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  1. What was the last (original) ECW card in Philadelphia but not at the ECW arena? During the PPV era did they ever consider running a larger arena in the city? Is there anything there in size between the arena and the Spectrum or First Union centre? Seems weird that after their first PPV they never ran another one in their home town.

  2. I read both Bruno Lauer's and JJ Dillon's books recently, both very good, A- or high end second tier, depending on how you rate things, I'd put off getting Dillon's for ages due to finding him boring on shoot interviews etc but I really enjoyed his book, particularly the stuff about working in the WWE office in the late 80s/early-mid 90s. Lauer's is a really good read, talk about someone coming up from the absolute bottom. I didn't realise he started in the early 80s. The stories about Sid are pretty terrifying.


    Oh I also read Booker T's which is free on kindle at the moment for some reason. Can't complain about it at that price but it really hardly touches on his wrestling career.

  3. MidSouth. Notice the rasslin' footage is Lawler, the Fabs, etc. Plus, the Watts family and Ross are in the credits.

    The vid is from Memphis. It got used in Mid-South as well. The credits are for the TV show. They often used to play music videos to close the PPW show.

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