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  1. Growing up in the Northeast, he was the first hill I was legit scared of. I thought there was no way Backlund was gonna beat him...which leads to my most vivid memory of him wrestling which was when he did face Backlund at the Spectrum, where Backlund swung out of the flying hammerlock and rolled him up for the pin in under 30 seconds. 

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  2. I like Bayley alot, but it's really time to ditch the "dream come true" act.  It's played out. I don't mean it disparagingly, but I think it's time for her to evolve her character a bit.

    -Kudos to the FoF.  I knew it was coming as soon as HHH pulled KO aside, but Jericho and KO had such great chemistry that I still felt bad for Jericho when he got jumped.


    -I missed the first half of RAW because me and my neighbor were kicking the shit out of my woman-beating other neighbor, but from reading this thread, that was probably more exciting than what I missed.



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