoxious as a good guy, and then realizes that fans interpret this as Level 2 Cody and not his earnest Level 3 Cody, thus actually now trending toward being a bad guy. <— WE ARE HERE
  4. Ooooh, is Kona our go-to fungible 0 WAR NXT prospect? I can get down with that. I agree that Gacy is -0.4 Wins Above Reeves (WAR). 20 grade gimmick.
  5. Maybe Cody is doing a multidimensional chess work on all of us because…his complete lack of self awareness is kind of endearing? Thus sort of coming back around full circle as a babyface? I dunno.
  6. September PROSPECT POWER RANKINGS, powered by FanGraphs: 1. Bron Breakker A Steiner is on my TV calling people little bitches and putting dudes in the Steiner Recliner. 2. The Creed Bros The sitting lariat while the opponent is already TKO’d is so great. I look forward to them obliterating MSK. 3. Toxic Attraction Purely for Mandy, as her new look exudes “star” and carries this whole thing. 4. Odyssey Jones Love me some handicap match squashes, so that’s an auto-list this month. Fun character. 5. Grayson Waller Looks the part. Good delivery on his promo. Will have his chance to shine against Roddy next week. Bron is the Wander Franco / Vlad Jr. of the group though.
  7. More miss than hit. This is definitely developmental and not a national live TV show. Mandy post makeover looks like a total star. A byproduct of that though is that the two ladies with her look even more like jabronies than they already do (what was that twitching shit?) Bron is a dude though. Fuck it put the title on him.
  8. Bron looks like his dad, but sounds exactly like and cuts promos like his uncle. Incredible. Straps down! Steiner recliner! I popped way too hard for that.
  9. I actually really like Bearcat Lee. Cool throwback vibe to it.
  10. New Day / Bloodline on Raw. I appreciate the newfound, completely coincidental sense of urgency with WWE’s booking. If it leads to good wrestling on my TV, I hope they keep doing stuff like that.
  11. It brings me immense joy that the 2021 version of Big Bubba Rogers or Meng is Taz’s 22 year old kid.
  12. Kaz and Spears have a little Great Value Randy Orton in them, in the sense that their peers absolutely love their work and consider them fantastic as everything in-ring is timed and executed at a high level, but the audience just doesn’t care. Orton’s work is better and the crowd cares more, but they are on the lower end of that same spectrum IMO.
  13. We’re definitely going to get the lunch menu version of the match instead of the dinner version. I’d think draw, Danielson winning, or Omega getting frustrated and winning with brass knucks or something (and absolutely hating himself for it) are all on the table.
  14. Miro is going to run over Fuego’s car in the tank, isn’t he?
  15. Alright Queens. Time to bring half time Red Bulls and load up on the power naps on Tuesday because you have the challenge of staying lit for two more hours AFTER you get Omega / Danielson! I know you have it in you.
  16. Omegas t shirt Easter egg game went full on David Lynch tonight. After that promo he went back to the red room. Edit: oh shit, maybe he really is turning babyface after all this, and that’s exactly what it means.
  17. Much like The Suzuki Incident, life continues to imitate art and Hook has gone from meme to social media phenomenon. The crowd is going to legitimately come unglued when he finally debuts, and I’m here for all of it.
  18. McGillicutty has to be up there, if not the winner. I actually dug Husky Harris (and Skip Sheffield). Bull Dempsey was a name I could get down with too, but should’ve gone to a trucker that just breaks arms and arm wrestles. For your consideration: Brayden Walker, The Viking Experience If Sylvester Turkay wasn’t the dude’s real name, it’d be on the list.
  19. I was thinking about them inserting Beverly Khali into the main event last night, and it wouldn’t surprise me if “we’re not going to have a single match on this show that doesn’t have a developmental talent in it” was one of those Vince mandate deals. Which I’m not even complaining about as that’s a concept I can get behind, but feels like something like that and then the writers dropping the ball on a creative way to get there.
  20. It's so unfortunate. I mean, the dude's real name is Bronson. That's a bad ass name! Bronson Steiner, former NFL fullback, son of a legend, built like a brick shithouse throwing geeks around for a year is the easiest booking on the planet.
  21. I have fond memories of our prospect power ranking discussion as part of the original NXT game show threads and should probably revive that if this is going to be the format of the show going forward. Bron looked great, stupid name aside. It was weird to ignore his history yet drop a “dogface gremlin” line on commentary. I’m fine with him as the face of the new batch of kids The two guys that fought Imperium and the ladies with Mandy look like hamandeggers. Not a bad vignette promo by the mafia character guy. Combining that gimmick with an amateur in ring style is an interesting combo. Von Wagner’s gait and jawline / sunken eyes looks like Great Khali and I can’t unsee it.
  22. Bron’s Steiner line out of the corner looked just like his dad’s in a spooky way, just in the way his body moved. Made me do a double take.
  23. Besides the Dunn Cuts (and that’s not to understate them, because it is indeed a travesty) I loved everything about this. The colors, the lit up studio wrestling style crowd, the focus on true developmental talent. This is far more my jam than the super Indy era of the show. And a legit funny, entertaining, heartwarming wrestling wedding! That ruled.
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