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  1. Some notable pictures from George Tahinos' "the Big Event" in New York yesterday.



    Bully Ray with "Prime Time" Brian Lee, who I haven't seen do anything wrestling related for about two decades.



    Two 80s legends: Hollywood from GLOW and Black Bart



    The Yukon Lumberjacks Reunite: John Nord and Scott Norton



    A rare Hogan appearance at one of these memorabilia conventions. Randy Hogan, that is.




    Sam Houston, looking like a West Texas Redneck, and looking quite well all things considered.


    Many other picture from the event can be found here.

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  2. There's a lot about the Hall of Fame that doesn't make sense and the whole situation with tag teams is one of them. Dave's only recently started to say that guys can get in twice through being in a tag team and a singles, or through being in two tag teams, and there's plenty of tag teams made up of two HOF guys that realistically should have gone in in the inaugural class but didn't - Ray Stevens should be in thrice over between  his singles career, team with Patterson and team with Bockwinkel. Stan Lane should also be in twice for being in the Fabs and the Midnights. I don't think Tully and Arn as a team are HOF worthy just because of how briefly they teamed but they are both HOF worthy in their own right.

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  3. 4 hours ago, odessasteps said:

    Speaking of kids getting into the business (as mentioned last night in the not from now thread)


    Everyone should watch Robbie Brookside Video Diaries. It was a real revelation to have a semi-insider wrestling documentary being shown on primetime BBC2 in 1994.


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  4. I think John Tenta is the eternal winner of the oldest looking young wrestler award. You could have knocked me down with a feather when I found out he was only 26 when he attacked Hogan on the Brother Love show. But in saying that, WWF was full of young guys that looked old at that time. Big Bossman and Akeem were 25 and 28 years old respectively when they faced the Mega Powers on the live "Main Event" show on NBC in 1989.

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  5. On 9/22/2021 at 12:00 AM, just drew said:

    Is there a reason Animal isn't in this?

    Animal retired at the end of 1992 and was collecting on a Lloyds of London policy. He didn't wrestle again until the Road Warriors came back on Nitro in 1996. Hawk wrestled in various places in the meantime, in Japan with Sasaki as the Hell Raisers, in Germany where he won the CWA World title, in early ECW, in SMW.

    I don't remember what the situation was regarding Hawk being advertised for Fall Brawl but not appearing. I assume either a dispute over money or it conflicted with New Japan dates. They put together the Shockmaster as a poorly thought out replacement and had Animal there so there was still a Road Warrior appearing on the show. Hawk was in WCW sporadically at the end of '93 but he didn't really do anything of note. I think he was brought into fulfil Davey Boy Smith's bookings but then they brought in Ray Traylor to take Davey's spot longer term.

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  6. I understand the real estate in New York is expensive but is there literally no 5000-10000 seat venues in the city? For college basketball or minor league Hockey or the like? Barclays is in Brooklyn, how about the Bronx? Or is there anywhere else in Queens other than Flushing Meadow?

    Maybe AEW could run in Central Park? 

  7. Does the Arthur Ashe stadium regularly hold non-tennis events? I can't even begin to imagine wrestling being held at Wimbledon centre court, the venue is only used for two weeks a year, and that's it. Now AEW have run there are WWE likely to run there as an alternative to the expensive MSG or will they avoid it simply because AEW did it first?


    4 hours ago, Mister TV said:

    If I remember right he was rarely called Kerry Von Erich after his first cycle of tv tapings, Gorilla or Heenan might have dropped a Kerry Von Erich once and awhile, most of the time the never really mentioned the Von Erich family, they’d say “he’s from a great wrestling family” or something similar. 

    Around that time they did the same with just about everyone they repackaged, mention their "real"/former name on the first appearance and then the nickname became their ring name. Curt Hennig/Mr Perfect, Davey Boy Smith/British Bulldog, Kerry Von Erich/Texas Tornado, Ricky Steamboat/The Dragon. They didn't do it with Smash/Repo Man I would imagine because it was two complete gimmick characters, but also they never refenced Hawaiian Crush as the former Demolition Crush despite him using the same name so it might have also been because of the lawsuit over the Demolition name and gimmick.

    I've never seen Barry Windham's debut as the Widowmaker which is in this this timeframe so I don't know if they acknowledged him as Barry Windham, former 2 time tag champ, son of Blackjack Mulligan etc.

    3 hours ago, The Great ML said:

    Jesse Ventura would name drop Larry the Axe during commentary every so often....he even does it at WM5 during the Perfect / Blue Blazer match.

    He did it at WM6 as well, asking Gorilla if he knew "Perfect's old man, the Ax". It confused me as a new fan of American wrestling and I thought Demolition Ax was Mr Perfect's father for quite a while.

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