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  1. On 12/17/2020 at 3:00 PM, Matt D said:

    I think show then book will be a better progression for you than book then show was for me. You get a lot of the big set pieces, but how you get there and what it all means (including character motivations) really deviates. The only big hitch i see, from where I am, is if you're a big fan of Ashford.

    Wasn't there an Expanse thread on here at some point? I looked and can't find it. Today's new episode was an absolute belter.

  2. I think Road Dogg is really underrated as far as being an on air-personality. When the "new" DX formed after WM14 The NAO were by far the most over part of the group (HHH was the least over, despite being the leader) and the Road Dogg's entrance spiel was a major part of their appeal.

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    48 minutes ago, clintthecrippler said:

    Now that I think of it, I dont think I have ever been clear on how exactly Fritz Von Erich transitioned from "evil German Nazi heel" to "beloved son of Texas that loves Jesus Christ, Texas, and his kids." Does anyone know the Cliff's Notes on that?

    It's one of those weird semi-kayfabed things where people accepted that Fritz being German was just a gimmick and that he had really grown up in Texas and was called Jack Adkisson. But wrestling was still real and his kids were still Von Erichs. They could have easily justify Lance being called Ricky Vaughan in high school if they could justify Fritz being a former Nazi and his kids being Adkissons in high school.

    I know some wrestlers kids went by their father worked surname in school. I've seen some kind of picture of Mike Graham, maybe in his HS football team, with him being captioned as Mike Graham rather than Mike Gossett. IIRC Jamie Dundee has mentioned that he went to school under that name instead of Jamie Cruikshanks.

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  4. 6 hours ago, Vgmastr said:

    I'd say what really killed Luger was the finish to the Summerslam match with Yokozuna.  Going into the match he knew it was his only title shot, yet he knocks Yoko out of the ring, then happily counts along with the ref for the 10 count and celebrates with all the babyfaces and balloons dropping from the ceiling.  He blew his one and only title shot and is celebrating like he won the title, it made him look like a complete idiot.  Even as an 11 year old mark who ate up all of the WWF's bullshit like it was ice cream, I knew the finish absolutely sucked.

    Yeah absolutely, but I think Luger's failure to get over as much as expected was what made them delay putting the belt on him. It was absolutely crazy to do the celebration after the match at SummerSlam, the actual booking was reasonable enough, Luger wins but doesn't win the title, and has to somehow get another title shot, culminating with him entering and winning the Royal Rumble. But he should have been pissed off at SummerSlam, not being paraded round the ring on the Steiner's shoulders, with balloons and confetti dropping from the sky.

  5. I think the Narcissist gimmick really damaged Luger in the eyes of the WWF fans. If they'd brought him in as the Total Package, (and he WAS the Total Package in the WBF, including in his interview at WM8) as a heel and a surprise entrant in the '93 Rumble, and then turned him face the same way they did, I think he gets over a lot more than he did. Obviously the booking was all over the place that year, I don't think they had planned for Hogan to win the title at Mania at the time Luger debuted, and I certainly don't think they knew Hogan was leaving for good in a few months when they put the belt on him at 'Mania.

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  6. It probably would have been similar to Flair vs Nikita or Flair vs Hawk. Warrior would have developed a bit more as a worker in the NWA. But so much of Warriors act was specific to what the WWF was at that time, with the music, running to the ring and shaking the ropes etc, it's hard to imagine him in the NWA, particularly in the studio tapings they were still doing in 1988.

  7. On 9/28/2020 at 2:59 AM, AxB said:

    What if... when the Bladerunners split up, Hellwig went to Watts' UWF as Eddie Gilbert's muscle, and was then absorbed into the WCW roster and booked against Flair at Clash o'Champions 1. Meanwhile Borden went to Texas WCCW, and then moved on to the WWF and beat Honky Tonk Man to become IC Champion?

    It's hard to say, Watts didn't like Hellwig, but he liked Sting. Sting would have stayed all muscled up instead of slimming down and wouldn't have become the worker he ended up being. And I don't think he'd have become the Ultimate Warrior as that was largely based on Hellwig's Dingo Warrior character from WCCW. Maybe Fritz would have made Borden the Dingo Warrior instead of Hellwig. There's a lot of ifs or buts contained within the question. I do think Sting would have had more long term success and a lot more longevity in the WWF than Warrior did. But he would have developed into a totally different character and wrestler than he was in WCW in real life.

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  8. The classic WWF locker room background(with the lockers and a payphone) that Mean Gene etc would interview the wrestlers in front of, was that just a green screen thing  or a physical prop they'd bring to events? I suspect the latter just because the green screen for stuff like Vince and Jesse introducing the shows in front of the live crowd is blatantly obvious when looking nowadays whereas the locker room isn't. 

    Also, was the Shockmaster going to wrestle in a mask that he'd wear under the Stormtrooper helmet? Obviously he wasn't wearing a mask on that fateful night and he didn't wear one when he eventually wrestled in the Wargames but did they originally plan for him to wear one in the ring? Because they had to realise that the fans wouldn't take the former Tugboat seriously as a new character.

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