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Smackdown Spoilers for 12/27/13

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The Cena match made it really clear to me how badly miscast Rollins is as a heel. It is a testament to his ability that he's producing so many high end matches, but everything about him screams babyface except for maybe his awesomely douche-y hair. His strengths are bumping, quick counters, and flashy moves. I have no doubt he has the talent to pull off a real show-off heel gimmick like AJ Styles could in his prime, but it doesn't really fit in with the Shield's mercenary gimmick or WWE's general desire to make their heels all plodding and "methodical." 

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Just watched this. My version had no commetcial breaks for the main.

Cena gave soooo much to Rollins. The announcers put rollins over the entire time.

Also. Big props to dean and reigns and henry and langston for being so involved on tje outside. That was awesome and really added to that match.

Shield is sooo good. Who ever put those three dudes together and decided to protect them so well deserves a raise.

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I wouldn't go so far as to say it was testing him for torch passing.

I looked at it like this - Ambrose has been the mouth, Reigns is being setup for a long burning face turn which will probably see him dethorne Ambrose for the US or US+IC unified title. This was a showcase for Rollins, to remind people that he isn't just "The other guy" in the Shield and that he will be a more than viable midcard-to-upper midcard talent once the group implodes.

Yeah, everyone's bummed because Shield is splitting up for Reigns's singles push, without realizing that it means Rollins is probably going solo too. That's gonna be pretty great too.

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Watching piecemeal. I started with The Wyatts vs. The Brotherhood, of course. This was a really good match. Harper and Rowan looked like total beasts in there. Rowan's improved a lot. I don't know what you call the move where you just throw a guy in the air so he lands on his face, but he did that to Cody and spiked him on his way down. Those little details go a long way. The match had a good story -- The Wyatts as brutal monsters against Cody's fieriness and Dustin's veteran acumen. Cody did some great stuff -- he did some springboard dive to the floor I don't remember seeing from him before. Dustin's apron work was A+++. The match ended when Rowan didn't see Golddust tag in after doing something to Cody, leading to a schoolboy roll-up. Really good way to end the match -- Cole and JBL put over how they "escaped" with a win. It definitely had the feel that The Rhodes Boys outwitted The Wyatts but eventually they're going to catch on and the Family's power will be cemented in stone.

Of note: Bray wasn't at ringside. However, his rocking chair was.

The show ended with a Bray video from the barn where they did their intro videos. It was cut like that in horror movie fashion. Daniel wasn't in the video. This is going to shock you but I think this was an insanely good segment where Bray talks about Bryan without mentioning him by name, Sister Abigail without mentioning her name ("She always gets her way!") and it just rules.

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