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"One-Hit Wonder" Actors/Actors who never made it


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I had the strangest reaction when I saw that movie in t.v. back in the 80s.  I was basically the same age as the characters, like 15 or so. But I still had this weird horrible sense of nostalgia like I was looking back on a moment in my life that was over.

I just remember feeling really depressed watching this cute little coming-of-age movie. It was very strange.  Then, like years later, it popped up in Spanish on Telefutura and I was, like, distraught, because now I actually was an old-ass adult and realizing that that feeling had been a premonition of the actually really justifiable depressing nostalgia I would feel as an adult about my lost youth and now was feeling for real.

I kind of irrationally hate that movie.

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