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  1. La Catalina/ Stephanie Vaquer/ Zeuxis vs Las Chicas Indomables (La Jarochita/ Lluvia)/ Sanely- CMLL

    Guerrero Maya vs Rugido- CMLL

    Mistico/ Titan/ Volador Jr vs Gran Guerrero/ Stuka Jr/ Ultimo Guerrero- CMLL

    Sagrado vs Rey Cometa vs Angel de Oro vs Esfinge vs Espiritu Negro vs Magia Blanca vs Templario vs Fugaz vs Dulce Gardenia vs Panterita del Ring Jr- CMLL

    Kenji/ Rey Halcon vs Noisy Boy/ Spider Fly- IWRG

    Faby Apache/ Hades vs Keira/ Lolita- IWRG

    Puma de Oro vs Cerebro Negro Jr- IWRG

    Black Danger/ Leon Dorado/ Rey Halcon vs Fussion/ Noisy Boy/ Spider Fly- IWRG

  2. 37 minutes ago, Eivion said:

    Still need to catch NJPW, CMLL, and Grace/Masha. Debating on AAA. Sadly missed out on Rampage from last night. I think the Usos vs. Sami/KO match is MOTW with Waller/Hayes & OC/Bandido not too far behind it. That said, if I were voting now I would definitely be voting for Waller/Hayes as its the least likely to get appropriate love out of the three. 

    Hey! IMPACT! posted Masha vs Jordynn!

    The AAA is good it just doesn't seem to be as good as traditional versions of those matches would be.

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  3. Man oh MAN!  They crammed some quality wrestling into last week.  NXT battled it out with Zayn/Owens vs the Usos.  The influx of awesome fucking luchadores made AEW amazing this week- starting with a GREAT Dralistico/Vikingo match, carrying on with a great Jay White versus Komander match and ending up with what I'll prolly vote for- Orange Cassidy/Bandido.  NWA came on strong this week with the GREAT old school tagteam of Mike Knox and Trevor Murdoch.  The best lucha involved the totally underrated Valodor Jr and the Pandemoniums.  A lot three ways- including Aussie Open winning the Strong Style belts.  OH YEAH!  Masha Slamovich/Jordynn Grace fucking RULES. 


    CUT LIST: Astral/ Robin vs Grako/ Nitro- CMLL; Audaz/ Fuego/ Hombre Bala Jr vs Los Cancerberos del Infierno (Cancerbero/ Luciferno/ Virus)- CMLL; X-Devil vs Sol- IWRG; Astor Boy/ Puma de Oro vs León Dorado/ M. Leo- IWRG;  Tonalli vs Aramis- IWRG

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  4. Butch and LA Knight start off the wrestling.  Butch breaks Knight's fingers. Butch beats on Knight's chest. Knight is fun countering Butch's thing through the ropes.  Knight is good at a low grade heel offense.  Nice Superplex by Knight.  Hey!  LA Knight gets the win!  He is OVER.  The Street Profits take on Brawn Strowman and Ricochet and the Latino World Order- Joachim Wilde and Cruz del Toro.  Strowman is fun throwing Ricochet over the top to the other four on the floor.  Del Toro is all spectacular in this.  Montel Ford hits a variation of the Ryder Kick!  Street Profits win, I think.  A nurse came by and talked about how much she loved 80s Dusty Rhodes so I was distracted from the match.  That was great.  Zelina Vega and Sonya Deville have a match.  Chelsea Green distracts Zelina and Sonya Deville beats a wad of heat on Zelina.  Zelina wins with a FLASHPIN!  POSTMATCH, Rhea Ripley attacks!  Zelina gets in a finisher to heat up their match in PR next week!  AJ Styles is back!  It's Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens take on the Usos.  The Usos start off hot!  Kevin sells an assbeating.  Sami makes the hot tag!  Sunset Powerbomb by Zayn!  BLUE THUNDER BOMB by Zayn!  Superkick on the top by Jey on Sami!  Kevin Owens with a toprope Fisherman's Buster and then a Swanton!  Fun nearfall.  STUNNER FOR TWO!  Solo comes out and Matt Riddle attacks him!  NEARFALL on a double Superkick.  Sami with the hot tag!  And he kicks Jey in the head and gets the win.  That was fucking great.  HHH! HHH! HHH!

