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  1. 13 hours ago, Brian Fowler said:

    Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels happened, proving to Vince the only purpose of a tag team is to find a main event star.

    Even as a fan there was a sense of culpability as after HBK/Bret you were always wondering who the breakout talent from a team was going to be, not realising HBK and Bret were essentially flukes. I mean who else is there? Booker T? Jeff Hardy? 

  2. RIP Rocco, one of the true innovators of the junior style. Regal said it perfectly.

    When the Wrestling Channel launched in 2004ish, getting to see his work for the first time was such a mind blowing experience. His matches with Dynamite were pure art, heavy hitting, stiff, athletic and timeless. I wish he hadn’t had to retire, imagine him showing up in the cruiser division in WCW in 96ish or NJPW in the early 90s against Malenko, Benoit, Guerrero et al.

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  3. I used to be a frequent poster at 411 at the tail end of Scott Keith’s run. Think it must have been 04 when I first joined the DVDVR board as a change of scenery... and it was all because Findlay Martin used to put some of the funniest comments from here in Powerslam magazine.

    Wonder how many of my fellow UK brethren did likewise...

  4. I just can’t see anything ever becoming of Steve Williams 98 run no matter how Brawl for All goes. Having watched a load of 88-89 NWA and his completely heat-less 92 WCW run recently, and having seen my fair share of AJPW in the past, I’ve gotta say Steve Williams is one of the most overrated wrestlers ever. The awesome power, ability to drop people on their heads in Japan, and athletic background which JR tells me about ad nauseum do not excuse the clumsiness, terrible promos, lack of charisma, miscues and bad timing. 

  5. 17 hours ago, J.T. said:

    I think I just hate the angle behind the FTW title because the booking made it seem that Taz just came up with his own belt because he could never crack the code to beat Shane Douglas and win the actual ECW World Title.

    He came up with it because he kept getting ducked and couldn’t get a shot at the real title IIRC 

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