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  1. 56 minutes ago, Burgundy LaRue said:

    In a word: yes.

    By all accounts, Miz grew up a WWF/WWE fan.  He wanted to be a wrestler from the beginning.  He has worked hard for what he has.  Most wrestlers would kill to be where Miz is right now. And he's there because he kept his nose to the grind.

    Bryan and Miz worked the system differently--but that shouldn't invalidate one or the other.  Neither path is wrong.

    Let's not pretend that Miz has had it easy.  Stories abound about him being bullied/hazed and writers trying to do him in because they wanted Maryse for themselves.  The dude has ate a metric ton of shit along the way.  Not once has he complained.  Not once has he spoken ill of WWE.  He's just as much of a company man as Cena.  Need someone to wake up at 5 AM and do a corny morning zoo radio show?  Get Miz.  A red carpet for some awards show needs to be walked and worked? Get Miz. Need someone to dress up as a chicken?  Get Miz. Of course he's doing this in benefit for himself.  But he has often gone beyond what's expected to promote the company.

    All of these wrestlers do it for themselves.  They may love the business, but they love themselves more.  Even Daniel Bryan.

    Bryan IS a moron.  Because why would anyone sacrifice 25 years of their natural life for pro wrestling?  I understand wanting to be the best.  It's admirable.  But not to where your wife is basically begging you to think of your future children.  Why would Bryan put Brie through the real possibility of having to feed him through a straw--because he had to go for one last headbutt? Where is that fair to Brie and the life she wants with her husband? It's not all about him.

    The biggest difference between Bryan and Miz is that even when Bryan reached the top of the mountain, he was determined to do more.  Something beyond understanding. Be happier than happy.  Miz made to the top in his own way--and knew when to be satisfied with a job well done.

    Neither way is wrong.  But to criticize Miz for the route he chose is unfair.  Miz couldn't have made it using Bryan's path.  But you know what?  The same is true in reverse.  Both made it.  Both made it work for them.  So don't call another a coward when you of all people should understand the emotions behind a story.

    Well here we go disagreeing for the first time. 


    Im biased in my opinion because I actually love pro wrestling...for the wrestling. So Miz proved he's a company guy. Big deal. I'm sure besides the fact that he loves WWE, he did/does what he does for self-preservation. I'm not a fan because I think his ringwork sucks. Sure he can be led to a passable match occasionally, but let's not get crazy and call him a great worker. For a majority of his career, he's had X-Pac heat. He does have a gift of gab, that's why I said he'd be a great manager. 


    You our broke my heart Burgundy. 

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  2. He's an entertainer, not a worker, and somehow Bryan, a guy who worked hard his whole professional life and took his job seriously is a moron and Miz, who was a quasi-reality star, who would get drunk and turn into his imaginary character, and who's life ambition was just to be famous....he's the smart one just because he'll do whatever wwe asks, no matter how degrading it is and because he has a semi-attractive wife.

    Am I wrong in my summation?

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  3. -That flash Zig-Zag was pretty sweet. 

    -I like Chad Gable, but stop saying "SICK". It's just not gonna happen. 

    -Who woulda thunk that I would dig a Breezango match? Not me, yet here I am getting ready to rewatch it

    -Carmella is trash

    -I'm mad at myself for believing for a split second that AA was gonna team with Heath. 

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  4. That came out harsh on my part and for that, I'll apologize. Just every now and then I get annoyed at those kind of remarks to the people that give us endless entertainment whether we hate them or not. Plus I deal with keyboard gangsters on the Book every day and I kinda projected that on you. That's being said, I didn't think it was a good look, but that's my opinion and you know what they say about opinions. :-)

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