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  1. Reading the Observers I just don't understand why so many people wanted to lose money running wrestling shows in Dallas in the 90s. Big D never has more than 150 people listed for their shows and Dave constantly talks about how they have to give away 30,000 tickets for the GWF shows to even manage to get 1,500-2,000 in the building.

    James Beard or Mark Nulty or someone with knowledge posted about this on WC.The Jarretts were running the Sportatorium with crowds of a couple of hundred, not paying very much for tickets, so Pedicino or whoever was in charge of Global thought it'd be better to sell the first couple of rows at higher prices, then just paper everything else, get crowds of 1000+ to look good for TV, and make out like bandits on the concessions, which the promotion ran themselves. They might have actually owned the building, not sure about that but it was certainly not an expensive venue to run.

  2. Can we compile a list of legendary wrestlers who had their final matches in TNA?


    So far I have:


    1. Hulk Hogan

    2. Ric Flair

    3. Mick Foley

    4. Randy Savage

    5. Sting (possibly)


    Such a shame that so many great careers ended in that garbage pit. 

    Nikita Koloff? Or has he worked nostalgia shows since then. Or did he never actually wrestle in TNA because of a Lloyds of London policy?

  3. One of the recent WWE documentaries had this map pop up and I thought to track it down today-




    I wonder if there's any chance WWE will ever put together a Memphis wrestling documentary.  Doesn't Lawler have a lot of their tape library?  If not a feature, it would be cool to see a doc with mini chapters each highlighting various prominent territories that were popular over the years.  Getting rights to such a thing would probably be a mess though. 

    Did the Amarillo territory run south Texas? And what about Blanchards SWCW? Was that only a short term territory?

  4. It was specifically because of a match at Clash 5 in February 1989 where the Road Warriors and Tenyru were scheduled to defend the 6 man titles against Sting, JYD and Michael Hayes, but the Varsity club locked the challengers in their lockeroom and took their place in the match. Baba thought he had no way to defend something like that to his fans so he pulled out of the NWA and any affiliation with WCW, which led to AJPW's near decade of isolationism, and also to the WCW/NJPW deal which lasted until WCW folded.

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  5. Highly unlikely. Mark Callous's last WCW match was September 7th 1990 and Hogan was back wrestling in WWF in August, so unless they went back and did pickups later in the year and inserted his scene then he wouldn't have been under WWF contract. Not that it would really have made any sense to have a highly protected dark character like that have a squeaky voice in a comedy movie.

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