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  1. 14 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

    Arn and Tully were specifically mentioned in the segment they did on WCW/ECW teams

    And remember - they were in the WWF barely a year and since longevity was one of the factors considered, it is easy to see why they were left off

    The Steiners were there for about the same length of time. And I would would say that the Brain Busters WWF run was more successful even though they only won the belts once compared to three times for the Steiners. Just because they ended Demolition's 16 month title reign.

  2. Killer Bees, Rougeaus and Adonis/Murdoch are the most glaring omissions for me.

    Demolition should be top 5. Hart Foundation are too high. British Bulldogs too low.

    There are too many very short-lived tag teams in the list (Rock 'n Sock, Jeri-Show, Batista/Flair, X-Pac Kane, Team Hell No)

    EDIT: No Brain Busters? That's shocking.

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  3. 4 hours ago, For Great Justice said:

    To add to this topic and also piggy back off of the Miro discussion in the AEW thread, who is the best non-native English speaker (for English promos) on this list?

    Its almost Eddie, but last I checked El Paso was in the USA so he’s out. Then there’s Owens as a clear candidate from recent/current guys. But all time? I dunno.

    Ron Garvin was a decent enough promo. Probably not as good as Rick Martel though who was phenomenal as the Model and only a few years earlier reportedly could not speak English very well at all.

    Add Jacques Rougeau to the list as well.

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  4. I hope they don't make them come out for about 3 minutes to finish the first half and then go back in again. Just say it was pretty much half time and just play the 2nd half. 

  5. I honestly think Vince and Jesse are the best ever. In particular on SNME.

    Other great pairings:





    Michael Cole and JBL were very good when they originally were paired on Smackdown, Cole and Tazz were also decent as well.

    Dutch Mantell was very good in WCW in the early 90s but I forget who he was paired with. 


    I don't like 3 (or 4!) man commentary teams at all.

  6. Vince was a great announcer back in the 70s and 80s. And even in the 90s he was still better than anyone today.


    The announcing and overall production is the one thing about WWE that has inarguably regressed the most in the last 20 years. It's utterly, utterly awful and would make the shows very difficult to watch even if the wrestling was good.

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