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  5. Jay White and Juice Robinson versus Shawn Spears and Ricky Spears is WAAAAAY fun!  Jay White is so fucking great.  Ricky Starks looks great in this too.  The bizarre Shawn Spears push, I'm digging it.  It's Keith Lee and Dustin Rhodes beat up two dudes.  Lee hits a GIANT BEEL!  Lee BEELS Dustin!  NICE POWERBOMB by Lee! Postmatch, MOGAL EMBASSY!  It's Phat Ass Anna Jay!  IT's Ashley D'Ambroise!  D'Ambroise is already better than Anna J.  AEW needs to quickly develop a women's midcard because they getting smoked by the IMPACT! KnockOuts.  A fast Queenslayer and they should have given D'Ambroise a little more.  POSTMATCH, Julia ATTACKS!  Anna J gets the better of her.  That was fun.  The Acclaimed beat up some dudes.  Caster hits a nice Elbow Drop. Cash Wheeler and Jay Lethal should be good.  AEW should have held out for the postgame time slot since they seem to be holding back.  Well THIS is STIFF!  Cash Wheeler is so good.  Jay Lethal is so good.  In picture in picture, Sanjay Dutt CHEATS to set up Cash Wheeler as out sympathetic babyface.  Lethal is great as an old school heel.  Lethal makes with the Abdominal Stretch!  This is more Mid-South than Memphis or Mid-Atlantic.  Wheeler looks great in this. Lethal looks great in this. Lethal with a Lethal Injection after Sanjay CHEATS again.  That was good.  AEW RULES THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD.

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  6. T-Hawk/ El Lindaman vs Ryuichi Kawakami/ KAZMA SAKAMOTO- GLEAT

    Enfermero Jr vs Sangre Imperial- CMLL

    Astral/ Robin vs Grako/ Nitro- CMLL


    Audaz/ Fuego/ Hombre Bala Jr vs Los Cancerberos del Infierno (Cancerbero/ Luciferno/ Virus)- CMLL

    Angel de Oro/ El Barbaro Cavernario/ Niebla Roja vs Panterita del Ring Jr/ Valiente/ Volador Jr-CMLL

    X-Devil vs Sol- IWRG

    Astor Boy/ Puma de Oro vs León Dorado/ M. Leo- IWRG

    Brazo Cibernetico/ Brazo De Oro Jr/  Brazo de Plata Jr vs Gran Pandemónium/ Hijo de Pandemónium/ Pandemónium Jr

    Tonalli vs Aramis- IWRG


  7. Got in some time to watch ROH!  Rocky Romero and Lee Moriarty taking it to the mat edges out Gringo Loco vs Blake Christian- though both were pretty great.  Skye Blue taking an assbeating from ATHENA will good.  Skye Blue is a lovable babyface!  Lady Ice versus ATHENA was good. Why isn't Lady Ice signed?  ROH RULES THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD!

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  8. I had to move to different parts of the hospital tonight and tomorrow they are sending me to a different hospital, so who can be sure when I'll get home.  But hopefully I can cram ROH, IMPACT! and giant wads of other wrestling tomorrow.

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  9. Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince/ Kit Wilson) vs Channing Lorenzo/ Tony D'Angelo- NXT

