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  1. So, my new project is to watch all the 'B'-level pay-per-views, starting with the first In Your House. I'm not gonna do long match reviews or anything, but will share my thoughts as I go along, and I invite others to do the same. I had the first In Your House on video when I was a kid, and watched (and loved) the shit out of it. This is the first time I'd watched it in years though, so I was interested to see how it held up. Bret Hart Vs Hakushi: This had always been one of my favourite matches, and I always thought of it as a real classic. Unfortunately, upon rewatching it, it seems I was overrating it a whole lot. It's still a good match, but isn't really anything special. There are a couple of awkward moments between the two in the early going, and Shinzaki seemed to have a bit of a Muta-thing going on, where he could appear to just be going through the motions for stretches, punctuated by bursts of exciting offence. The finishing stretch is nice though. Razor Ramon Vs Jeff Jarrett and The Roadie: This was the debut of Savio Vega. It always made me sad how Aldo Montoya rushes down to help Razor at the end, but is just beaten down and forgotten about. The match itself is a solid, logical handicap match. Jarrett and Roadie were a good act, I thought. Mabel Vs Adam Bomb: KOTR qualifier, and just a squash really, though Bomb shows some decent agility. Owen Hart and Yokozuna Vs The Smoking Gunns: Decent for a short match. Jerry Lawler Vs Bret Hart: I think Bret and Lawler had good chemistry, but never really got the chance to work a great match with each other, mostly because Lawler was never portrayed as being on Hart's level, or a real physical threat to him. For instance, Bret pops right up from a Lawler piledriver here like he's Road Warrior Hawk. Hakushi gets involved, and the ref surely sees him interfere. Bad timing there. This was good for what it was. Diesel Vs Sid: The much-maligned Sid/Diesel feud. This wasn't terrible actually. Just boring, but not really offensive. DQ to set up the lumberjack match at the next ppv (and also the KOTR main event). Diesel cuts a decent promo before the match about his mother passing away (the show was on mother's day), which actually makes him sympathetic for a minute. Match of the night: Bret/Hakushi, which I'd have at about 3 1/4 stars. Show rating: 3 stars. Nothing outright sucked, but there was really nothing memorable about the show at all. To be fair, most shows they put on these days smoke this for in-ring action (though not booking!). Not sure why I loved this so much at the time. Probably because as a kid I didn't get to see all that many ppvs, and this, as a new concept, at least felt fresh at the time.
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