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  1. 2 hours ago, Pete said:

    7300. Identical to the 12/26/94 show above, which makes me think that was the actual date as they didn't have a post-Xmas show at MSG in 1994.

    Card (which... yeesh):


    Pretty ridiculous to be running a split crew at that point, although looking at the other card from that night it wouldn't have been that much better if they'd been running a single crew, with neither Bret or Shawn working.

    WWF @ London, Ontario - London Gardens - November 26, 1994
    Duke Droese defeated the Brooklyn Brawler
    Bob Holly fought the 1-2-3 Kid to a draw
    The Smoking Gunns defeated the Heavenly Bodies
    WWF Women's Champion Bull Nakano defeated Alundra Blayze
    Jim Neidhart defeated Doink the Clown
    Owen Hart defeated Adam Bomb
    Lex Luger defeated Tatanka


  2. Some notable pictures from George Tahinos' "the Big Event" in New York yesterday.



    Bully Ray with "Prime Time" Brian Lee, who I haven't seen do anything wrestling related for about two decades.



    Two 80s legends: Hollywood from GLOW and Black Bart



    The Yukon Lumberjacks Reunite: John Nord and Scott Norton



    A rare Hogan appearance at one of these memorabilia conventions. Randy Hogan, that is.




    Sam Houston, looking like a West Texas Redneck, and looking quite well all things considered.


    Many other picture from the event can be found here.

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  3. There's a lot about the Hall of Fame that doesn't make sense and the whole situation with tag teams is one of them. Dave's only recently started to say that guys can get in twice through being in a tag team and a singles, or through being in two tag teams, and there's plenty of tag teams made up of two HOF guys that realistically should have gone in in the inaugural class but didn't - Ray Stevens should be in thrice over between  his singles career, team with Patterson and team with Bockwinkel. Stan Lane should also be in twice for being in the Fabs and the Midnights. I don't think Tully and Arn as a team are HOF worthy just because of how briefly they teamed but they are both HOF worthy in their own right.

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  4. I think John Tenta is the eternal winner of the oldest looking young wrestler award. You could have knocked me down with a feather when I found out he was only 26 when he attacked Hogan on the Brother Love show. But in saying that, WWF was full of young guys that looked old at that time. Big Bossman and Akeem were 25 and 28 years old respectively when they faced the Mega Powers on the live "Main Event" show on NBC in 1989.

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