    Lyra Valkyria vs. Cora Jade- NXT

    Carmelo Hayes vs Grayson Waller- NXT

    Fallon Henley/ Josh Briggs vs Brooks Jensen/ Kiana James- NXT

    Indi Hartwell vs Roxanne Perez vs Tiffany Stratton- NXT


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  10. Orange Cassidy!  His hand is bandaged up!  It's Bandido!  He is got a Zorro look going.  They fiddle around a lot early to the delight of many Floridians.  Cassidy is awesome against high end luchadores and this is great.  Fun submission by Bandido followed by a BEAUTIFUL Tope Con Hilo!  Romero Special during picture in picture that becomes a Very Delayed Vertical Suplex!  Michinoku Driver by OC for TWO!  AWESOME ONE ARMED SUPERPLEX by BAndido!  GREAT NEARFALL after NEARFALL!  EH!  Bandido should have won.  That was fucking great!  Bandido is so awesome.  Orange Cassidy is so awesome.  It's Jeff Jarrett- our comeback wrestler of the year!  It's Dax HArwood- top five in-ring dude on earth!  THE LOCKUP!  I love how this match is Jarrett getting in a bunch of offense and Dax cuts him off by Wahooing the fudge out of him.  This match is more Mid-Atlantic than Memphis so I love this.  So old school.  PILEDRIVER for TWO!  Confusing finish!  That was good.  Wardlow crushes a dude.  Blackpool Combat Club crush RJ City!  Darby Allin takes on Sammy Guevara!  MJF has pickles!  This match is fun!  So much armdrags and mat work!  Sammy Guevara is so underrated.  GREAT Lowblow into a Asai Moonsault by Sammy in what is the first high spot of the match.  I love how they aren't doing the same match over and over again.  Love Machine Splash for two during picture in picture by Sammy.  Cutter on the Allin Tope!  Sammy CRUSHES Darby through a table!  SUWA DROPKICK!  WHOA! CRAPPY FINISH!  Oh no!  IT's gonna be a fourway!  That was pretty RAW-like: great wrestling, shitty finish.  RODERICK STRONG!  AWESOME!  Taya Valkyrie and Jade Cargill have a match.  This match is good.  Taya knows how to make wrestlers look good. BLUE THUNDER BOMB to comeback!  NICE Superplex by Jade.  Jade hits a CANADIAN DESTROYER!  Taya can't use the Road To Valhalla so Jade rolls her up for the win.  That was good even if the finish was goofy.  Taya is fucking awesome.  Konosuke Takeshita and Kenny Omega are my dream team!  Kip Sabian CHEATS!  Konosuke Takeshita is built for the main event.  Wattsian finish with the BCC standing tall.  That was two pretty great matches and three matches that were booked into not pretty greatness.  AEW RULES THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD.

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  11. Lee Johnson vs Blake Christian- AEW Dark

    Emi Sakura/ Mei Suruga vs Ashley D'Amboise/ Reka Tehaka- AEW Dark

    Ella Envy vs Kenzie Paige- NWA PowerrR

    Wrecking Ball Lagursky/ Jay Bradley vs Trevor Murdoch/ Mike Knox- NWA PowerrR

    Odinson vs Thrillbilly Silas Mason- NWA PowerrR


  12. YEAH! DARK!  It's Harley Cameron!  It's Mafiosa!  Cameron looks pretty good for a gal with no cagematch.net profile.  Mafiosa has a very very odd offense. So strange. Harley with the Backstabber!  That was two gals not screwing anything up!  Blake Christian, who is the guy who puts over everyone spectacular in ROH,  takes on Big Shotty!  Hey, they are telling a little story.  Christian BUMPS BIG for Lee Johnson!  Johnson is good at pro wrestling,  He has good lowgrade heel offense.  Blake puts together a higher impact comeback!  BLUE THUNDER BOMB by Big Shotty!  Standing Spanish Fly by Christian!  They run into each a bunch until Christian hits a very fourth-rate Seth Rollins Stomp On The Head!  That match was a 100% WCW Main Event match.  It was like Chip Minton and Lash LaRue could actually wrestle.  Pillman and Anderson take on Ryan Nemeth and Cezar Bonino!  Pretty Peter Avalon CHEATS! in his Member's Only jacket.  GREAT camera work as Nemeth gyrates his groin region.  Anderson wins with a FLASH pinfall!  The highlight of the match was Arn clotheslining PPA!  Mei Suruga!  EMI!  IT's Ashley D'Ambroise, the budding new Skye Blue!  It's WOW all star Reka Tehaka!  EMI beats on both opponents at the same time!  Oh yeah, the TRANSFORMER!  EMI kills Tehaka with a diving Crossbody on the steps!  EMI MOONSAULT FOR THE WIN!  That was fun.  Zack Clayton takes on Jake Logan.  Okay, Logan is completely awesome taking an assbeating.  That was 45 times better than thought it would because I assumed that would not give a crap about that match, but Jake Logan made me give a crap!  CRAP GIVEN!  John Silver and Alex Reynolds take on Josh Woods and Tony Nese!  Woods does a weird thing in the ropes that looked like it sucked.  Sweet German Suplex by Woods!  Hungee is a whirling dervish of a hot tag which he caps off with a BRAINBUSTER!  Nese uses CHEATING Ari Daivari to get a nearfall on a Pump Handle K-Driller!  Evil Uno storms ringside and Reynolds and Silver hits their multi-step finisher!  That was good.  That was a fun little episode.


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